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CB User IP Logger Extension Specific Addon

CB "User IP Logger" plugin enables you to log the users' IP's and show them in the profiles. This is a pure CB plugin - so logging is limited to user visiting any CB profile, just as viewing IP's is limited to viewing profiles.

This CB plugins is ideal for administrators who just need basic security and information about their users. The IP's make it possible to find duplicate users, and to see IP of any registered users who are spamming your site. The longer it runs the more statistics it gathers and the more useful it becomes.

You can choose how often and when the IP's should be logged, and how many IP's should be shown. You can choose if the plugin should be totally hidden and work silently, without the users knowing it, or shown to the users or only admins! This CB plugin can be configured a lot!

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Reviews: 106
Very good support, I got a reply within a few hours. The extension worked very well and has quite a few options for the user. This is a must have for those who want both security and have community builder. Well done!
Reviews: 5
Nice Idea of Ext. but regrettably not a very good documentation ...