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CBJuice Extension Specific Addon

This COM manages user profiles in the Community Builder environment in Joomla. The original CBJUICE package supports Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5. It facilitates the editing of the user and comprofiler fields using a CSV file as input. This version provides limited support for JUGA. The original version is essentially stable. No more features are planned.

CBJUICE2 is a complete rewrite of the original concept. The new version includes delete by CSV and other useful features. This new version makes substantial use of the excellent CB API. CBJUICE2 supports only Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 and 1.7-3+. It’s use in 1.6 REQUIRES the stable version of Joomla 1.6 and CB Version 1.4 or later. Joomla 1.7/3+ requires CB 1.7 or later. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO use earlier versions of 1.6 or CB in combination because of changes in the ACL. We have tested the component as thoroughly as possible but NO warranty is offered. The newest version supports multiple usertypes in 1.7 and also limits the fields in the save function.
Please note, the support forum and the latest version are always on joomlacode at
Please use the correct version for your respective version of Joomla.

READ THE DOCUMENTATION IN THE PDF associated with the release.

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Reviews: 6
Have used CB JUICE in a couple of major projects with hundreds to over 2000 thousand users each. The whole process is straightforward and bug free.
Just had to convert XLS spreadsheets into CSV files, name and set the headers order properly, upload the CSV file and that was all. Immediately my CB and core Joomla user tables had the pertinent data stored.
I can even update the user data in edit mode every time the CSV file is changed (existing entries can be kept and new ones are added).
The latest version doesn't seem to support MySQL 4, but that's not really a show stopper these days. Highly recommended for time saving developers.
Reviews: 2
What can I say. It's great. I have very little database experience so this was a lifesaver. I really didn't want to go into my database and start importing. This made it easy.

TIP: After you set up your fields, download so you can see what the fields look like before uploading. Usertype will be there.
Reviews: 2
I didn't give it Excellent, just because there really isn't very much documentation. But, its a great tool that I think everyone should have.

It helps when migrating, or just performing actions on a live site that might affect users' information.

What I didn't understand is when I exported the userlist (users.csv), why didn't it export the password hashes with it. The answer: The passwords are stored in the core users list that comes with joomla so it is referenced there. If you need to mess around with the joomla users list, I recommend using the original JUICE, that deals with it.

Otherwise, great utility! Does everything at a drop of a click! Hats off to the core team!
Owner's reply

I can add the password to the save but it will be hashed. My concern has been that people will try to reload a hashed password. The challenge is that with continual changes to the hash, this could get into really messy things. It is NOT possible to export passwords in a clear format. If you have specific suggestions, use the joomla code forum because I would be interested.

Reviews: 3
I haven't tried the upload part of this (already did that the hard way through MySQL), but was looking for a way to download the whole database. Clicked on the download choice, and it did it immediately, and put it straight into Excel. No having to open the file and import into Excel. We have almost 1000 members and I was impressed by the speed.
Reviews: 5
Thanks for a great intuitive product to go along with Community Builder. It does exactly what it says, provides an easy interface that you can use to import or export users from community builder.
thanks for your hard work!
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