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Serving over a hundred thousand registered users it provides the most user-friendly and powerful html editing tool for Joomla! The project to date has accumulated over 330 reviews and has grown to become one of the most loved text editor's for Joomla!.

The JCK Editor offers an elegant editing experience which is more familiar due to its office like interface yet configurable enough to be used for enterprise developments. It seeks to strike a balance between being feature rich, beautiful and easy-to-use.

Unique to any other editor’s it comes packaged with a collection of beautifully designed typography and content snippets ready for you to use right out-of-the-box!

Most remarkably the JCK Editor is a free content editor for Joomla! It is free for you to use and install on any of your sites under the GPL licence! So why not take a few minutes to see this in action for yourself by checking out one of our demo's.

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Reviews: 7
When I first learned Joomla and needed an easy-to-understand editor, I went with a paid one. After several days with their support, was able to get it working properly. How I wished I would have tried this one back then! Now, after upgrading to Joomla 1.7, the one I had been using is no longer available and a friend suggested I look at the JCKeditor and I'm so glad he did. This appears to be easy to use and easy to instruct others on. The only difficulty I had was no css. Having very, very little understanding of even what css is, was able to follow the directions to fix it. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 4
feel better than JCE & TinyMCE, but Loading is real slow.

The file browser was often disabled (is disabled for security reasons), and Upload was return "Object not found!".
Owner's reply

(1)Thank you for your review but I am struggling to understand how anyone can claim that our editor is slower than JCE! Having performed a number of objective tests I would argue that our editor is much faster, fact it is in a totally different class when it comes to performance! If you can provide us with a test case I would be happy to look into your claim.

(2)There was an issue in with Version 3.4.7, two working days after we released with a fix for the file browsers. Also this message could be due to your files and folders permission.

Reviews: 3
I have used this extension for sometime now and love it to bits. It does all that I want it to and more. I thoroughly recommend it.

Reviews: 4
Easy to install. Easy to use. No need too much configurations. Many great feautres... Hope it will never go commercial :-)
Reviews: 1
Im very pleased by this editor. It looks nice and loads fast. It has some minor tweaking left, but i have to say that it is moving in the right path and allready my favourite!

The devs seem to be devoted, which is the best thing. Keep that stuff up you guys!
Reviews: 2
JCK is now my default editor. I used to be a JCE afficiando, but I've been converted. JCK gives cleaner HTML IMHO. The file and image management is easier (if not so intuitive first time around). The interface is good and with the Manager component. I also like to support developers of useful extensions so this Freemium format is good for me. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
This comes out as mini-Word, packed with options. It's neatly designed and code is efficient and clean.
Reviews: 2
I downloaded and installed the free version of JCKEditor 3.4.7 as well as the Editor Manager Lite. Alone these components are average. And there is not to much you can do to configure the editor. The standard editor TinyMCE is more powerful in this respect. I have front end submissions in my website and I do not want users to browse the server for images. There is no parameter to turn this off.

There is no support whatsoever. I tried going to the support forum to ask questions and I just get redirected to a page that asks for money. So I am posting my concerns (and disappointment) here. I do not mind paying for a component that is good, but I would like to be able to test it first.

Also, I have no confidence when I can not even get basic forum (pre-sales) support.

Perhaps everything is good with the paid version.
Owner's reply

Dear renejdm, the lite version is a basic version of the JCK Manager Pro, obviously this has limited functionality otherwise it wouldn’t be a lite version! We even have a plug-in which you could have downloaded & installed into this very basic version to disable the upload, it’s called ‘Disable File Upload’ and has been published on our repository for well over a year!

We have 2 parts to our forums, a free area and a professional area, both are very clearly labelled. In fact it says “This is the FREE area…” and it appears 1st at the very top of our forums and doesn’t require a subscription.
It’s a real shame that you navigated past this area down to the bottom and attempted to post your query in the area label “For Subscription Users ” and didn’t take the time to read this. We also have a pre-sales enquiries contact form which you could have contacted us via.

We place a very high value on our customers and would have been very happy to help you.

Reviews: 3
I tried several Editors on different joomla installs and versions. I always fall back to jck editor. Quick and perfect install. Couldn't find bugs in normal use and it gives a huge range of formatting possibilitys.

Keep on like this and i thank you very much for this extension
Reviews: 5
I too have tried several editors. I don't know how I missed this one for so long.

The great advantage with this one is that is does not inject useless html coding in like others do - you keep your nice, clean html coding - just like that of "Editor None".

Good job folks!!
Reviews: 3
The usability and functionality of this plugin are both which excel and what make this worth the download! For clients who are used to Office for their main editor on their computers, they should feel at home with the Office theme installed with this plugin.
Reviews: 2
Very good for beginners to advanced users.
Reviews: 1
I have tried few editors available on JED, JCK is the best. Excellent editor for all versions of Joomla, I have used it on 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7. Very easy to install, UI is clean and elegant similar. If you are used to MS Word, then you will love this.
Reviews: 1
I've only done one little test article, but I'm thankful for all of the features I've discovered. This will help me increase my production considerably.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This plugin saved me hours of frustration, after upgrading from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7 my article updates were not saving when trying to make changes to articles. I changed my Editor to JCK Editor and all works perfectly. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
It's simply: if you build your site in Joomla! you'll need it! It's so well developed, installs without a problem, and have all the features you need.
I use it in every site I build!
No need to think. Use it!
Reviews: 5
Thanks to developers'. It's really great editor. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviews: 3
The title says it all, evolution continues.
Recommendation 100%

Thanks for making this!
Reviews: 1
Well - just the picture uploads makes it worthwhile
but on we also need to write some slightly longer articles and this makes the spacious screen estate a bonus too - Great Job Thanks
Reviews: 17
Cool customisable editor
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