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SOBI2 fo Community Builder Extension Specific Addon

The CB SOBI2 Plugin shows the SOBI2 entries of a user in a Community Builder Tab. It has been based on the original version for CB 1.1 by Derek Fernandes and Radek Suski and has been upgraded to use CB 1.2 and Joomla 1.5.

Owners can edit and delete their entries if permission is set in the General Configuration of SOBI2. The icon, number of hits and end date for the entries can also be displayed.

Usage instructions:

- Install the plugin through the CB Plugin Management page
- Edit the “CB SOBI2” plugin on the CB Plugin Management page
- Chose whether to show the icon, number of hits and end date for the entries
- Publish the plugin and configure the tab as required


v1.1: Fixed "always showing your entries" bug
v1.2: Added paging and sorting options (Thanks Bosko)
v1.2: Added Romanian language file (Thanks Sacas)

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Reviews: 106
It works just like it says, the only slight issue (and this is not much of an issue) is when I look at the tab on google chrome, under the catigory section where it adds the bullet point, it adds a second bullet point, but besides that, this is an awesome plugin, a must have for those who use both community builder and sobi2. Thanks for creating this.
Reviews: 2
This does exactly what it says. What would be really useful would be if it showed the parent categories of sub categories that are listed. As far as I can tell, it only displays sub-categories and not the parent categories they belong to. Otherwise excellent!
Reviews: 5
thank you, version 1.2 works great and without problem
Reviews: 2
Works perfect,but I also had the same problem as alpinevp.

Seems like there's a slash missing on line 233 in components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_sobi2/sobi2.php

I changed

$href = "{$mainframe->getCfg('live_site')}/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=editSobi&sobi2Id={$resutlt->itemid}&Itemid={$S_Itemid}";//jca


$href = "{$mainframe->getCfg('live_site')}/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=editSobi&sobi2Id={$resutlt->itemid}&Itemid={$S_Itemid}";//jca

and it worked for me.

Reviews: 1
Support response was immediate, the plugin installs like a charm (make sure to use the CB plugin installer, not the core joomla plugin installer).

This is a really helpful thing if you want users (or everyone) to see sobi2 listings associated with their authors.

Thanks again, Joe!
Reviews: 2
The plug works as far as displaying a tab and linking a CB user to their Sobi listings, but the EDIT and DELETE buttons in the CB tab do not work and instead take you to an error "page does not exist". I have been unable to get any help resolving this issue.
Owner's reply

I am sorry you have been having problems with my free plugin, you are the first person to experience this issue.

I am also sorry that you feel you "have been unable to get any help" even though I responded to both your emails within 24 hours. Did you actually try my last suggestion?

I hope you manage to resolve your problem and I wish you every success with your site!

Reviews: 2
I installed this plug in and within a couple of minutes it was working fine.
Lists SOBI2 entries in a tab on the users CM profile. Slightly odd bullets on Chrome, need to check on other browsers but works as it says.

Definitely recommended if you use CM and SOBI2.
Reviews: 1
Have just downloaded and installed this component. It took me all of about 5 mins (was i too slow :P ) and all existing entries show in the CB user profile under a 'Sobi' tab. Thanks Neo and Trin.... ;)
P.S. Are you guys going to make a plug in where users CB fields will automatically fill the corresponding SOBI form fields like name, email, phone number etc. It would sure make form filling for users less time consuming :)