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DB Replacer Component

DB Replacer - search and replace in your Joomla! database.

DB Replacer enables you to search and replace in any table in your database.

It even supports searching with case sensitivity.

Sometimes you need to replace something in all your articles. That takes hours doing it the conventional way: open article, change, save article, open next article, etc...

With DB Replacer this takes a few seconds.

DB Replacer gives you a preview of what is going to be replaced, so you know what you are doing before actually replacing anything.

WARNING: DB Replacer replaces stuff right in your database in the places you tell it too. This can - if you replace the wrong stuff - break your site. So be careful and only use this if you know what you are doing.

How to use it:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 4
I needed to change the background color and border color of some 500 tables. It would have taken me a week to finish the job. Utterly boring and disgusting work. Using DB Replacer, I finished the job in 2 minutes. Now for the rest of the week, I will just do nothing, and enjoy life.

Thank you for this extremely powerful and time saving tool.
Reviews: 6
Amazing for sure!!

Saves me a looot of job
Some clicks and done.
And when I need help the support was instantly

Well done
Reviews: 9
Very simple: probably this is not the kind of extension you'll be using everyday, but when you need it is extremely useful to have it installed.

I had several posts where I needed to make a change. Using the built-in search and replace functionality I could change several lines of code in more than 70 articles in less than 5 minutes.

What else can I say. It works beautifully, and it's extremely easy to use.

Wonderful extension!
Reviews: 8
I messed up and spelt a link incorrectly - except this link was replicated across 50+ k2 items.

Within seconds this baby had solved my problems WITHOUT messing with any sql query language.

Nice work, very very nice work - I can get to bed early tonight now!!
Reviews: 2
I have used Joomla for years now and have built a huge number of sites with it and I have to say that this extension is, by far, the most useful and most powerful Joomla extension that exists.
Reviews: 8
Great tool! You have to know what you are doing, as you are directly modifying the database. The extension will show you exactly what it is going to do, so if you have your wits together nothing should go wrong.
Extremely powerful as you can make changes to all your articles in a matter of seconds. In my case I replaced a content plugin and had to modify the syntax in all articles. It was a single operation with DB replacer.

Now one other thing I will also mention in other reviews for NoNumber extensions:
As soon as you have more than one NoNumber extension installed I highly recommend his extension manager!
Reviews: 4
Thank so much NoNumber!
Your component works really fast and save me so much time if i search in database manually.
Reviews: 3
Finally, with Joomla 1.7 we do not have to deal with the silly /images/stories/ folder for all of our images. It was so annoying that everything has 'stories' for an image URL.

So, after migrating a site (using sp_upgrade), I then rearrange the images directory to a structure of my liking. Even if it's a simple move up in the folder tree.

db_replacer allows me to quickly change all [src="images/stories/] to [src="images/]

While I am at it, if I decide to rearrange or rename image folders, it is a simple src="images/old_folder/ replaced by src="images/new_folder_name/

If I needed it more frequently, like for changing affiliate links or branding, I would get the pro version in an instant. For my one-time use, it was still worth a donation.

Thanks for saving me hours of tedious work (or having to do the sql query myself)
Reviews: 4
Definitely for power-users only, this tool is invaluable if you know SQL and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty in the code "behind the scenes" of Joomla. The ability to directly update/modify multiple records in the database tables is an incredible time saver. It's free, but, like all of Peter's excellent extensions, well worth paying for; it pays for itself fairly quickly in hours of saved labor.
Reviews: 6
It's rare that I come across a component for Joomla that does everything you want from it and does it extremely well. There are good extensions, but most appear to have the odd fall down or annoyance. This extension however has none, it's perfect!!

I had around 30 articles on my site that all had different words in them for plugins and components that I had removed from my site. This presented me with the problem of having to manually edit each page which would have taken hours. Luckily I have other products from this author installed so I had a look to see what this script could do and WOW! it removed all my edits in about 2 seconds.

I cannot praise this component enough, 5 stars well deserved!

Reviews: 16
Like all the other extensions from NoNumber, this is a great time saver.
Apart from the obvious usefulness of the replacement function itself, i really appreciate the extension usability.
It's EASY. You really cannot fail to understand how it works. And it's QUICK.
Great job Peter.
Reviews: 3
This is one of my must-have Joomla extensions. Thanks so much for this powerful stuff. With a little care, I can edit the core of my web. It's so easy. Like working with MS Word.
Reviews: 2
A must have extension that may save you hours. Simply amazing and very helpful!
Reviews: 7
This is so usefull you can't miss it! Thank you Peter!
Reviews: 15
I had a client make a mess of their content pasting directly from Word. UGH - I was able to find the few offending bits of syntax/css, paste it into the ajax form and click away my problems. AWESOME.

As the directions warn, this will make global changes to your DB so once committed there is no going back. With that, make a backup first.
Reviews: 4
Even being completely stupid on DB operations I was able to realize various search-and-replace operations with patterns site-wide!

Thank you so much!
Reviews: 8
The guys at are truly incredible! This is yet another example of their fine work. Not only does this component find and replace for you, but it has a really cool interface that takes any anxiety about making a change db-wide. 5 stars!
Reviews: 1
I was dreading dozens of hours of making a simple manual change in hundreds of articles on one of my sites when I found this extension. EXTREMELY simple to install and use. I sent a 10EU donation right away.
Reviews: 10
Like all NoNumber extensions, DB Replacer is amazing, powerful, and yet so simple to use.

With DB Replacer, you can search and replace material in your Joomla database. Since everything in Joomla is in a database, this means you can search and replace anything in your site.

For example, I had to change a block of text that appeared in 200 articles. In the past, I had to open one article at a time, cut and paste the text, fix any formatting, save the changes, then open the next one and start all over again...

With DB Replacer, I did a site-wide change in one operation.

It "holds your hand" through the process. First, select the database table with the material you want to replace. Then enter the "search" material and "replacement" material. As you go along, live preview helps you confirm what you're going to do.

Click submit. DB Replacer asks you to confirm the changes, then it's done.

Beyond article text, search and replace HTML lines, code, IDs, authors... anything in the database.

I can't say enough about the greatness of this and all other NoNumber extensions.
Reviews: 30
I just added some YouTube code to a 30 pages of a website, and then got a call from the client who decided he wanted a different video.

I scrambled to the Joomla Extensions site, hoping to find a true find and replace that would make changes in the mysql database.

And I found this GEM! Works really nice with a preview of what you are replacing.

I easily replaced one YouTube video ID with the new one. In seconds!

Of course you should backup your database first because we all know what surprises can happen when we do a find and replace. I use good old Akeeba Backup to to the backup first and then I ran DB Replacer.

This gem is an example of the great open source extensions that us end users need to thank talented developers, such as NoNumber -- the author of this valuable Joomla component.

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