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Notice Board for Community builder ComponentExtension Specific Addon

Notice board is a plugin for Community builder that allows to add a personal message-board for each user (as a bulletin board) (from version 2.0 and the module can be operated without Community Builder).
Notice board allows you to create your own post on your message-board, moreover, going on other members profiles, you can see what they wrote.
Another feature of Notice board is the opportunity to comment on posts of other users and report them if violated site rules.
Notice board simplified editor allows you to insert to your post links, images and video, in addition to simple text.

In the administration part of the plugin you can set how many posts per page you need to see and define if you want to send e-mails to administrator and users each time someone makes a comment or a post on the message-board.
Notice board also has a plugin folder with English and Italian languages installed by default; these can be modified or, in addition, you can even create a new language!
In few words, Notice board can provide all you need when you wish to implement a message -board for your Joomla community!

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Reviews: 1
I came up with a unique idea for my website. I have looked high and low to find something like this. After about a month and many tried extensions both free and paid, I came across Notice Board for Community builder and this is EXACTLY what I needed. I wanted my members to be able to post immediately from the front end and be displayed on the same site. They can even upload pictures as well. The best part is that it even automatically emails members to say hey someone posted on it. Which was another hurdle I was trying to overcome. So this program nailed everything I needed. Its still new from what I can tell so I am positive it will only get better. The only small things that I noticed which still work though is when you upload a picture on a mobile device you have to turn your phone to be able to see the upload button. Another tweak that would be really cool is if we could customize the email sent out or at least have it contain a link to the Notice Board. Like I said not big complaints.

If you are looking for anything like this I suggest, NO, I urge you to try this extension.

~Lee Otts
Reviews: 19
Amazing extension, and beyond fantastic support!!
Get this, and donate, you won't regret it.
Reviews: 1
This extension seemed perfect to help spice up our large site's somewhat minimal use of Community Builder (we don't want to take too much focus away from our forum boards).

Unfortunately, instqalling it revealed a minor jquery conflict that broke another extension. I contacted Iacopo (the developer), explained what had happened and within 24 hours, he re-wrote the extension to remove the possibility of this conflict for anyone who uses it.

His dedicated approach to both this extension & to the true "customer service" he provides is outstanding!

Thanks you, Iacopo, for everything.
Reviews: 8
This is an interesting piece of software that already gives functionality to: a shared noticeboard that allows all users to post updates to - like facebook; a mini-blog system including Comments; and a communication system that allows one user to easily talk to another.
The developer is open to suggestions as to what the functionality could/could be and helped me considerably, in a very timely way, to tailor the functionality to suit my requirements.
A previous poster pointed out that the product is still being developed and I look forward to future versions which I'm sure will be as innovative as this one is.
Reviews: 22
Well, after trying the first initial release of this extension for Community Builder I came to like it very quickly. I required a feature(s) to be added, the maintainer was very quick to respond and helpful to accommodate my request in the time they said it would be done. Not only is this extension free to us all, but the author is on the ball.

PROS: Works well, is being updated and features are being added to it progressively. Author support - 2 thumbs up.

CONS: It's not complete and I can't beta the next version until it is released! lol

At any rate thank you for this nice extension and I encourage others to try it if you're looking for some sort of 'Wall' or Notice Board for Community Builder.
Reviews: 6
It is like the facebook status box, you can make a statement, add a video and/or add an image. Excellent Plugin for Community Builder.
Reviews: 7
Well while I was looking for a free plugin for Community Builder and this is very functional with ability to edit the CSS according to our needs as well as the language. Congratulations to the author of this project that surely will grow and improve over time.

I have joomla 2.5.6 and testaeado with Community Builder v 1.8.1
Reviews: 5
This is a wonderful extension and is a must for any site using community builder. Easy to install and very easy to use. At first I had a problem with it displaying in IE8 but after a couple of emails to the developer it was all sorted out within a few hours. Excellent work... Thanks!
Reviews: 16
I've looked and looked, googled and googled, for a FREE extension to make my CB 1.8 more social, with a wall-like (notice board) feature. This is it. Had a small css conflict with my free ftj template and send an email before I went to sleep (african time-nairobi) woke up to a detail response that solve it simple! Sent the author suggestions that I think could make it even better/Excellent/5 star!