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Serving over a hundred thousand registered users and listed at the top of its editor’s category it provides the most user-friendly and powerful html editing tool for Joomla! The project to date has accumulated over 330 reviews and has grown to become one of the most loved text editor's for Joomla!.

The JCK Editor offers an elegant editing experience which is more familiar due to its office like interface yet configurable enough to be used for enterprise developments. It seeks to strike a balance between being feature rich, beautiful and easy-to-use.

Unique to any other editor’s it comes packaged with a collection of beautifully designed typography and content snippets ready for you to use right out-of-the-box!

Most remarkably the JCK Editor is a free content editor for Joomla! It is free for you to use and install on any of your sites under the GPL licence! So why not take a few minutes to see this in action for yourself by checking out one of our demo's.

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Reviews: 8
Excellent editor! Very good file manager. Cut and paste works great and keeps almost 100 percent of the original format. It's worth to try.
Reviews: 1
Is a Simple and Fast Editor.
Reviews: 11
As the title states, the JoomlaFCK Editor is now installed and set to the default editor on all the Joomla! sites that I put up for my clients and for myself. Not only is it very "light weight" (that is, it's FAST!) but it does what no other editor does "out of the box":


No more completely or partially hidden "Save" and "Cancel" buttons! The toolbar reflows to fit the available space. This alone merits the use of the JoomlaFCK Editor over any other. My only issue with it is it's "Link" tool; not quite as intuitive as another "popular editor", but is easily remedied by installing the Linkr extension.

An awesome addition to the Joomla! "toolbox"! :)

Reviews: 11
I have switch from JCE to FCKeditor and am very happy with this addon. Very flexible, well supported, simple to install and manage and FREE. The addon consist to a simple plugin when JCE require a component and many other dedicated commercial plugin for extend feature like resize picture and upload files. The new Image Manager are great and permit to perform many task on images.

The only thing must be absolutely added for become the real best editor are probably:

-Ability to remove picture from Image Manager because actually when you upload a picture you can not delete them. The only manner are to use default Joomla Media Manager and this is very annoying.

-Ability to change/customize easily the size or thumbnail when a image are uploaded using Image Manager. Actually only 2 size are proposed by default (550x350 and 1000x1000).

-Ability to create popup image using Slimbox or Modal for example. The problem for implement a popup features are probably the fact this require to manage 3 images for generate a popup...That mean if a user upload an image (most probably a picture coming from a camera and so with a big format size like 2000x900 pixels for example) is necessary to set an intermediate image (the one that will be displayed in popup) and so to choose appropriate size and finally a thumbnail where user will click for display intermediate image. Ability also to choose to not keep the original big image can be nice...this for save disk space and avoid useless files.

Anyway this editor are the best one...should be included in Joomla core instead the poor Tiny editor.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words.

Reviews: 3
This is exactly what i was looking for!
The html code is very simple and clean, yet
the interface allows users to go beyond the simplicity of the html. This will save Developers and regular content editors lots of time!

Owner's reply

Dear arrehman1, I am pleased that you are enjoying the editor. We work extremely hard at making the editor as easy as possible. Thank you

Reviews: 1
simply the best!!
Owner's reply

hi chonet,

thanks for your kind words

Reviews: 3
JoomlaFCk is very Good. The design is well thought out. Thanks.

Any tips for speeding up load time would be even better.
Owner's reply

hi rushtovijay, thanks for your comments. Upload times are normally controlled by the host you are using rather than the editor. Kindest Regards

Reviews: 1
Many options and many easy editor any others
Owner's reply

Hi ioz, thanks for your support!

Reviews: 5
I have setup and worked on hundreds of Joomla sites using other editors.
This one by far is leagues above the rest.
One very very important feature, you can insert code, scripts like flash and such and it does NOT strip the code... the code works.

Previously we had to go to Global Settings... change the editor, go back insert the code into the article... then save it and go back into global settings and change the editor back.

If you are tired of reading all that, imagine having to do it!

Thank you much for this great editor. Alaskalivedotnet.
Owner's reply

Hi Alaskalive, thanks – we invest a lot of time into the project and receive reviews such as yours in a great encouragement!

Reviews: 1
Great editor which I am using for my personal non commercial site.

Not sure if it is to be classified as non-commercial though as it is only free for non-commercial use.

Not that I don't think you guys should get paid for your great work!! And 32Euros is definitely a very fair price for using it commercially!!!

Keep up the great work
Owner's reply

Hi rodpacker, thank you for taking the time to post a review. The editor is free, free for all; free to download for business users and non-commercial users! However, subscription applies for those needed commercial support. You can opted out by choosing Non-Commercial use/Free & you will be granted 1 day to download it. ENJOY(o:b

Reviews: 2
This editor is powerful and intuitive (for most users of "A Well Known Word Processor From A Certain Evil Empire, Which Shall Not Be Named") but what was most impressive was how quickly the dev team responded to a nasty little surprise thrown them by Firefox's latest version. New patch released, no FTP'ing required, just install and keep on truckin'. You gotta love that.
Reviews: 1
such a great way to improve the whole experience while writing an article in joomla, easy to use and well coded.

It's impressive the way they used the ms office layout to make it even easier to find the right tool in the toolbar. A+ to this editor.

I like the way i can specify different folders to images and flash files, because its the way i always do.

Download - Install - Enjoy!
Reviews: 3
Great PlugIn,

Easy to use, easy to install, lot of features....

Thanks for the great work...
Owner's reply

Hi fnanco, thank you for your support and delight that you like it! I have replied to your request for the editor to work with the Azrul's My blog on the forms. Take care (o:b

Reviews: 2
After reading all these exellent ratings i tried FCK, especially to test the image-editing feature.

First disappointment: Configuring FCK Editor semms only possible by editing js-files (boring)

Second: When resizing images, the original file ist altered. That means, no chance to use the same image in three different articles in three different sizes, you have to create 3 versions of that file (unefficient - Content Optimizer does it better...)

Third: (At least) in firefox 3.0 the popups are to small: you have to resize the window in order to reach the OK-button (ImageManager, New Folder)

Nevertheless a lean and quick install, a well done UI (if you like/use MSO) but still not the cream of the crop at the top of the heap.
Owner's reply

(1.) You do not configure the editor by going to the js-files, the configuration for the editor is found by going to the plugin manager, this is how Joomla work for all plugin’s! (2.) You do not use the image editor to change the way in which an article displays an image. While inserting an image simply type in the dimensions within the dialog box. That is how you would insert the same image in a hundred different articles all being the different size. (3.) Tested in FF1.0 to 3.5 and cannot reproduce the same.

Reviews: 4
This editor is awesome, lightweight, simple in configuration and easy to use. Keep it up!!!
Owner's reply

Hi larrydoh, we are delighted you like it. (o:b.

Reviews: 2
Hi, I am RISHI from Nepal. I'm using joomla for last 2 years. I was using another EDITOR which is also very popular in Joomla. I was very satisfied with that editor. Today i decide to test another editor and read given reveiw of JoomlaFCK Editor and install it in my new site. I found myself in heaven of EDITOR. I am quite satisfied with this editor. I suggest joomla beginners to implement this in your site. This extension works as medicine of headache for newbies.

My one suggestion :::: I tried to install JoomlaFCK Editor directly giving url but there is error because file is compressed with another format that joomla can't install directly. If you place zip format for direct installation it will be very very easy for new as well as all joomla users.

Lastly, congratulation to JoomlaFCK Editor team for the great product.
Owner's reply

Hi gautam, thank you for your support & review. We found if the installation file is over 1MB some peoples server’s timeout on installation. Therefore we have chosen to compress the file in .gunzip simply because the compressions rate. Joomla support .gunzip & unpacks it so I can’t see why it couldn’t via url? Thanks

Reviews: 5
With the recent Joomla revision 1.5.12 and the total distruction of it's existing TinyMice editor, FCK has been a lifesavior. I'm getting used to the formatting and uploading of photos, etc. BUT ALL IN ALL - FREAKIN' AWESOME. When (IF) Joomla EVER gets the editor fixed, I'm likely to stay with this. Thank you again. Craig Davis Wichita KS USA
Owner's reply

Thanks Craig for shouting out! We would love you to keep using it and realize that the recent faults with the TinyMice editor has seen many move away from the stock editor to us. A big thanks from the team (o:b

Reviews: 1
I like the lightness of this program. It is also very well done on the UI front. I like the fact that you can copy and paste Word files because it can keep the formatting.

But, I was wondering if this program can or will it be able to copy and paste not just words but also the automatically upload the images/tables that are embedded in a Word file?

Can the program be able to create a folder for each user must like JCE can right now. the folder can only be accessed by the user when they are submitting article?

Keep up the good job!
Owner's reply

Good news!!!- it can use a folder for each user for images. There is an option in the plug-in manager. Thanks & enjoy!

Reviews: 10
I've tried so many editors, I can't even recall them all. But now I'm sticking with JoomlaFCK!

It's got great controls, and an excellent image manager. There is a terrific feature that lets you tweak your table cells and borders with a lot of precision.

The image uploader is great for browsing your site's assets and editing images before or after inserting in the article.

The text insert functions really work for adding MS Word text into the article cleanly.

Keep in mind that the entire field of WYSIWYG editors is still developing. Even with this editor, now and then, some odd things happen. Sometimes formats refuse to "take," or something just doesn't look the same in the final article as it did in the editor. This happens with all editors to one extent or another. But I have found that JoomlaFCK is more reliable than the others and gets closer to true WYSIWYG functionality.

And it's totally free.
Owner's reply

Hi Matthew, we are really pleased you like it. One of the editors leading features is it ability to translate Microsoft Word to HTML. JoomlaFCK is based upon the FCK code which is noted for its abilities in translating theses identities. And - therefore boast in a better-quality translation that those based upon Moxiecode which include JCE and the stock Joomla! editor, tinymce.

Reviews: 1
Just wondering if this guys had any trouble doing this, it´s just awesome, the speed, the easy button finding, the especific thing you wanted the others do, this one have it, code(), UPLOAD, and many other things, just COOL!!!
At least prove it, if you don´t like it (maybe) you don´t loose anything.
Owner's reply

Hi edy, thanks for positive review. It great to have feed-back from one our international users, much appreciated (o:b

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