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Constant Contact CB Integration PluginExtension Specific Addon

A Joomla / Community Builder Plugin using the Constant Contact API that allows users to subscribe to your Constant Contact Lists. When a new profile is created or a user updates their email address in their profile, the plugin will make API calls to your Constant Contact account.

* We have created a step by step tutorial to help you install and configure this plugin and a video demo.


We have completed an upgrade that now allows lists management from the users profile as well as during registration. Including the ability for super administrators to see the list id's in the profile and to see hidden lists. Every user should upgrade!

You can map Community Builder fields to the Constant Contact fields.


* Community Builder (Compatible with 1.7.x through 1.9.x & 2.x)
* Constant Contact Paid Account
* PHP 5 with cURL support

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Reviews: 5
An old version stopped working. Bob worked with me immediately, quickly and successfully. The code works great, the features are useful and the support is A+.
Reviews: 1
Constant Contact CB Integration does as described in the product description. The documentation was complete and provide a "work around" for one of the product issues. The FAQ described how to place the Constant Contact newsletter approval at the bottom of a CB registration page rather than the default location at the top of the form. Bob, the product publisher, was very helpful in solving an unreported problem. The solution resulted in an updated version within just a couple hours! Very impressive product support.
Reviews: 1
I'm not a person who gives reviews, but this developer and extension deserve it. Component did exactly what it was supposed to (what we needed it to) and when I had an issue (something I'd forgotten to check, not a problem with the extension) the developer went out of his way to contact me manually to make sure I was being helped.
The extension works perfectly and the developer was right on top of it when I went looking for help - what more can you ask for?
Reviews: 8
I scoured the net for this; tried others but all failed except this one.

The developer, Bob, was amazing in his support as he helped with an install issue which turned out that my Constant Contact password was being rejected! (not his fault but he helped anyway)
Reviews: 1
This extension is worth the money. Automatically signs up users for Constant Contact newsletters and seamlessly integrates CC into Joomla for both front-end and backend. Support was outstanding and incredibly fast. A++++!
Reviews: 1
This plug-in worked well, but I had 2 issues because of my setup. I emailed my issues and support got right back to me and resolved both of my issues within one day.

Above and beyond the call of duty, and it works and looks great now.
Reviews: 4
I had a bizarre "blank screen" issue when the plugin was turned on, and contacted the developer. he discovered a problem that few others will have.. my client had more than 64 lists setup in their CC account, which caused the API to fail. The developer, Bob Brock, solved this for me very quickly, same day service. It now works flawlessly and is childs play to configure. Customer support could not be better.
Reviews: 1
Works exactly as described. Actually, it works better! I purchased and had a question about my specific integration and Bob quickly responded and went above and beyond to help - even releasing a updated version for my needs. Highly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 2
This installed and worked great. Very easy to use. I recommend it to all who need this connectivity.
- Arlene
Reviews: 4
I needed a plug-in that would "talk" to Constant Contact and came across this. I downloaded the previous version and it installed and worked instantly. After going to their forum, I learned they were working on updates that I REALLY wanted to incorporate as soon as possible.

Lucky me, I got to install the working files and help test. The minor problems that I incurred were most likely due to the specialization of my site. But that didn't matter, River Media worked with me on the problems and had them fixed in no time at all.

This plug-in is exactly what my client needed and works flawlessly with CB... and, if for some reason it doesn't work for you, then head to the forum and ask! They will help sort you out in no time at all!

Thank you thank you thank you! You ROCK!
Reviews: 1
I am delighted that I have found precisely what I am looking for in this plugin and it was easy to implement. Can you imagine - it worked just as advertised! Can't wait for the update that the developer described that will allow your site users to choose which lists they want to be on. This is a huge plus for anyone in the sales and marketing field - your prospect will define what they want info about. This makes targeted followup a breeze.