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Search & Replace for Joomla! Component

The original Search & Replace component for Joomla - now updated to work with K2! Got an external link that you need changed in every page? No problem! Just search for it and replace it with the new link.

You can search and replace any content in your articles in seconds.

Search & Replace for Joomla is used to search & replace content in your Joomla articles. You can search for any word, HTML, or content, and replace it with whatever you like.

Changes are stored directly in the database itself, which vastly speeds up page load time compared to other available components and plugins.

Using this component you can quickly search & replace to add links, change spellings, cross-reference your pages, bulk update your content and so forth.

Search & Replace can change content in Titles, Introductions, Main Content, or a selection of those - all at the same time.

You can also select which categories to include in the search, and if the search finds any results, it will give you a list of the pages where the search term exists, along with links to view the page in your browser.

Please note: Search & Replace does not affect the HTML stored in your template files. If you need to search & replace HTML content in your template files, please edit your template files directly.

This component is extremely powerful, so please back up your database before you use it.

How to use:
1. Create a backup of your database
2. Enter the text to search for
3. Enter the text to replace your search string
4. Press Search to search for page results
5. Press Replace to update your database & make all changes
6. Check your site for changes.

1. Keep it simple. Longer search strings sometimes match less cases - often due to variances in whitespace
2. Disable your Joomla cache while you make changes so that you can instantly see what has been changed.
3. Look in the HTML source of your target page to select and paste the exact content you want to search & replace.
4. Sometimes text is rendered in your browser differently to the way it is stored in the database. The key to successful searches is to keep search phrases short and simple.

I hope you find the component useful. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome, and where possible, suggestions will be incorporated into new versions of the component.

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Reviews: 12
I love extensions like this, they just work.

I wish I had found this earlier changing a telephone number in content in a 200+ page website can be a real pain, not with this, it takes moments.

Love it.
Reviews: 5
Great product does everything described, and customers service goes above and beyond!
Reviews: 1
The component works exactly as stated and has saved me hours of work. Most importantly though the response time from support is unbelievable. I barely had time to go for a coffee and he had responded and completely fixed my problem. Very impressed. Thank you for your hard work on this product.
Reviews: 4
It lets you choose the category for your search and replace. It allowed me to make a change to just the part of my site I wanted to correct. I also like the preview feature that shows you what it found in the search before you choose to replace it. Love this component. It's a must have when working with indecisive clients.
Reviews: 20
I was a bit skeptical at using this because I have a really big site and didn't want to "experiment" on it. I spoke to Dixon on SKYPE, super cool guy, bought the script and within a few minutes, did work that would have took me days or weeks to have done manually!

Rock on got yourself a lifetime customer here brother! :)
Reviews: 2
Your module just saved me hours and hours of work. I actually almost wet myself after I saw 8,808 articles completed in a matter of moments. :)
Reviews: 1
I have my website with 1000+ articles & need to replace some content from all the articles...

it did in less than 5 secs...

Thanks a LOT...
Reviews: 8
For doing exactly what it says it will do, I give it an excellent rating.

It will search your content (articles) and make simple changes, no wildcards or anything fancy. If you have hardcoded links you need to change sitewide, this is the tool for you. If you moved all your images from one folder to a different one, this is the tool for you.

Honestly, its a little scary to use. BACKUP first! After that, cross your fingers and hope it works because the tool does not prompt you with the results of your search before making the replacements. However, I am not going to rate it poorly because it doesn't do this. It would be fantastic if it did though!
Reviews: 3
I was about to change 1000+ articles ... you save my 2 day of my life. Within 5 seconds .. all DONE!!

Reviews: 13
Cool component which saved 30 minutes of my valuable time.
Would be a cool addon if it can process other extensions fields of the database.
Reviews: 1
I changed the directory of my site and had to change some hard coded links. This saved me a load of time.
Reviews: 6
I thank you very very much...

I "just" needed to change in all the site absolute link with the new domain name I bought.

In ONE sec it was done...

Man you're the One...
You made my day easier. Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 3
It does indeed do a search and replace on the text and fulltext on the database which is often a very handy tool.

However, there's no feature to test run and no result or error reporting so you can't tell how many matches, if any, were found (it always just says "Database Updated!").

The single/multiline feature also has no effect on the search and merely decides whether the input form uses or

It's an ok start but a bit cheeky to charge for this...
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments - these will be integrated into a brand new version of the component, which will have improved search functionality across modules, menus and articles, previews of search and replace results and a summary of changes, search hits and replacements made.

Scheduled Release Date: 1st December 2010

Reviews: 30
I had to make a minor but time consuming change on a website on many pages. (I had to remove an inadvertent extra spacing between paragraphs).

It would have taken my hours to make the changes.

With this component I put the HTML that I wanted to change in the "top box" and the replacement HTML in the bottom box. I hit the button and in seconds my mysql database was updated.

I've looked for a component like this for years, for Joomla. It arrived here in the extensions library just when I needed it!

Highly recommended!