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Latest Wall Media Extension Specific Addon

New version! Now supports connection with AXXIS SuperWall, and now you get the option to select where the "See All" link should direct: a) SuperActivity or b) SuperWall

With the growing popularity of SuperActivity 2 being used as a busy Wall, much like Facebook's Wall, users started more and more to share media (videos and music) on the SuperActivity's Newsfeed, rather than on other components.

The Latest Wall Media CB Tab will hold all the media each user shared on the SuperActivity Newsfeed and on SuperWall.
A "See All" link will direct the user to a page where all media will be displayed, complete with their comments, etc.

Download this tab now, enrich your social community for FREE!
Enjoy it on ALL your sites, as it comes with an unlimited-domain GPL license!

Joomla!1.5+, PHP5+, MySQL4+, SuperActivity v2.07.02+, What's On Your Mind PRO (optional)

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Reviews: 3
You should really point out that you need a commercial plugin for it to work. Installing was easy, but it does nothing for me without the "Whats on your mind pro".
Owner's reply

We are REALLY pointing out that you need a commercial plugin for it to work, and that is SuperActivity v2.07.02+, CLEARLY stated on this listing AND on our site!!! PLUS, if you have SuperActivity v2.07.02+ then you DON'T need "Whats on your mind pro" as you say! So, ALL IN ALL YOUR REVIEW IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, ONLY MADE TO DELUDE USERS WITH FALSE INFORMATION. You may find it useful to read pages before you hit the "Download" button next time...