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Multi Author Tab PluginExtension Specific Addon

Multi Author Tab is a Community Builder plugin. With this plugin you can display the list of articles written by a user on his profile page. It supports up to 20 tabs and each tab can be configured to show articles from one or several sections or categories. This plugin is based on cb.authortab by Beat of Joomlapolis.

NEW in version 1.9.1 :
* Compatible with Joomla 3.2
* Fixed bug with translations of 'Category' column
* Fixe PHP Strict standards for getDisplayTab function
NEW in version 1.9 :
* Compatible with Joomla 3.x
NEW in version 1.8 :
* Fixed bug with publishing date
* Fixed bug with article's access level
* Fixed bug with sef url
* New parameter to show both created date and modified date
* New parameter to show created date if modified date is empty
* New parameter to set private tabs (visible for profile owner only)
* New parameter to jump to content when changing pages (add an anchor to pagination URL)

NEW in version 1.7 :
* K2 support

NEW in version 1.6 :
* Pagination
* Fix for article's URL

NEW in version 1.5.1 :
* Released on my new website, updated contact info.

NEW in version 1.5 :
* New parameter to display articles from all users (matching other criteria)

NEW in version 1.4 :
* Icon to edit articles
* Joomla 1.6 compatibility

NEW in version 1.3 :
* Hide date
* Show creation or modification date
* Search articles by author alias
* Set a maximum number of article
* 9 sort options : creation date, modification date, title, number of hit, section ID, section name, category ID, category name, rating
* Sort by ascending or descending order

NEW in version 1.2 :
* You can now display section and category names.

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Reviews: 1
Great extension. Does exactly what it says.

It would be great if the user could not just include but exclude categories to be listed.

Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 7
Great plugin but we need it up to date and be compatible with j 3.x, i run the plugin now with CB on j 3.1 by disable all options which contain JHTML::_ because its not compatible with j 3.x
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments. The new version compatible with Joomla 3.x is now available.

Reviews: 8
Now, with the privat tab option, its perfect :)
Reviews: 3
Great plugin. Works fine, but it would be great if the articles thumb were shown too.
Reviews: 5
This was exactly what I was looking for on my CB website.
Reviews: 7
If you're using Community Builder and your users submit articles in various categories, this is a must - can't believe the CB team's tab does not do this (it can only present all articles, no choice of categories).
Also, the support is excellent. I noticed the article links were created in a slightly different manner than when accessed via the menu, which resulted in some features not working correctly when the article was accessed via the MultiAuthor tab in CB profile. I posted this issue on the developer's forum and bam... 2 days later there was an updated plugin, which generates the appropriate links. And there was a bonus feature in that release - pagination in the tab.
Work great done on a very useful extension.
Reviews: 17
This is most required for CB profile
Reviews: 3
A very useful extension and works fine on Joomla 1.5
It is indispensable for my site.
It would be great if you could fit it for Community Builder 1.4RC / Joomla 1.6!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments. I will make a Joomla 1.6 version. I don't know when it will be available but I will make it for sure.

Reviews: 6
i originally thought that having multiple tabs which show your pages was not needed.

but now that i have this installed, i find it much better having the tabs representing a section/category than just a huge list of pages that you have created

i and all others who have used this plugin can easily tell that the creator has put a lot of thought into it

i love the idea that if a certain user has not posted in a certain area, the tab for that area does not show on their profile until he posts into it. quite frankly if i created this plugin, i certainly would NOT have thought of this

They say that "devil is in the details" i would guess this author did not have any issues with the devil in this case
Reviews: 1
This is a simple but very useful plugin. It links the member and his/her posted articles. It serves as a bridge between the CB and the contents. This is a necessary part for Joomla as the CB grows its popularity. I am also impressed by the prompt support the developer provided. Thank you again for sharing this great work!
Reviews: 13
This does exactly what it says! I installed this no problem and was able use it except for one part, but that was because of my implementation of my site.

Support was absolutely amazing in getting back to me so I could use a work around while this is being added to the next release. Great product and great support! Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Does exactly what the original article tab should do. Only suggestion is to enable actual name of section or category in columns rather than the id.Brilliant work. 5 Stars
Reviews: 1
I can only submit the outmost best rating for this plugin for CB. Author plugin is fine but is lacking the separation of categories etc. Multi Author Tab is the key to any usercreated content site. 10/10, A+ and topratings. Good Thinking!
Reviews: 101
I've wanted something like this for a while. Thanks for creating it! Does exactly what it says which is convienient for separating the catigories on the cb tab. Well made! Cheers Josh Lewis.