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ReReplacer ComponentPlugin

ReReplacer - search and replace in your websites output.

ReReplacer is a Joomla! component and system plugin that enables you to replace anything in your Joomla! site’s output with whatever you want.

ReReplacer will search the text (html) of your pages for your search request and replace it with what you have told it to do.
These replacements are on the fly. That means they are not permanent. They are done every time you request a web page in your site.

This gives you great possibilities and power to manipulate the output of your site.

You have the ability to use powerful regular expressions to search and replace. This opens up endless possibilities. You can do virtually anything with ReReplacer.

You can use ReReplacer for all kinds of stuff like:
    ★ Add/remove/change elements in the html structure of your site
          This can help you add extra ways to style elements or change the layout.
    ★ Create your own plugin-like tags
          You can use quick-codes and replace it with a long bit of text or html code. Like:
                {copyright}, !contact_details!, [terms], __FOOTER__, etc.
          Via regular expressions you can even make these dynamic, like:
                {youtube 123abcABC}, {twitter}nonumber_nl{/twitter}, etc.
    ★ Clean up unwanted html
          Like: comment tags, meta-generator tag, unwanted copyright code from other extensions, etc.
    ★ Replace simple words
          Like: replacing the company name (for mirror sites), correct common spelling errors in your content, replace bad words with ***, etc.
    ★ Replace "Domready" with "load" for IE compatibility of your scripts
    ★ Replace your image (media) urls with a CDN url.

ReReplacer does not touch your database. The replacements are not permanent. So you cannot use ReReplacer to replace stuff for good. You can use my other extension DB Replacer for that.

It also does not touch the files. You cannot use ReReplacer to replace stuff in the (php) files of your site.

How to use it:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

Support forum:

Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use my forum for that.

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Reviews: 1
I found out this extension on a forum which people discussing Internet Explorer error : " HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917)"

I used this extension to replace "domready" expression which causes problem in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 with expression "load" to solve the problem.It worked !!!
This extension rocks.It is excellent extension.
Thank you developer.
Reviews: 4
Hi, I have been searching for a week to work out how to remove {loadposition} tags from my rss feed. I saw your extension and gave it a try and within 5 minutes my problem was solved. I can't thank you enough. I'm very grateful.
Reviews: 5
Today i realized that i haven't yet wrote a single review for this man's awesome extensions, and i use them literally on a daily basis!

My country officially uses two alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic one.

ReReplacer spared me from trouble of adding every article twice to our website, by automatically replacing Latin characters with Cyrillic ones.

After i got an idea for using this component for this problem, i contacted Peter and asked him how could i achieve this, and he has put me on the right direction in a matter of minutes.

I created an xml file with character replacement list, created a link which sets a simple cookie when clicked on, and set the Publishing Assignment PHP field to read the cookie, and voila!

We have thousands and thousands of articles on our website and i can only imagine what a pain it would be to have to add two versions of articles manually each time.

As i wrote already on another Peter's extension review, the support you get from him is unmatched by any commercial extension i've used until now!

Thanks man!
Reviews: 20
very good extension, very usefull thank you
Reviews: 1
This is much better than the plugin from Abivia. Very flexible and versatile
Reviews: 1
Brilliant, perfect, wonderful!

I use it for replacing/hiding email and telephone numbers in kunena posts.

But you can replace anything, with anything, in any part of Joomla :)

It's a must have in every joomla installation!
Reviews: 4
We have been converting a very large old site to joomla. One of the problems we had to address was adding acronyms to a large number of pages in order to make the pages 508 compliant. This component has handled the job handily and will reduce development time for future pages. Many thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 6
This extension solved a big problem for me. I found it very useful.
Their support are really fast and helpful. I've never seen such a great support for a free extension anywhere.
Owner's reply

Wow, thanks :)

Reviews: 2
Very good extension and fast support!
Reviews: 4
This saved me soo much time and its free. Easy to use, can turn on and off. This definitely helps for those boring administrative jobs that come with being a developer.

Thanks very much
Reviews: 17
All NoNumber extensions are very useful. I start my sites with most of them installed by default and ReReplacer is one of them. Keep them coming Peter :)
Reviews: 7
I had been searching some methods to remove footer links of some components. suddenly i saw in some forum about rereplacer. This exactly does what it says. It can replace anything in the frontend or backend. I used the html code displaying some footer and replaced it with a blank and as expected that footer vanished.
Thanks a lot to develop such a nice extension.
Reviews: 4
This is an amazing plugin, I nearly have my whole site XHTML 1.0 strict and AAA L3 WCAG accessibility validated in a couple of hours, and I've got a lot of pages too. I would like to marry this plugin and have it's babies.
Reviews: 5
Cool extension. You surely can do any imaginable replacement task. There are tooltips all around but some of the many options are not completely self-explaining. Anyway: it's real fun to play around with this extension, and it works for me perfectly.
Owner's reply

If you don't understand certain options, please don't hesitate to ask me. If you think there should be changes to descriptions (tooltips), also let me know. Any change to make things clearer / better is welcome :)

Reviews: 2
I really can believe this!!! This component is one of the best component of Joomla... Im very impressed!!! Thanx thanx thanx to author for developed such component for free!
Reviews: 10
In my business I use a lot of shorthand, it's a lot easier to type three letters instead of 16. ReReplacer takes my three letter code and displays it as the full 16-letter text everywhere on my web site.

A must have!
Reviews: 5
I had filed ReReplacer in the back of my mind for a time when I needed it - then was at my wits end for a couple of weeks until I remembered. Fixed my "little problem" in about two minutes.

If there is no other way, ReReplacer is the ultimate way to get rid of generated code that is making your life miserable. Don't make the mistake I did. Download and install it today, for when you need tomorrow.

Thank you, Peter!
Reviews: 4
This is an amazingly easy to use and very powerful component. Thank you so much for this great piece of code!

I used it for replacing a link in a section list layout pointing to a category listing with a link pointing to another section listing.

E.g.: You have section A with categories I II III and section B with categories I II III, where conent of section B is really subordinate to content in section A.
Now you have a section listing for section A which shows the categories with links to their listings like:
category I
category II
category III
But actually you want to have the link to category AII point to a section listing for section B instead of pointing to a category AII listing.

Before I discovered ReReplacer it was not possible to do in Joomla! core (at least I wouldn't know how). Now I just replace the link to the category AII listing with a link to a section B listing. In the category AII description I have information about section B.
This is an easy way to accomplish unlimited nesting of sections within categories without having to use a CCK extension.

Saved me a lot of headaches. Thanks again!
Reviews: 6
Installed 2.6.1 and could not save, Peter was on it within 7 minutes and had a new version ready to download and install. Heck, it even told me in the component that it had an update before I could even finish my research to see if something was up. Downloaded and installed the latest 2.6.2 and WaLah!
This fixed my problem that I was having with IE8 "domready" warning. Also my other modules were not showing up on the right side of the page in IE8 and this fixed that as well. I really don't like IE8 or the IE browser, but if your into web development it is a hazard of the trade. Thanks.
Reviews: 6
I installed Content Templater (itself a brilliant piece of work) and due to a Joomla stupidity needed to remove a tag inserted in the new article in front of the template.
Peter pointed me at ReReplacer to achieve this - and then when faced with my complete lack of RegEx experience provided the code necessary to do it.

Peter provides superb support for his extensions and I can't praise his dedication enough.

Thanks once again, first for your extensions and then for all your help.
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