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Serving over a hundred thousand registered users it provides the most user-friendly and powerful html editing tool for Joomla! The project to date has accumulated over 330 reviews and has grown to become one of the most loved text editor's for Joomla!.

The JCK Editor offers an elegant editing experience which is more familiar due to its office like interface yet configurable enough to be used for enterprise developments. It seeks to strike a balance between being feature rich, beautiful and easy-to-use.

Unique to any other editor’s it comes packaged with a collection of beautifully designed typography and content snippets ready for you to use right out-of-the-box!

Most remarkably the JCK Editor is a free content editor for Joomla! It is free for you to use and install on any of your sites under the GPL licence! So why not take a few minutes to see this in action for yourself by checking out one of our demo's.

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Reviews: 1
Just wondering if this guys had any trouble doing this, it´s just awesome, the speed, the easy button finding, the especific thing you wanted the others do, this one have it, code(), UPLOAD, and many other things, just COOL!!!
At least prove it, if you don´t like it (maybe) you don´t loose anything.
Owner's reply

Hi edy, thanks for positive review. It great to have feed-back from one our international users, much appreciated (o:b

Reviews: 3
After trying out other extensions such as JCE, this one (JoomlaFCK) was the best for my purposes.

The interface was very clean and fast. Having a Word look and feel made it quick to take up. Also using this editor for inserting pdfs, files, images etc is so easy because you don't have to remember the path to the file. JoomlaFCK lets you create those links just by using the mouse!

Thank you JoomlaFCK. A truly great free product.
Owner's reply

Hi Zeebie, Thank you for your contribution both here (on the JED) and on the JoomlaFCK forums. – It’s a great encouragement to find a user who is willing to give a few minutes to carrying the project forward. (o:b

Reviews: 1
If it happened, do this:
1). Find fckeditor.class.php in your fck install directory;
2). Find string oFCKeditor.Config["UseAspell"] = '. (function_exists("pspell_check")) .';
3). Replace it with oFCKeditor.Config["UseAspell"] = "'. (function_exists("pspell_check")) .'";
Owner's reply

This error only occurred if a user was using an older version of PHP. We became aware of this several days ago. This has addressed in the latest tgz package. So please REDOWNLOAD. (o:b

Reviews: 1
For me, it's the best joomla editor. It should be the default one. Try it, you will adopt it.
Owner's reply

If Joomla! wanted it as a default install we would certainly welcome the opportunity but I think there main focus is on improving the Joomla! framework! - Thanks.

Reviews: 1

I like the editor and I have a suggestion for the future versions: create an option to disable right click context menu, so that sloppy users like myself can use the default browser menu with options like *spell checking*, etc. I really, really need to use the browser's spell checker and I can't. I am rather frustrated about this.

Does anyone know how to disable the context menu that I really don't need?

Pretty please!
Owner's reply

Hi, this is something we will consider. BUT if it is the case that the default spell checker is greyed out and your only option is to use the browsers spell check, version 2.6.4 may come as a welcomed surprise! It now uses WebSpellChecker", a zero installation and free spell checker which now will give you a powerful alternative.

Reviews: 31
i do really like this editor, it's simple and easy to use. the main thing about this which i LOVE is the image uploader, it makes life so much easier.

thank you!
Reviews: 5
Fck editor is well, it is a good component
Fast, powerfull but not upload media function is really a problem and plugin flv is very bad.

Owner's reply

In being prudent, I personal tested version's flash plugin & wasn’t able to reproduce the problem in FF3,Safari,IE7 or within new IE8 browsers. We haven’t received any bugs reporting the same & I haven’t been able to find a ticket on! May I invite you to detail the issue on our site & we will look into it 4 u?

Reviews: 1
This is just beautiful , easy to install, easy to use and does the job without smoothly !

Owner's reply

We’ve been caught up on a few commercial projects over the last few months BUT we have penciled in time AND the next few weeks will see us release a new version (2.6.4). I think you will like it!

Reviews: 1
This is simply the best editor available, bar none. It loads faster than I have ever seen. It is snappy, has image uploading that actually works (thank you!) and looks nice.

Fantastic job people. Keep up the great work.
Owner's reply

Thanks cmscritic, appreciate your support.

Reviews: 3
Easy to install, simple but powerful editor with many option.
Thank You!
Owner's reply

We are planning to release a component for it shortly BUT we have designed it in a way in which the editor will still work without it! Yes it easy, doesn’t require a component one installation and you are up and running.

Reviews: 3
A great editor and a great creator for keeping up with righting replies to all these reviews.
Owner's reply

Thank you SSwamp_Trooper, your comment is much appreciated but I think some of the appreciation should be directed towards the JED team whom spent hours of there time administrating our reviews. Thank you d:o)

Reviews: 2
i don't know why, but i prefer to work with fck.
maybe because i made good experience in other systems.
Owner's reply

Thanks and enjoy it.

Reviews: 1
Editors are seemingly one of the most important aspects of Joomla in my opinion and I have spent some time playing with various WYSIWYG editors and have come to the conclusion this one is amazing. I especially like JLink and the fact the editor warned me that I had not set my filtering options for the users. I did have a small problem with it, but the team were very quick to respond to me and guide me. A big thank you and a thumbs up.
Owner's reply

I would agree with you because I’m the developer, right! But in all seriousness I expect that most site administrator spend 90% of their time in using the ‘editor' creating and administering content. So editors must be one of the most important aspects of Joomla!

Reviews: 5
I've tried other editor for years, and JoomlaFCK becomes my best choice because this one is the fastest to load! The other good editor seems sooo heavy to load. Go ahead, try the other editor and compare, JoomlaFCK wins all the way! Not that the others are bad, but this one is simply the best.

This extension has an ability to automatically assign default template.css used and the option to add many additional css files. This is brilliant!

The developer's support & respond is fast & helpful.

I hope someday they will develop many more feature like advanced table editing, inserting URL to article / other components, etc etc... It's about a time :-)

Thank you for delivering such great extension! I highly recommend it.
Owner's reply

Hi marsares, I thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to support us and the project!

Reviews: 1
Been looking for a good WYSIWYG editor for Joomla and stumbled across FCK. Without doubt, it's the best one out there.

My site authors etc aren't very clued in on HTML and this one gives them the Word feeling. They're so much more confident now in creating and editing articles, it's unreal. Thank you so much!
Owner's reply

Hello Marsares, our aim is to provide the users with a familiar style (interface)and so we are delighted to hear that it’s a welcomed addition. The skin still retains its super-light weight properties, while offering an advanced compact mode that can compact down to 250px width!

Reviews: 1
This editor is a delight to use. It fast , slick and comes equipped with a set useful tools. i especially like the useful ability to uploading document files which makes this my editors pick. well done
Owner's reply

Thank you for your support, much appreciated.

Reviews: 5
Joomla's original editor kinda scared me. And knowing the website that I am currently developing is going to be used by absolute novice users, I knew the standard Joomla editor would confuse my end-users. I installed JoomlaFCK Editor and it truly does not disappoint. It even loads quicker, if you ask me. But the main point to make out of this is, end-users dont like web UI's. Especially now a days where every website (especially editors) has a different UI. It is best to bring in a simple and straight to the point UI. And on top of that, bring the user something they are familiar to. Like Office 03 and 07. The office 07 look is definitely easy to use. Even I found it much easier to use. There are also an assortment of advanced features.

Download this and upgrade your editor. You will not regret it!
Owner's reply

I know some open-source users would prefer us to steer away from using the MS 2007 style toolbar as default but your argument is compelling! I agree as it must be right to bring a familiar User Interface (UI) that is simple to use. Thanks for the review.

Reviews: 1
I don't want to repeat but really this editor is outstanding and it works superb with Joomla 1.5.8 (after the last change).
This editor has so many outstanding features, e.g. switching between code and WYSIWYG-mode.
Cause of this I had to make a donation to support this excellent work!!
Owner's reply

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I feel inspired to make it even better. d:o) O’ and Merry Christmas!

Reviews: 1
I am not one for writing reviews but the latest version is a bit of Christmas magic. I previously have file permission issue with the editor and issues with Joomla 1.5.8’s filtering changes. However after installation the latest version it walked me through the changes I needed to do make to Joomla in order for Joomla to stop messing around with my content and according to its release notes it automatically sorts out file permissions for me. Wonderful!
Owner's reply

The plug-in also addresses the com_content XSS vulnerability by automatically adding filters groups for Registered and Author users if they have not been setup manually in older version of J! 1.5 as well! It 1st checks to see if the Article Filter group have been setup, if not it will automatically add filters groups for Registered and Author users if they have not been setup manually. Thanks spiralx & Merry Christmas.

Reviews: 3
I have tried all the editors

Joomla FCK is the best editor available
Don't even bother trying anything else
Owner's reply

Hi joomlafoo, you thank!!! Its comments like theses that make it all worthwhile d:o)!

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