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CB Facebook Connect Extension Specific Addon

This CB Team released authentication plugin integrates nicely with the CB Login module permitting Facebook users to sign-in and/or register on your CB 1.8+ powered website using their Facebook credentials.

The plugin has many parameter settings and comes with a nice detailed 20 page pdf guide.

Current functionality includes:

+ one click sign-in
+ linking/unlinking existing website accounts to Facebook account
+ synchronizing facebook avatar with CB profile image

The plugin is available to all Advanced and Professional membership subscribers and it includes detailed documentation.

With CB 1.7 it will work on Joomla 1.7 sites.

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Reviews: 3
I found this to be an excellent application which allows you to login with your facebook account to your customized website. One little point of critique though, facebook is quite obviously investing in canvas as opposed to connect applications, so it would be good to have a plugin that also operates with canvas applications.