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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 18
This is a truly excellent tool. There are so many options from an administrator's point of view! I can make sure my authors can't go wild using all kinds of colored text, or placing images where they don't belong. I can create profiles for different kinds of users, for both front and backend. Perfect tool for linking, inserting images and everything. No wonder it won awards! I'm really happy!
Reviews: 16
I liked it and today I can't believe all the work that has been done the JCE team.

What amazed me:
I really appreciate the fact that I could drag picture on the editor which automatically save it into the ftp, incredible.

What could be improved:
implement JCE with a a kind "link preview" (like facebook) would be incredible. The "link preview" code has been written in gitub by LeonardoCardoso, it would be awsome to include it in JCE!
Reviews: 3
JCE is brilliant, I have just remade over 400 static pages in Joomla and the JCE helped tremendously, especially with the image uploading and resizing. I’d recommend this extension to everyone!
Reviews: 5
I don't understand all those happy people speaking about this editor. It is stripping out pieces of code. Pasting into your code it's own nonsenses. No settings helps in editor parameters, nor in joomla backend. When You consider, that this is for client, which is non-programmer, and not for You - developer, usability of this editor is very small. Joomla needs editor for people, which has not technical skills, and with good user experience.
BTW: This is the only bad rewiew, that I wrote.
Reviews: 9
I'm administrating a few Joomla websites & I use JCE for ALL of them! sophisticated, user friendly, RTL friendly, .... to save your time, the whale package!
Reviews: 2
I have been using JCE for many years now, and besides being the best content editor for Joomla! (in terms of features/compatibility/quality of generated markup), it comes with great support from the team. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 6
I have been using JCE for several years now, I am so happy with this extension that I went for the subscription for the addons (Dunno if I am allowed to say that but I salute the developer anyway!).

It is superb, masses of useful functions, it is compatible with all versions of Joomla and in the years I have used it and I have had VERY few cross browser compatibility issues and it even notifies of available updates via the joomla installer

Thank-you Ryan
Reviews: 2
All joking apart this is an exceptionally good replacement for the bundled editors.
Being new to Joomla I'm still getting used to the various features; navigation and links in particular. JCE really does take the pain out of creating internal links something that was beginning to cause me something of a migraine.
Unlike one or two extensions I've tried it installed seamlessly and within seconds of the upload I was working with it.
Great stuff!
Reviews: 7
JCE has been installed on every single Joomla! site of ours for years... an absolute must-have.

Great component, active support forum... excellent all around.
Reviews: 5
I've been working with Joomla and its Extensions for longer than I care to think about. As editing goes, JCE is by far the best, and the best CONSISTENTLY (I'll yell as I can't italicize or bold), from version to version...[period] :->
Reviews: 8
Super excellent editor. Very customisable too. All my joomla sites have jce. Cannot complete a site without it!
Reviews: 2
Just one word... excellent! i use this plugin each and every project of mine. Thanks devs!
Reviews: 13
I use this editor in all of my Joomla! webs. It is intuitive and easy to configure.

I also enjoy the setup of different profiles. So you can have different buttons for unregistered front-end users. The commercial plug ins are also worth buying! The image manager is really powerful! Most of my customers are Joomla rookies, but with JCE even they have the ability to crop or resize images.
Reviews: 9
1/ I install Joomla
2/ I install French language package
3/ I install JCE editor

this is done in all my projects, JCE is a must have for me
Reviews: 4
We have had the wonderful experience using and watching this extension grow since the early days of 1.0 :) Quick service on top of that makes it a great product to add to your joomla site.
Reviews: 16
Finally I got the editor I needed.
Thanks guys, that extension has turn out to be one of my favourites! A must! If you try it.. you're not going to change your editor anymore! easy and complete with lot of functions!
Reviews: 1
The Joomla! Content Editor is the most robust, full featured, customizable, and useful extension available on the Joomla! Extension Directory.
Reviews: 6
Does what it says on the tin. It's easy for me to write new articles using this, and it's easy to set it up exactly the way I want it.
Reviews: 17
This is my first choice editor for every site i have

Has a lot of extensions as well to make links to all kind of things.

Highly recomended
Reviews: 4
I am using JCE since 2008. It has been the only realy working, flexible and powerful editor for all the sites I develop. Tried 3 other editors before, that had some strange limitations, and after finding JCE never thought of anything else. It is the first install after the core of each site.
Thank you!
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