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Redaction Utility Plugin

Abivia's Redaction Utility is a simple plugin that lets you remove unwanted output from your pages. PHP 5 is required.

Does your favourite extension insist on putting a back link in it's output? Our redaction plugin is exactly what you need. Now you can eliminate unwanted code without hacking the offending extension.

The Redact plugin is designed to remove unwanted signatures that other extensions or templates display in their output. The GPL explicitly allows you to modify code, despite many extensions that attempt to apply additional restrictions above and beyond the GPL. While is it possible to modify the code to remove these signatures, this customization complicates the process of applying updates from the extension developer. Abivia's plg_redact plugin lets you remove these unwanted notices without changing the code.

This description is licensed to the Joomla Extensions Directory; unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. Please report violations to Abivia dot net.

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Reviews: 1
Installed on a version J3.1 - Works Perfect ( for now ) :)
Nice And Simple - Excellent .
Just Great Extension - Thank You .
Reviews: 3
Installed on a latest version (Joomla 2.5.11)
Easy installation, Easily enabled,
Configuration was hard because only documentation I've found was tool tips poorly formatted(bare tags).

But after a couple of tries the result was great configuration.
Thanks and regards
Owner's reply

Glad you managed to get it going.

There are some examples on the product page and there's a forum for posting rules (although not many do).

Reviews: 1
There is a strange code on my websites and I have too much template file to check, this plugin just takes a little time to remove the code, this is the best plugin.
Reviews: 7
This plugin is very useful if you want to manipulate the output.

Very powerful with regular expressions!
Reviews: 7
5 minutes to install the plugin and to remove an unwanted link that took me more than 30' to try to hack to no avail. Redaction Utility made this so easily ! Thanks.
Reviews: 18
This plugin is a must have. You can remove the unwanted output (backlinks etc.) very easily!

Thank you!
Reviews: 3
Nice work,t updated!
Reviews: 5
well this is very very good tool and very important tool for the developers ..

thanks for this great extension .. keep up the good work ..

thank you
Reviews: 10
This is good plugin to remove copyright, so it not work with template cache, firt page (no cache, it work, but the second page created is show copyright too)
This plugin is 1.5 only, no 1.6 version!
But i want to give 5 star for good plugin! ^^
Reviews: 5
Nice and simple extension.
Good documentation.
Reviews: 6
Always work as it meant to be. Never failed. I love this extension.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
Reviews: 5
excellent plugin, couldn't do without it! awaiting joomla 1.6 compatible version too..
Reviews: 1
i can't build any website without it :D
Reviews: 2
I used this extension to remove ads on RSS feeds i was importing. It worked great.

The syntax needed is a bit difficult for me because i am not a programmer, but the extension has built-in hints. I also posted a couple of questions in their forum, and other users helped me right away.
Reviews: 1
What else can I say? apart from wish I found this plugin earlier. Thank you!
Reviews: 4
This is a great little tool. Does look complicated but site has sample ones and its really not that hard. Automatically got rid of my 'powered by' tags. Saved me going in and hunting around for the code.
Reviews: 17
It might look difficult to use at first (to non-programmers like me) but once you understand the rules it becomes a breeze to create new ones or just use the ones already compiled on the developer's forum. Must have extension.
Reviews: 1
this extension is fantastic!
Reviews: 1
Thnk its very good !!
Reviews: 6
When I first found this and read through the instructions, I almost didn't install cause it looked too complicated.

Amazingly after reading the instructions a second time (just to be sure I understood everything), it worked right away.

I will be installing this on all my sites.

If you are having problems with this, keep this rule in mind: "RTFM"
Owner's reply


There's a lot of power built into this extension. We did our best to make it as simple to use as we could without limiting the power.

To make it even easier, we're building a repository of rules on our forums at Check in there for help, or contribute a new rule and help others.

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