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Redaction Utility Plugin

Abivia's Redaction Utility is a simple plugin that lets you remove unwanted output from your pages. PHP 5 is required.

Does your favourite extension insist on putting a back link in it's output? Our redaction plugin is exactly what you need. Now you can eliminate unwanted code without hacking the offending extension.

The Redact plugin is designed to remove unwanted signatures that other extensions or templates display in their output. The GPL explicitly allows you to modify code, despite many extensions that attempt to apply additional restrictions above and beyond the GPL. While is it possible to modify the code to remove these signatures, this customization complicates the process of applying updates from the extension developer. Abivia's plg_redact plugin lets you remove these unwanted notices without changing the code.

This description is licensed to the Joomla Extensions Directory; unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. Please report violations to Abivia dot net.

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Reviews: 4

Man I love this plugin...

Thank you so much for this awesome plugin, it saved me so much time. I took as long as downloading the plugin inatalling it and setting a quick rule. First even lazy attempt totally removed a backlink.. that is pretty sweet.

Thanks again.
Reviews: 4
where were you all these days?
This is very nice plugin. Thank you so much.
Everyone will get and use this.
Reviews: 97
For non-GPL softwares, If we don't modify the source code and filter the links with this plugin, is it legal?

I think this plugin is a great idea. Thanks to the author.
Owner's reply

The original intention of this plugin was to eliminate the need to edit the source of a GPL extension every time you updated it.

However, our understanding of the GPL is that any extension that isn't also GPL is a violation of the core Joomla license. That's why you don't see non-GPL extensions in the JED.

In the same way, you can't say "this is GPL with these extra restrictions", which many extensions try to do. It's simple: if there are extra terms and conditions, then it's not a GPL license. GPL v3 makes this much more explicit.

However, if you purchase a non-GPL extension, you entered into an agreement with the developer and accepted their license. If you choose to use this plugin to violate that license, it is entirely your responsibility. Our position is that non-GPL extensions should never be installed in the first place.

Reviews: 1
This is a real handy plugin. Saves you the trouble customizing your code again when updating an extension. I agree credit should be given to developers though whole bunch of links are a pain!

Thanks, great work!
Reviews: 2
Probably not one of the Big Boy Developers favorite extensions. However, when you want your site to look professional and styled correctly, while still giving the original developer credit, this is it for you.

Who wants Graffiti all over their site, and folks going around and clicking everyone elses links.

Great extension! thank you!
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