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Userpoints2Paypal Module

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This module allows your members to change their AlphaUserPoints or JomSocial community points to Paypal Cash! Once they reach the minimum points amount required, they can use this module to send a payment request to site Admin. Admin can then check if the point deduction is effective yet in one click(AUP only) and confirm Paypal payment with another click. It supports every currency Paypal does. Make sure you set the module as you like and test before going live. The provided plgaup_userpoints2paypal.xml file rule is only required if you use AUP component.

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Reviews: 17
For the idea that I´d thought for my web, this method was going brilliantly. Jomsocial gives very much game and this module is very useful to stimulate the users who use the web in exchange for points. Fantastic!!
Reviews: 4
If you have AlphaUserPoints component you can have users buy points through PayPal but this plugin complements that by allowing users to sell their earned points back for PayPal cash. What better incentive for users to perform actions on your site than with an option to cash them in. This is the module that does it with whatever dollar value you decide a point is worth. Just make sure you have the money to send when your users request it!