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Serving over a hundred thousand registered users and listed at the top of its editor’s category it provides the most user-friendly and powerful html editing tool for Joomla! The project to date has accumulated over 330 reviews and has grown to become one of the most loved text editor's for Joomla!.

The JCK Editor offers an elegant editing experience which is more familiar due to its office like interface yet configurable enough to be used for enterprise developments. It seeks to strike a balance between being feature rich, beautiful and easy-to-use.

Unique to any other editor’s it comes packaged with a collection of beautifully designed typography and content snippets ready for you to use right out-of-the-box!

Most remarkably the JCK Editor is a free content editor for Joomla! It is free for you to use and install on any of your sites under the GPL licence! So why not take a few minutes to see this in action for yourself by checking out one of our demo's.

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Reviews: 3
I was using probably all editors before. This one is not even comparable, it's just the best.
I would recommend it to my children (or... and I did... My 10 years old installed it on his site)))

As for recommendations...
Only one so far... I would give webmasters an option in parameters for Basic layout to disable "Publish on Frontpage" Yes or No option, 'cause obviously the Basic one is for authors, or publishers, and you don't want people to mess with the first page of your site.
At least, I was not able to find information on how to remove that option, or may be I do not have enough computer knowledge.

But this is just a minor...
The Editor itself works like a dream, and it takes a few seconds to install.
Oh... And it loads in milliseconds!
Thank you, guys!
Reviews: 1
In my opinion this would have to be the best editor on Joomla. Excellent range of options and very easy to configure the toolbar
Reviews: 1
I've been using this editor since the 2.x series and it was always excellent

The 3.x revamp seems to be an improvement on the previous series except for one thing: no image manager. The site states that this is done in the form of a complete rewrite of the old image manager which will be provided in the paid subscription.

Too bad. I own a couple of non-profit websites and paying ~30 euro each 6 months for an editor which is only occasionally used is a no-go for me.
Owner's reply

The image editor is freely available to all. You can use it on all your sites, without limitaitons or cost in the 2.6 series. However, A massive amount of work has been undertaken to rebuild the image editor for the 3.0x series. This will soon be available including 6 months worth of updates and Professional Forum Support. The image editor in the (3.0x) is also 'GPL', so you can use it on all your sites for a 'one' of payment subscription for €32.00,! Now that can't be bad..?

Reviews: 6
much broader editor for layout of pages and spell check to be sure of quality pages; could add ability to add to the spell check dictionary
Reviews: 8
This is by fat one of the best editors have seen. Has great features that others don't have. Best to look at their site to see the images as well. Thanks guys!!
Reviews: 1
wow, this is damn good editor!
sooooo smooth to work with..1000 thanks for developer ;-)
Reviews: 11
Maybe too difficult to obtain but it is a good work.
Reviews: 3
I was hoping to get a new and more powerfull Imagemanager and a possibility to set upload size like in the old versions. Instead it seems like the imagemanager is missing in this version. Why?
Owner's reply

Please see:

Reviews: 1
I love this extension fast loading and so light although there are some bug to be fix, like hitting the delete button on my keyboard wont delete the image file on my content,.

Over all i spectacular extension , a million thanks to developer,.
Reviews: 4
I loved JoomlaFCK, but when I tried to run JoomlaCK I could not get it to load. First, I could not install using the JoomlaCK 3.2 zip, there were errors - so I had to unzip and install from a directory. Second, I could not load the editor - all I received was a blank page with parse errors. Third, there was no information provided on the support forum. I tried multiple fixes myself and still it still would not work. I had to switch back to JoomlaFCK (the prior version).
Owner's reply

Hi GenkaiNashi, since we released the new 3.2 version, only four users have reported an installation problem on our fourms or an issue with the editor not loading. In every situation we have either provided a fix or worked with the user to find a positive resolve. We currntly maintain a 100% success rate with all users using the recomemded Joomla configration.

Reviews: 1
Thanks a lot.
Owner's reply

Hi ya, thanks for the positive vote! I have used one of your extensions ‘Zaragoza Clouds’ for a client, it worked like a treat!

Reviews: 1
so great work!! I love it!!
so great work!! I love it!!
It's best!!
Owner's reply

Thanks Sanodia, we really appreciate your comment and support!

Reviews: 9
this is the best joomla editor

i had trying a lot of editor.
finally i know, which one is the best
Owner's reply

Hi drlovecat, thank you for taking the time to share your option with the community. Very encouraging!

Reviews: 4
I have used other editors and have settled in on JoomlaFCK Editor for my site and the sites of all of my customers. The few times I have had questions, the developer has promptly responded with pertinent information. Thank you for such a nice product.
Owner's reply

No problem, pleased we could help (o:b!

Reviews: 5
This is truly the most superior, well developed Editor that I have ever used. Actually I am astonished that you have developed this to be so easy with all the extra features for a great Editor and easy configuration of the plugin with just a click here and there and its FREE! This is what truly makes Open Source!

Allowing a choice (for Admin) so that Users/Members have limited usage and Administrators have all the features is just brilliant and exactly what I needed, also being able to choose the editor Skin to suit my website design AND being able to pick storage of files, images.

What else can I say but a huge BRAVO to the team, this is truly the best Editor available, OUTSTANDING!

Very happy
Owner's reply

Hi Christel, thank you for your very encouraging words.

Reviews: 3
Well worth the registration. WYSIWYG editor that gives every layout infos you need. TXS
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words.

Reviews: 7
It's the perfect editor. You can do everything, and it's very easy for my clients.
Reviews: 3
very good, very easy to use, well done, and thanks for releasing a free version
Owner's reply

Hi jarlaxe, yes the editor is free software released under the GNU GPL license. We warmly welcome you to download the editor, use it, copy it, adapt and change the code to best fit your needs. You can use it on every site you own without any licensing issues.

Reviews: 17
I have tried others, but this for me is the best, most complete and super attractive. I use since the begin and is always improving. Thank you very much
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words.

Reviews: 3
I was looking for a complete editor, easy to use, easy for the rest of my staff to use, no additional plugins needed. I find it works as well as offline word processors, does not add excessive HTML markup, and does not cut out code when I edit the HTML. Unlike someone below, I found no problem with using or resizing images. I can do so much more with text than with the Tiny MCE editor. Now our articles look great!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your support and I am delighted to hear that! Take care.

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