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ReReplacer ComponentPlugin

ReReplacer - search and replace in your websites output.

ReReplacer is a Joomla! component and system plugin that enables you to replace anything in your Joomla! site’s output with whatever you want.

ReReplacer will search the text (html) of your pages for your search request and replace it with what you have told it to do.
These replacements are on the fly. That means they are not permanent. They are done every time you request a web page in your site.

This gives you great possibilities and power to manipulate the output of your site.

You have the ability to use powerful regular expressions to search and replace. This opens up endless possibilities. You can do virtually anything with ReReplacer.

You can use ReReplacer for all kinds of stuff like:
    ★ Add/remove/change elements in the html structure of your site
          This can help you add extra ways to style elements or change the layout.
    ★ Create your own plugin-like tags
          You can use quick-codes and replace it with a long bit of text or html code. Like:
                {copyright}, !contact_details!, [terms], __FOOTER__, etc.
          Via regular expressions you can even make these dynamic, like:
                {youtube 123abcABC}, {twitter}nonumber_nl{/twitter}, etc.
    ★ Clean up unwanted html
          Like: comment tags, meta-generator tag, unwanted copyright code from other extensions, etc.
    ★ Replace simple words
          Like: replacing the company name (for mirror sites), correct common spelling errors in your content, replace bad words with ***, etc.
    ★ Replace "Domready" with "load" for IE compatibility of your scripts
    ★ Replace your image (media) urls with a CDN url.

ReReplacer does not touch your database. The replacements are not permanent. So you cannot use ReReplacer to replace stuff for good. You can use my other extension DB Replacer for that.

It also does not touch the files. You cannot use ReReplacer to replace stuff in the (php) files of your site.

How to use it:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

Support forum:

Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use my forum for that.

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Reviews: 1
This does exactly what you would want it to, and probably more besides that you have never thought of doing.

Huge thanks to the author for making this available to all of us.
Reviews: 1
I'm fairly new to Joomla and taking on building my first site with it and almost being done I saw a need to replace repeated text that I have listed for 70 products. I sat down today to do just that and not happy about it. It then occurred to me that Joomla has extensions for just about anything under the sun, maybe one that could bulk replace my text. And sure enough here comes ReReplacer to the rescue. UNBELIEVABLE. I got done in 60 seconds (which practically includes also installing the extension as well), in what would have taken me hours to do today.

This developer has some fantastic additional life and sanity saving other extensions on his site, and a great sense of humor too.

Okay I'll stop gushing but thank you so much for this terrific extension. I regged today on Joomla solely to rave and recommend it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review. All this praise makes my cheeks go red. I even made my wife read it :D

Reviews: 3
I just can't rant enough about this extension. Instead of trying, I'll show some of my favorite uses. I have adopted the convention of using !!stuff!! as instead of the more Joomla-ish {stuff}. That way I don't need to worry about using a taken name or confusing any other code processes.

Some of my favorite uses:

1) Abbreviation: !!myco!! expands to "My Long Company Name". By convention !!MYCO!! expands to the same text with a link to my company.

2) Inline HTML: @@ expands to . I find them easy to remember because of their left/right position on the keyboard.

3) Put content in a side menu type in the Milkywhite theme: !!box2!!_Title_!!_CSS_Name_!!_Text_!!

_Title_ is the title for the box, the CSS name is incorporated into the CSS class & id of the box and the text is the contents of the box.

4) Create a button to link to an article:

Art_ID is the article id of the article.

The twitter box is a good example. I know there are several Twitter extensions but, rather than figuring out which one has the features I need, I just put 440 characters of html and ReReplacer macros into a mod_php module and then add the module as other modules.

(Note, that I have a 2nd mod_php with some gross JavaScript Twitter has on their site. It is in a 2nd mod_php as it downloads JS from Twitter and I don't want my page to hang should it be slow loading.)
Owner's reply

Yeah, that is what ReReplacer is for. To make your own little nifty plugin-ish thingies.

Reviews: 12
What an awesome little component. I installed it as a word blocker for my forum. There were other options out there, but this is by far the best one I've seen. And the beautiful thing is that it is fully customizable. I needed something that could replace words, not just mark ****. I needed to block some company names from appearing, and this is just the component!

Of course, I'm selling it short...I've only mentioned one feature...there are so many things you can use this ingenious component for. Look at some of the other reviews for ideas.

The support is awesome. I emailed the company with a quick question, and they wrote asap with advice. Truly awesome.

And I can't believe it is free! A+++
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Also, if you run into any bugs, please let me know. ReReplacer is made by me, and seeing I'm still not perfect, there are bound to be some glitches...

Reviews: 1
This is a great component. Now I managed to replace the famous (& quote) with quotation marks ("") from the title theme. A very powerful tool.
Owner's reply

As you say, ReReplacer can be very handy for relatively simple stuff.
If you get down and dirty with regualar expressions, you can do all kinds of powerful stuff turning your website around.

Reviews: 1
It's a superb component! With ReReplacer I can do what ever I want on my Joomla site. Nearly everything is possible now. For example I made my external links as rel="nofollow". That's great! I will donate for it. :-)
Owner's reply

Thanks bennyn, spread the word about ReReplacer :D
And also thanks for donating, that make it possible for me to create these extensions.

Reviews: 2
I wanted to add a footer to each content page on my Joomla site, and couldn't find any way to do this until finding this extension. Great stuff - works perfectly and is very simple to use.
Owner's reply

Yep, it's just about the answer to anything you need customized in your site. The more I use it myself, the more new ways I find to use it.

Reviews: 4
If you're debating between this, or some other product that does something similar, get this. All NoNumber products come with support that can't be beat, even by commercial software. A+!
Owner's reply

The extensions I make are created because I have a need for them myself. So it's got my heart! So it is very useful for others to give feedback and show me what can be improved.
By the way, you can pay for my extensions. But you won't get any better support for it :D

Reviews: 3
I have been using the scrip jos_replace but it will not install in 1.5 so I was stuck and couldn't upgrade until I found a replacement for replace :-).

Moving to a new server so you bet I was nervous. This is it. Has the same function as ssi and is a real Swiss army knife.

Works even better than the original. Hallelujah!!!
Owner's reply

By original, you mean jos_replace. But ReReplacer is not built on jos_replace. It is a completely new extension.
And you are right, ReReplacer is a real Swiss army knife. :D

Reviews: 2
I can't imagine my website without this extension anymore.

This plugin moved my website fron stone age to technology days...

Two single strings generously offered by the support team from ReReplacer turn my articles photos from wich are RSS feeded thumbnails in full sized photos removing anoying tags from html line.

I couldn't believe when my entire website photos turn from small scracthes photos to real size photos and bring me the ability to my own software to make my own flash thumnails and offer to my visitors.

The visual upgrade was incredible and the most important, all this improvement was done with two single string line of code inserted on ReReplace, one single time.


I became a big fan of NoNumber products. These are really smart, intelligent and objective products and best support ever !

Do not hesitate. It works. Doesn't have any bugs. Is easy to install and you have just to learn a little about hex strings. (all information about it are provided by NoNumber support team and forum)

NoNumber, I love you !
Owner's reply

Thanks for the flattering report :)
By 'hex strings' you mean regular expressions. Yeah, for the more custom and dynamic things you want to change in your website, a little regex knowledge is a plus. But if you don't know how, you can always ask me...

If you want to see more and better stuff being produced by NoNumber, donations are very welcome and help a lot.

Reviews: 3
This is a very impressive add-on to Joomla.

I am not yet educated enough with this to utilize it to its fullest (so far just using it to change html etc.) but I have no doubt that it is going to become indispensable to my web building process! The possibilities are endless...

I would recommend this to everyone - Try it out!
Owner's reply

Thanks. Yeah, you can do some pretty nifty stuff with this. It's very powerfull in changing html to suite your needs. That way you are much more free in layout stuff.

Reviews: 1
This is realy a great component with infinite possibilities !

Support is realy fast and helpfull.

Thanks for making my dreams come true !
Owner's reply

Thanks. Please let me know if you have any new examples of what you can use ReReplacer! for, so I can post it.

Reviews: 5
This is by far one of the best well written, easy to use component i have used since i started using joomla.

Lets say you have something you would like to link in your content, but dont want to go changing each item one by one.
this this puppy you just add the rule and it almost magically does the changing for you in your whole website!

i'm looking forward to use more apps from this guy. oh by the way the support is very good, the guy answers right away.
Owner's reply

Thank you, islatur, for pointing out a bug in version 2.0.5 (replacements not working correctly in area 'articles'. That's fixed now.

Reviews: 4
I tried this with fireboard and couple and other stuff and it works perfectly. The only thing I did notice is the it slows down the site a bit. But for functionality it deserves 5 star.
Owner's reply

The new version (2.0.5) should be faster. Also, try to avoid repeating replacements, they take up some time.

Reviews: 5
It took me an little time to figure out how this works but once you understand it does give you much functionality.
Owner's reply

I hope the examples make it all a bit clearer. ReReplacer! can really come in handy for all sorts of site manipulation without having to hack the Joomla! core or components.

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