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Serving over a hundred thousand registered users it provides the most user-friendly and powerful html editing tool for Joomla! The project to date has accumulated over 330 reviews and has grown to become one of the most loved text editor's for Joomla!.

The JCK Editor offers an elegant editing experience which is more familiar due to its office like interface yet configurable enough to be used for enterprise developments. It seeks to strike a balance between being feature rich, beautiful and easy-to-use.

Unique to any other editor’s it comes packaged with a collection of beautifully designed typography and content snippets ready for you to use right out-of-the-box!

Most remarkably the JCK Editor is a free content editor for Joomla! It is free for you to use and install on any of your sites under the GPL licence! So why not take a few minutes to see this in action for yourself by checking out one of our demo's.

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Reviews: 2
Works really well with all my Joomla installs: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.0. Appreciate the consistency.

There are some compatibility issues with IE10. You need to be in IE10's "compatibility mode" (emulate IE9) in order to browse and upload media and to insert line breaks in the editor. A small inconvenience that I hope the JoomlaCK folks will fix soon.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. Just to let you know that the latest release (JCK Suite 6.1) now comes with support for IE10 (standard mode).

Reviews: 1
Many Thanks for All of you developer. It's easy and excellent extension. I love this so much!
Owner's reply

Thank you for showing your support! Happy New Year from the JCK Editor team and all the best for 2013.

Reviews: 9
This is by far my favorite editor to introduce to end users that will need a WYSIWYG editor on their site. I would give it 5 stars if I didn't have to turn it off when using it myself. I'm picky about my code. So when I'm using it in 'source mode' I don't like the html getting 'jammed all together' when I click save (it removes line breaks upon saving).
Owner's reply

Dear Tim, Thank you for the 4 stars. There is a setting called ‘Auto Format Source’. If you turn it on it will keep your line breaks upon saving. Hope that helps.

Reviews: 8
I just started with Joomla and I found this extension a great help. Easy to set up with great features. Ilove especially the fact that I can embed youtube or vimeo codes. Thanks for a great product.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive review! And I am delight to hear that you have just found us and love using the editor! I presume that you are using the JCK Media Embed which has become a very popular extension for our editor. All the best. Paul.F

Reviews: 6
First let me say I have always used and liked JC's editor in prior versions of Joomla without issue.

This review is specific to the version as installed in Joomla 3.0 which I am trying out in a non-production site.

JC Installed okay but when I edit articles the tool bar does not break into multiple lines on the is stretched across the entire screen, hidden in part, behind other drop downs.

I cannot scroll far enough to the right to make using the editor useful.

I tried to note this problem in the form but found I cannot even use their forum unless I send them money even though the editor is a free product.

A search found no similar reports of such errors.

Assuming someone finds and fixes this I also assume CK will be the same great product it always was. I am just disappointed in the lack of a forum. It seems to me to be a bad idea to charge people for a customer support forum where those who use it are providing their feedback free to other users. If the forum were staffed by actual paid technicians working for CK that might be different. I just object to charging people to post free advice that may or may not be accurate or even fix a problem.
Owner's reply

Dear stuffdone, we value our user’s feedback very much and that why we do in fact have FREE area on our support forums as suggested. Here are 3 threads that users have recently post in our free‘Community support’ area all of which were replied to this morning:, & Please note this is not hidden away, in fact it comes 1st sitting above our profession support forum for this very reason.(o:b

Reviews: 5
I am using the JCK editor for couple of years, nothing to compete, really. Very easy, everything on your fingertips.. Don't loose time, use this one.
Reviews: 2
For several months I have been using the JCK editor and I want to share my findings with you.

First, it was extremely easy to install. Although there is ample documentation available for JCK, I did not need to use it for the installation.

Second, I have never experienced errors are failures with the product. Therefore I have never need to use the product support, but I know that it is available if it is needed.
Third, the editor runs fast. It really speeds up the article writing process.
Finally, There are many add on for this product. I particularly like the file browser add on. It give an "Explorer" like look at your content files.
I'm sure you too will enjoy using this one.
Owner's reply

Dear cakin1947, thank you for your in-depth analyst and review our service. I’m sure many users will find your comments very interesting and helpful! (o:b

Reviews: 1
JCK Editor is the best editor I've ever used - and I've used many over the years. It's really quick to load and simple to use, with an atractive interface. I highly recommend it to all. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Hi Laura, thank you for your encouraging words. We have taken them on board and will use the motivation to keeping up the good.

Reviews: 1
Very good, better than any other I've ever used. Beautiful appearance, many features, I'm enjoying it, good work!
The best is that it's free!
Many thanks author :D
Owner's reply

Dear X.Y.J., thank you for taking the time to show your support and recommend us. We are delighted hear that you are enjoying it.

Reviews: 1
Hi, I am a newbie to Joomla and tried all the available editors but none worked with T3 framework. At last I have installed the Non Commercial version of JCK editor and it just installed smoothly and have a lot of more features then the inbuilt tiny mce.

Good work Team Joomla CK Editor. Will now be testing all the free plugins you are providing.

Owner's reply

Dear Nalin, We have done a lot of work to make our editor supported with other extensions and frameworks so we are delight to read of your of the lovely review.

Reviews: 6
wow - very good and even for J!3, okay a beta but it work quiet well ;) , the installer is very good! hope you will 'embed' even more functions! good work, go ahead...
Owner's reply

Hi Dan, it’s great to have some positive feedback about our beta release! The good news is that we done just that and embed even for functionality in the stable release and with the new arrival the JCK Manager you will be able to do even more…

Reviews: 2
Has a very intuitive MS Word like UI. So much easier than other editors that I've used
Owner's reply

Thanks vramanna for your comments.

Reviews: 2
I just try this extension looking for some editor that has support for html templates for the content, and this is what i need. Still, i have one problem: does this component have a spanish patch available? because i dont found it.
i hope it does, because the rest of it is great.
Owner's reply

Thanks pablopp83 for your comments. We have been working on the new 3.0 compatible version of the editors component. We have made a number of changes that we think you will like. Regarding the component being multilingual, please request it via our forums and we can see what we can do!

Reviews: 3
Top Notch software, friendly, easy and quick to install, highly recommended.
Owner's reply

Thanks Boaz.y for showing your support!

Reviews: 1
Hello everyone

I am using joomlaCK editor 5.2 in my joomla website.

When i am using Firefox then sometimes editor not loads.But when I moved to Safari without an issue and then later in the day was able to use Firefox again. THAT'S THE ISSUE - the editor sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

Owner's reply

Hi prashantb423, thank you for the 5 stars. Software doesn’t stop working and then magically start working again because of this we can rule it out as a likely cause. Most modern browsers use isolated tab browsing, which can eat up memory. This does two things: In the event of a page crashing, you only lose the tab of the page that crashed, as opposed to losing the entire browser. The other unfortunate side effect is that it creates a heavier CPU usage.This could explain why it stopped working in Firefox (due to running low recourse running low) and then starting working again at a later time and that it is also working in Safari. Try these trouble shooting tips which I hope will help:

Reviews: 1
This editor is excellent. They don't put trash in the source like the others.
Owner's reply

Dear Robert, thank you for your support. As you have noticed the editor’s CK API Engine is renowned for handling and respecting user code. As the both JCE & TinyMCE use the Moxiecode our editor is a real alternative.

Reviews: 6
After 2 years using JCK for two sites, I can say: There is no other better. Easy, complete. No bugs. The best!
Owner's reply

Dear Anarresti, thank you for your long standing support. We are working very hard to get the news out and therefore your review is warmly welcomed.

Reviews: 9
For a long time I am a "faithfull" of JCKeditor. And the new version is the best of course. Try it and you will be a faithfull to!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

Reviews: 1
Beautifully crafted and surprisingly good! It quick, beautiful, feature rich, with a large collection of customisable plugins.  This is not only the best editor but in my option the best extension for Joomla. Give it a try you won't be disappointed!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. We like you think it is the best editor for Joomla. As such we have added a new demo page; allowing people to try the editor before they install it.

Reviews: 1
Thanks to the developers of this excellent editor. I've been using it since it was bot_JoomlaFCK and upgrading every time a new version was released. Never dissapointed. Thank you again. Simply the best.
Owner's reply

bot_joomlaFCK was release a long time ago! Thank you for your review.

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