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Serving over a hundred thousand registered users it provides the most user-friendly and powerful html editing tool for Joomla! The project to date has accumulated over 330 reviews and has grown to become one of the most loved text editor's for Joomla!.

The JCK Editor offers an elegant editing experience which is more familiar due to its office like interface yet configurable enough to be used for enterprise developments. It seeks to strike a balance between being feature rich, beautiful and easy-to-use.

Unique to any other editor’s it comes packaged with a collection of beautifully designed typography and content snippets ready for you to use right out-of-the-box!

Most remarkably the JCK Editor is a free content editor for Joomla! It is free for you to use and install on any of your sites under the GPL licence! So why not take a few minutes to see this in action for yourself by checking out one of our demo's.

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Reviews: 41
I love FCK editor. So why only 4 stars? Because at the moment, you can't create custom user profiles with their own image/file folders, editor layouts, buttons and plugin features. But this is on the roadmap and I'll happily give FCK six stars when it's implemented.

Note: the current version of Linkr (for anyone that uses this great tool) does not work with FCK with respect to adding links to images. This is a Linkr issue that the author knows about and is fixed in the next, forthcoming release.
Owner's reply

Hi David, we would be delighted to have you give us 6 stars & give careful attention to our user‘s requests! We have had some internal discussion,it's firmly on our things to do! In fact the 'newsletters mode' evolved from a similar conversation with Acajoom team. This has materialised in the latest version as the 1st & only editor to provide such a resolve. So hold on, we will get there! Thanks d:o)

Reviews: 11
I found this extension very handy especially working with images and I am simply hooked on it. You download, install and work.
Owner's reply

Dear Johnanndj, Thanks for your kind words.

Reviews: 2
This is simple and great editor.

But it seems to be have some kind of bug.
Because then i installed version automatically with joomla it do not want to work, i got some error that some plugins was missing when i tried to edit my articles.

I has to installed manually (unzip files, transfer them to the server with ftp).

And now it works fine.
Owner's reply

Hi beelzebubs, thanks 4 the vote! I’m pleased you found a positive resolve. Take care

Reviews: 2
A quick note to say how that I love using this editor rather than the default. Love the HTML view in JoomlaFCK as it's so quick to load versus JCE!
Owner's reply

Hi Gospodnetic, thank you for positive vote, for spreading the Word! I’m sure many JCE users will be interested by your review! Take care.

Reviews: 1
I like being able to switch skins since I use both Office 2007 & 2003.
I can EASILY resize FCKeditor to fit my website, the larger the better for accessibility!
File attachment is a much needed feature for me.

On my LOCAL Linux site I can't get Aspell working even though I have the most recent version of it.

I cannot even install FCK on my hosted site, I keep getting a server 2006 error, even though all server settings look fine. FCK is the ONLY plugin that will not install.
Owner's reply

Hi Ripose, Thanks you for your kind review & are sorry to hear that Aspell doesn’t seam to be working for you on your server. I know many users enjoy using it & recently learned that offers Aspell with the JoomlaFCK editor to all their uses. - The only thing I can advise it that you take us up on one of our customer support plan & Andrew or I will look into it for you. Take care d:0)

Reviews: 9
This component has just saved me so much frustration. All my editors stopped working on all my sites and the FCK Editor came to the rescue. Can't thank you enough and will be giving a donation.

Owner's reply

Hi aussiemike, delighted to hear that and thank you for your kind contribution.

Reviews: 12
I am finally satisfied with JoomlaFCK editor.
Have tried almost all editors but now I don´t have to search any more. JoomlaFCK are now free from the issues that have caused me trouble. Pictures couldn´t be seen or transfered to the server. Now that´s history. Thanks for a very good work. Now I don´t expect any more updates.
Owner's reply

Hi bassman, thank you for your positive contribution. I know you have engaged with us on our forums and are delighted that we have found a positive resolve.

As you are an Acajoom fan we have some very good news for you! We have been working with team and have found a resolve that will automatically embed template styles into the newsletter article and take care of the compatibility with mail clients. I will email you when it release later today. Take care.

Reviews: 2
Quite simply the best editor for Joomla I found for my site.
Perfect integration with the other plugins I use (Linkr for example) and with the css template from my template.

Great work!
Owner's reply

Thanks for such a positive review! A great encouragement and i’m sure your review will be of interest to many users.

Reviews: 6
Thanks for a great extension. Easy configuration to files, images and flash media directories. Also nice feature allowing individual folders for each user.

Been using this excellent editor on all my sites. Thanks again!
Owner's reply

Thanks Abishai, pleased you like it! The folder idea is the brain child of our head developer, Andrew. I will let him know you like it!

Reviews: 1
Really easy to use. The new implementation of the filemanage really takes this editor to another level.

I had one or two questions and the team were quick to respond to me. For the reasons stated and many others we currently offer this editor as the default editor in all of our Joomla installations.

Great work
Owner's reply

Hi churchil, thanks you for your kind words, much appreciated!!!

Reviews: 1
I think JoomlaFCK is definitely an upgrade from the stock joomla editor. You guys really put some thought into building this plugin, hats off to you guys. There are a few things that I think could improve, but this does not take from how good this plugin is.
Things I love:
- being able to link to a file
- having formmated code
- having Jlink :)
- relative paths works great
- right click on tables brings up great menu's (only works in IE7 and not FF3 in my experience)
- different skins are fun
- and many more things are great about this plugin.

Things to improve:
- When I do a Jlink, it would be real nice to see a list of articles in the format I see them on the admin side of joomla (title, author, section, category).
- Be able to remove some buttons that confuse users (the picture button for "input" looks just like the other picture button)
- When I click upload tab for images and files it automatically uploads to the root folder (very fustrating).
- files should not be in images folder ex. images/files/doc1.pdf . I should be able to specify a folder.
- after installing JoomlaFCK I no longer am able to use my default media editor.
Owner's reply

Hi wingman011, thank you for your review & in depth analyst. We are committed to improving and always pay careful attention to our user’s commentary.
The Good News: is that we are soon to release a component that will offer much of the flexibility requested and version 2.6.3 supports ability to change the location path of documents/ images/& Media files via the plug-in so I hope this comes as a welcomed relief to your frustration.(Please see: d:0}

Reviews: 1
just wanted to say I love this editor and would recommend it to all. really fast and pleasing to the eye.

great work
Owner's reply

Hi johnyboy, thanks for your positive recommendation d:0)

Reviews: 1
Genuinely user friendly and does exactly what it says on the tin! And for that reason I had to stop by and give a thank you to the developers. Thank you!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to comment. You’re a diamond!!!

Reviews: 4
Why didn't I start with this one to begin with? After months of struggling with formatting content (using the default editor), I finally decided it just wasn't worth my time to keep monkeying with it and gave in -- and downloaded an extension. I had been reluctant to use ANY extensions because my site is huge and has a lot of customization -- I didn't want to break anything and have to find a fix or -- worse -- start over. Anyway, I started with JCE which was great but this one is tons better!!! I'm not sure why it doesn't also have the Editor's Pick designation but I certainly recommend it! AND I hope this developer makes other extensions for joomla! Thanks and keep up the great work!
Owner's reply

Hi deck2deck, thank you for your positive contribution & we are delighted that you have found our work a welcomed relief. We are planning to launch 2 new components 1 of them will work in partnership with the latest version of the editor, so we will keep you posted.

Reviews: 1
This is simply the best editor I've used online WYSIWIG editor I've ever used, and I don't mean just for Joomla. Excellent plugin, excellent work. Keep it up.
Owner's reply

Hi VTecheira, thanks for your encouragement. You comment finds the project in its most interesting season! Without saying to much version 2.6.3 is our biggest release because it architecture places an essential launch pad in the projects next evolutionary step forward. It’s about to get even better!

Reviews: 2
This editor looks splendid. All menu's and buttons are just clear. Biggest disappointment is the file upload. Although the backend has options to specify the upload directory, it always defaults to the root of the webserver. This is enough for me to drop this extension. Alternatives I consider are JCE. The uploads can be configured to be restricted to a certain user directory. Second minus is that I had to edit a config.php file to enable the upload at all. So too many bugs for me.
Owner's reply

Hi blaap, I’ve just searched through our forums & was unable to find any recently forums reported of the same! I did find your username & noticed that you have yet to post or report any bugs! If you do, we will of course look into it for you on Monday.

Reviews: 1
This is a really amazing extension. Fast and easy to use. However, since version 2.6.3, it won't show on editing page for Joomla 1.0.x (fine with 1.5.x,believe me, I've tried out every possible solutions that I can find). Why? As a result, I have to stick with 2.6.1. I feel very bad about that. Have you guys tested it before releasing the two-in-one installer? I think it is better to separate the installer into two versions. Whatever, thanks again even sticking with 2.6.1...
Owner's reply

Due to changes in version 2.6.3 some user have experience a blank screen. This is because the browsers has cache old JavaScript & PHP code and therefore the screen appear blank. All users need to do is clean out there old cache file to allow the new JavaScript & PHP code to load correctly. Thanks for the vote

Reviews: 7
Editing documents was not a happy experience until I discovered FCK. What impresses me about these guys is how on top of things they are. Take the leap and enjoy the benefits. If you like what you see send them a little support. Dead easy to install works as advertised. Support is there if you need it.
Owner's reply

Hi caminkingston, thanks for your encouraging words and for speaking on behalf of us.

Reviews: 2
This is the best editor there is. Period.

Now, with the ability to link in documents, PDFs, as well as their built in article linking - it puts it a league ahead of the Joomla system itself, as these are all things that really should be standard in Joomla.

5 stars to the developers here .. and keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Well this is officially the best review we have every had, ha ha! When you think about it, users spend more time interacting with their editor’s interface that any other Joomla! extension. So it makes sense to place documents management tools at hands reach.

Reviews: 3
i am a prehistorical JoomlaFCK user but this update is the top of the editors for J1.1 and J1.5

Thank you for this super very excellent update, so happy
Owner's reply

Hi rien4, we really appreciate your long standing support.

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