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ReReplacer ComponentPlugin

ReReplacer - search and replace in your websites output.

ReReplacer is a Joomla! component and system plugin that enables you to replace anything in your Joomla! site’s output with whatever you want.

ReReplacer will search the text (html) of your pages for your search request and replace it with what you have told it to do.
These replacements are on the fly. That means they are not permanent. They are done every time you request a web page in your site.

This gives you great possibilities and power to manipulate the output of your site.

You have the ability to use powerful regular expressions to search and replace. This opens up endless possibilities. You can do virtually anything with ReReplacer.

You can use ReReplacer for all kinds of stuff like:
    ★ Add/remove/change elements in the html structure of your site
          This can help you add extra ways to style elements or change the layout.
    ★ Create your own plugin-like tags
          You can use quick-codes and replace it with a long bit of text or html code. Like:
                {copyright}, !contact_details!, [terms], __FOOTER__, etc.
          Via regular expressions you can even make these dynamic, like:
                {youtube 123abcABC}, {twitter}nonumber_nl{/twitter}, etc.
    ★ Clean up unwanted html
          Like: comment tags, meta-generator tag, unwanted copyright code from other extensions, etc.
    ★ Replace simple words
          Like: replacing the company name (for mirror sites), correct common spelling errors in your content, replace bad words with ***, etc.
    ★ Replace "Domready" with "load" for IE compatibility of your scripts
    ★ Replace your image (media) urls with a CDN url.

ReReplacer does not touch your database. The replacements are not permanent. So you cannot use ReReplacer to replace stuff for good. You can use my other extension DB Replacer for that.

It also does not touch the files. You cannot use ReReplacer to replace stuff in the (php) files of your site.

How to use it:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

Support forum:

Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use my forum for that.

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Reviews: 10
Wow, I am blown away by this extension and the service I got from Nonumber. I use a few of Peter's other extensions and have been more than pleased, but I couldn't figure out what rereplacer could do. We traced a major bug to the way a single link was loading erratically in my head tag. Peter showed me a regular expression that covered all the variations of my erratic link and we replaced it with the right link. Problem solved without any ever touching a line of server side code. All this for the non commercial extension and he answered my support request in about an hour. Peter is a treasure.
Reviews: 5
I am very thankfull and I can't express how much I appreciate this brilliant extension. This component is one of the best component of Joomla.My i.e. Explorer issue of not liking multiple occasions of "domready" - seems like every time I add a module to a page I get an error! I just read on the forums that multiple instances of the call cause the "object not found" error in i.e. explorer so I thought I'd give this a shot and it works like a charm.
This developer has some fantastic additional life and sanity saving other extensions on his site, and a great sense of humor too.Once again thank you and keep it up.
Reviews: 3
I wasnt sure how powerful this is until today.

I needed to insert ads in all my articles but couldnt find a plugin for that. I asked this developer and viola, we created an ad module and used rereplacer/regex to insert the ad after every few paragraphs. Does the job perefetly.

Now I'm looking for new ideas to unleash this powerful tool on.
Reviews: 13
I wanted to test this one for a long time. I knew it existed. I thought about it, dreamed about it (not really)...
Finally, the opportunity arose.
Tried the regex option, it is so fun I'm going to do a gibberish site and do only replacements.
I even tweaked two things in the same place, had to order the replacement and magic happened.
I want to harness all its power.: I need to find something to do with sourcerer!
We are webgicians!
Regular expressions rule.
Reviews: 1
I've bought this extension as part of PRO bundle, which became 'a must' for many J! sites. This plugin alone is powerful enough to work its magic on html, from tidying-up, to fixing some poorly programmed component's output, transforming certain html fragments into something different.
But as long as it is considered a part of NoNumber extensions team, its power is boosted to the fullest.
Only your imagination is the limit.
Reviews: 3
Don't know him, but use several of his extensions and all are SOLID! Just like this one. Great work, great thinking, always works.. and great support!
Reviews: 2
I use this extension in conjuction with ModulesAnywhere to make a second level dropdownmenu while i am using a separate menu. (Coupled menu)
With a little help from the NoNumber webmaster i could do this.
Very good extension, also very good support!
Reviews: 5
Nothing to say except that this extension is awesome as hell and well coded, good job!
Reviews: 6
This is one extension I really love - it allows you to make on the fly changes. Combine with a few other tools form Peter and others, and you have a lot of power available.
Reviews: 3
I was desperately looking for a way to put a superscript into an article title for a science website and ReReplacer works perfectly for that. Also works with the FAQ Book extension (titles of the FAQs). Thank you.
Reviews: 3
It only gets better! I've been using it for almost 5 years and recently needed some advise on how to do some serious tricks to my HikaShop component.

Peter is always open to help from the simpler to the most complex ReReplacing projects.

The component is recommendable even to people like me who stopped coding in the 90s... No matter what the template, the component or whatever extension you are using, where it doesn't reach your needs you can trick it with ReReplacer.

Absolutely recommendable. Support is 11 over 10!
Reviews: 8
I purchased the Pifetime Pro package after using this extension and the Advanced Module Manager for a week. This ReReplacer blew me away it is saving us so much work. We used it for a simple task of taking words on our web site and linking them to a page also on our web site. Simple, easy and time consuming without ReReplacer. With ReReplacer you set it up once and then forget about it! It just works.
And, I even got help doing the first one since I did not have a clue what I was doing. Now I feel empowered... that said... learning regular expressions is now HIGH on my To-Do list.
Get this extension. In fact, get them all...
Reviews: 6
Excellent componenent, excellent support. For maximazing its purpose is needed to learn regex :-) Thank you.
Reviews: 13
Issue 1: I needed to customize some joomla output without touching core files.
Solution: ReReplacer.

Issue 2: I needed to translate some repetitive multilingual phrases for couple hundreds of properties
without entering translations manually for each language for each property.
Solution: ReReplacer with its integrated RegEx functionality + custom language files + quick help from developer

Issue 3: I needed to replace some article text with PHP code.
Solution: ReReplacer with Sourcerer plugin, developed by same author.

- very versatile and helpful tool for everyone who needs to squeeze more from Joomla
- it's updated regulary
- fast and solid help from developer
- it can be combinied with Sourcerer plugin to extend it's functionality even further

- none

Conclusion: Thank you Peter for this awesome tool :)
Reviews: 4
thanks to this component and a little thought it is very easy to change the text that you want, for example, or something very complicated without him, do not load js on any part of your site. Well this component is simply awesome. Bravo. Not to mention the support pro version, the developer is super responsive.
Reviews: 5
A client of mine from the chemical industry wanted chemical formulas in article & menu titles. However, Joomla does not allow HTML tags in article & menu item titles. It filters those out upon saving.

With Rereplacer I added my own tags (#sub#) and had those replaced with HTML tags (). So H#sub#2#/sub#O becomes H2O.

So thanks to this extension my customer now can have chemical formulas in their article titles & menu items. Thanks!
Reviews: 15
I use xml rpc meta weblog plugin to post formatted content through various client like live writer, adobe contribute. The problem was that a few days ago " " appeared at many places in my site! These are supposed to be blank spaces!
I was kind of browsing for extensions in general and i came across your "What nothing!" extension, also watched the video on your site and i installed it to see if it might do something but it did nothing whatsoever but i came across your ReReplacer by chance and when this problem occurs after two months, ReReplacer was my first choice. I installed it and gave it a new term replacing all these codes with spaces and cleared the cache and reloaded the page to see that they are all gone. It was a relief but then i turned off the item to check if it was the handy work of your extension and the  's popped up again on the site and i understood the power of your extension. I would have been happier if my first impression on your extensions was not made based on "What Nothing!"
Thank you mate!
You saved me the trouble and keep up the good work
Reviews: 11
I want to thank you for ReReplacer. I had some code filtering active on my site that I was unaware of that rendered shopping cart buttons useless. AFter fixing the filter issue, I used ReReplacer to fix all the buttons simultaneously, saving me many many hours of work.
Reviews: 2
This made my life easy! I m not a developer, but i wanted to make my own customg tags with my own custom parameters. I made it very easy with this!
And most important about NONUMBER is great "FREE SUPPORT!".
I used this on my radios streaming web site.
Thank you so much NONUMBER!
Reviews: 2
This extension keeps surprising me! I use it for simple things like hiding links to developer websites for other extensions and for more complex cases like rearranging the order of selectboxes, etc... Also great and fast support from Peter. Thanks a bunch!
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