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Gsocial for Alphauserpoints and Virtuemart Module

Gsocial is a module that give to your users the ability to interact with social media and gain points or discount coupons.
With this module you can reward your customers with points (Alphauserpoints) or discount coupons (Virtuemart, Glimlag VM Coupons and DocumentSeller) when they socialize with your facebook fanpage, their twitter, Google plus and NOW also LinkedIn account.

1. Alphauserpoints
2. Virtuemart (for giving discount coupons)
3. Glimlag Vm Coupons (for giving discount coupons)
4. DocumentSeller (for giving discount coupons)

* You can test it online in our site and get a discount.

Gsocial is compatible with Joomla 2.5 - 3.X, Virtuemart 2.X, Alphauserpoints 1.8.X, Glimlag VM Coupons and DocumentSeller.
GSOCIAL is available for Joomla 3.X - This version supports Alphauserpoints. Virtuemart is not yet compatible for Joomla 3.X

Social networks that interact with the module:

Facebook (Like / Share)
Twitter (Tweet / Follow)
Google Plus (Share)
LinkedIn (Share)

The process is as follows: User1 likes on facebook, tweets your custom message or follows you or shares the link you want on google + or on LinkedIn. Depending on the features that you have enabled/disabled User1 can get points and a discount coupon. You can choose to give (points and discount coupons) only once - the first time that User1 will interact with any of the 4 networks - or 4 times (one for every network) or you can just set it to unlimited.

A simple and easy way to gain new customers and make them happy!

The package consists of:

1 module.

Options - Features:

Instant installation.
Graphics so that to easier select which type of buttons you want to publish.
Tweeter: You can select between follow and tweet - share button.
Select if you want to show the number of shares and in which way (baloon, inline etc)
For Alphauserpoints you just need to create a rule. See screenshot below.
Many options on how you want the buttons to display on site
Select which of the 4 networks you want to play with or ALL of them.
Custom message for tweets
Set the points (alphauserpoints) that the user will gain when liking, tweeting or sharing.
Select if you want the user to get an email with his points
Set the coupon options (virtuemart) that the user will gain when liking, tweeting or sharing.
Automatic emailing with the coupon details
Automatic discount coupon generation
Duplicate coupon or points generation prevention
Language Support
Coupon codes and points are displayed within a popup
Supports guest users - Uses cookie
Orientation feature for displaying social buttons

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Reviews: 5
I liked the module. I liked the easiness with which it can be altered to my needs.
The best thing was the fast and dedicated support.
When you purchase this module, you are not alone!
Thanks a lot for a great module and even better service!
Reviews: 16
Very good being able to link social networking with user incentives (point, coupons). very useful ! Also very good, responsive support. THANKS !!