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PaidSystem for AdsManager ComponentModulePlugin

PaidSystem is the AdsManager extension that allows you to charge your visitor for posting ads.

With PaidSystem you can start making money with AdsManager.

How does it work?

Credit System

Users buy credits using a pricing scale of your choice. Payment can be made using several payment gateways. Currently paypal and are supported out of the box.
Users post ads with possible premium options for additional credits (see paid options page)
Upon ad creation credits are debited from User's Credits

The credit system require the VitrualMoney component for create and manage your virtual currency.

Pay per ad

Users write an ad, select a duration and chosses possible premium options
A summary of the order is displayed, the user can select a payment method (offline, paypal,...)
The ad is published

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Reviews: 2
If you want to charge users for posting classified ads this extension is the one for you. Here is a quick run down of what I like:

- Easy Installation
- Very Easy and Intuitive setup
- Has all the features I wanted and more!
- Front-end Looks clean and professional
- Excellent, quick and Friendly SUPPORT

Looking at some of the reviews below I am confused by the negative ones. The developers of this extension are some of the most helpful and friendly people I have met in the Joomla Community. Whenever I have a question I receive a reply rapidly!

I would highly recommend getting this extension and I have already recommended it to some of my friends!
Reviews: 3
The extension is really good IF it worked properly. This extension has tons of bugs and problems. The slider module that comes with it has a problem with auto play feature and it's not fixed since January 2012. Support is terrible. You can't download a demo to see if it works on your site and then buy. You have to buy it and then discover the problems later. Plus support is bad. There are many language problems. Many php errors and problems, you have to fix, tweak and adjust them if you can. Sloppy and lazy programming. The biggest issue is the support. In short, if you use this extension, you are on your own, when facing problems.
Owner's reply


Sorry to learn that you have problem with paidsystem. You speak about the slider modules, since 2,3 months, the slider modules has been updated to jquery instead of mootools and this version no one has reported any issue.

Currently, if you check our ticket support system you will see that there is no "major blocking issue", did you try to contact us by email ?

There is no php error currently reported right now, so I don't understand what you needed to fix ? (Please note that if you are using a beta or RC version, bugs can be there, only stable version should be used in production right now, that's the normal process).

In any case, you could contact us again by mail to resolved your remaining issue or to gain your money back if you change your mind and you are no more using paidsystem

Reviews: 2
Perfect im currently using 2.7 along with paidsystem and its perfect. All layouts fit perfect with no modifications.

Using Jomsocial or community builder then this is the one for you also. Works perfect with or without a community.

If you need support..
Thomas is extremely quick with replys and replys everytime with the correct answer.

Loving the new features also with the carousel and quick type category search.


I will also say i tried many other extensions and this was the ONLY one to work as i needed and supports EVERY option i need + more.
Reviews: 1
Top support too... even though the developer is in a time zone that's 12 hours different from mine, I was getting responses to questions within minutes.

Reviews: 1
The application is so good but there is no support. If you have problems, start praying because the support and the attitude of the primary developer of this application is really bad. If you want to pay for an application to classified, look for another. I regretted it completely. I DON'T RECOMMEND!
Owner's reply


I checked all my emails, and the only email I found about issue from you, is a ticket on redmine. The ticket was raised on 28 July, the issue was fixed on 31 July.
Here is the link:

Reviews: 3
I have been running a community based joomla site for a number of years, however I am not a technical person. Therefore, I rely on sturdy extensions created by people who support their product. I have been using AdsManager for years. I love it. It's easy for user and administrator. Thomas Papin thinks through usability and supports his products. Recently I purchased and installed PaidSystem. It installed easily, but it had some conflicts. I wrote to support. Papin communicated with me. Answered several emails and solved all my issues within 2 days.

PaidSystem itself meets my needs perfectly to turn a free classified section into a partially paid solution. I'm very pleased with the results. Support from this company is excellent. Through the years I had a number of occasions to ask questions. I am always answered promptly and politely. Usually by Papin himself.
Reviews: 1
Bad news. I have bought PaidSystem for AdsManager aprox. year ago. Now I had some troubles and fatal errors so I wanted to discuss it with the Joomprod support. All messages and emails are unaswered, the support ameil didn't work more. Noone is talking to me. Seems they have just get money from my pocket and then nothing. So be aware...
Owner's reply


Please contact us again about your issue with paidsystem. Your mail was maybe not handled due to no valid subscription.

Our support is limited to 6 months after the purchase (next 6 months you can a discount).

Anyway, just because we wanted to have people happy with our product, please contact us to get a free copy of the latest version of paidsystem.

Reviews: 3
Unfortunately, this is based off of a credit system instead of a pay as you go. This adds an extra 2 steps in the ad entry process (if you don't have credits, you have to buy credits, make payment and then enter ad, when it should be enter ad, pay money and go).

Had complaints from a client and his users and now I had to go a different route.

It would be great if it was not built on a credit system, as the ads manager component is real good. This does not live up to what it could have been though.
Owner's reply

Yes I understood the point, In the beginning of 2011, a new version will be released with the ability to don't use credits based system

Reviews: 3
Very easy to use, very good support (Thanks for it). Just a wish... would like to adapt this option for customers use (Like "Buy It Now"), to be able for users to pay ads easily to other users.
Reviews: 1
Looks like if it can support payment to bank, it will help for many develepor for outside US. Myself want to develop website for locals