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CB Captcha Extension Specific Addon

This Community Builder plugin produces a captcha image and a security field along with verification logic. This security feature can be included (via plugin parameter settings) in one or more of the following CB processes: registration process, forgotten password process and email user process. A number of parameter settings are available to customize the captcha image. A must have plugin to protect against spambots!

Requirements: CB 1.4 or better; PHP 4/5 with GD and FreeType libraries

Note: This package along with 14 other CB Team released addons is offered as part of the Advanced and Professional membership subscription packages.

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Reviews: 2
Looks great, installed flawlessly -- no spam registrations since I installed it. Used to get 5-6/day!

Thanks Nick and Beat -- a great little Valentine's day gift!
Owner's reply

You are welcome!
Thank you for helping out on the Joomlapolis forums!!!

Reviews: 3
Better late than never but we have a captcha option on the registration. It works both in Joomla 1.0.11 and 1.0.12 very well with 1.0.2. Note it does not work with earlier versions of CB but that is logical and no objection. Any person should update anyhow to 1.0.2.

pro: works in register & password & email
con: no refresh button/ no disability (announced next release)

still missing: Captcha on login module

with refresh and module captcha i would rate good. Add than disability you get excellent.

one hurdle taken though!

Owner's reply

Captcha on login module?
I think this would be an overkill and not user friendly. Even without the refresh feature (which would require AJAX and thus be unfriendly for accessibility) if you fail to get the security code the first time, then the application form is presented again with a new code and all (but the password) fields are kept intact.

Reviews: 1
Worked right out of the box.. just what I wanted something that would add an extra security feature in registrations.

Thanks Guys
Reviews: 4

I have tried it out and installed the plugin
on several sites. It is an excellent tool to
help battle the bot spam! It works without
issues, just remember to publish it and install
it in your CB plugins manager area.

Thank You!
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