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Content Enhancer allows you to enhance the content of your Joomla web sites by defining and using content variables and automatic replacements.

Note: for now module enhancement features are only available in Joomla 1.5 version.


A content variable is basically a definition of a name and a value. The value of a variable can be static(defined by plain text) or dynamic(defined using PHP or SQL). Random variables are also available - you can define a random variable by specifying a list of possible values. Once a variable is defined, you can use it anywhere in your web site - in modules, articles, third party components.

What you can do with variables:
* reuse frequently used content - bind it to a variable and use the variable instead
* insert custom logic in your web pages by using a variable defined with PHP
* enhance modules by using a variable as a module parameter
* author content with confidense - if you know that something you use frequently might change (a link, phrase, etc.) you can bind it to a variable, instead of hard-coding it.


With automatic replacements, you can replace some text from your pages with another text or variable. The searched text can be defined either by plain text or by regular expression. This is a very powerful feature.

What you can do with automatic replacements:
* create an alias for frequently used HTML parts (links, phrases, etc.)
* replace some HTML generated by a third-party extension without changing its source files
* introduce complex logic by replacing text using a regular expression


The great thing about variables and replacements is that they are processed when the user requests a page from your site. This means that if you change a them in the admin panel, the change will be automatically applied everywhere you use them.


* Creating a module that displays random poll using the default poll module - instead of choosing a specific poll you can use a variable that resolves to a random poll ID.
* Creating an alias for commonly-used links like: contacts page, products page, etc. - you define the link as a variable and use the variable instead of hard-coding the link.
* Creating a module that has dynamic title - you can use a variable in the title that resolves to a different text depending on where on what the user is currently browsing.
* Replacing the CSS class for some elements generated by third-party extension - you can create an automatic replacement that searches for the class (for example, 'class="myClass"') and replaces it with a class of your own.


User Manual is available from our web site.

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Reviews: 5
This component/plugin is fabulous and well worth the very small price. Support from Enless is also top-notch with fast replies and good, relevant information.

The ES Content Enhancer makes dynamic content so easy. Sure, some PHP knowledge helps, but overal, the system is straightforward. Basically, the system allows content to be replaced or appended on the fly inside content items. The applications are nearly limitless. An expert Joomla developer with some PHP and SQL experience (this plugin is not for the beginner!) can develop dynamic content very very quickly.

We needed a solution that targeted content items to particular cities. Now, with some simple URL variables, we can make just ONE content item look like dozens of different and unique content items with customized information for different cities in each one. A developer's and site maintainer's dream!