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CB Passphrase Plugin

This plugin ads a Passphrase Field to the Community Builder Registration.
After making this module published and defining the passphrase in the Plugin Management Section of Community Builder, only users entering the correct passphrase are able to register. It is intended for closed communities, just mail your targeted group the passphrase you have defined.

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Reviews: 2
Franz rocks
I am a complete newbie and this plugin was just as advertized and so easy to use
Had a brain fart forgetting to look in the CB plugin rather then Joomla plugin to turn it on but Franz got back to me immediately and held my hand the whole way
Thanks !
Reviews: 16
I was running the CB Captcha plugin and it had completely failed. I then discovered this plugin but needed to have the public be able to register without me sending out invites. I just changed the "_UE_PASSPHRASE_Enter_Label" in the cb.passphrase.php file to ask a question and now everything works fine.

Thanks for the great contribution!
Reviews: 1
I know English bad. I am writing by the translator. See how I am I used this plugin. Users do not need to ask the administrator password. Just that they know basic math.
Reviews: 9
Finally a working system to stop spammers in CB. If you havn't been following on the CB boards, their captcha component no longer stops spammers. Not only that - they offer no support. I bought their document subscription, just to get the captcha plugin and IT DID NOT WORK. I installed this plugin and BOOM - no more spammers.... awesome.
Reviews: 15
The site is a small club with a fireboard forum and all new users are moderated in line with child protection. Continual attempts by hackers intent on posting in the forum meant that individual addreses had to be posted into stopforumspam to see if they were regular users or forum spammers to be deleted. This simple program has saved that work as the club passphrase, easily passed around, has to be entered before allowing registration and later moderation. Great job.
Reviews: 2
I've been using it on my site for a while now and its brilliant! My site is private registration and i hate it when i keep getting loads of registration requests. Now i can just set up a code of my choice and give it to my freinds so only they can register. A plugin worth getting!
Reviews: 1
I must admit this extension is great! Even more, as I managed to realize, Passphrase plugin is the only one, who can restrict registration of users and at once reduce the amount of work for administrators. That's cool!

Also thank you, Franz, for a quick help for my noob problem. I would appreciate it if you do not reveal it to public :)))

Good luck with your work!
Reviews: 1
It works great:) And Franz is very helpful.

Thanks for this!!
Reviews: 2
cb catchphrases is just awesome as it is. However, I needed it customized quite a bit to suit my needs..

I wrote an email to Franz, explaining what I needed. He promptly wrote back, and said it was no problem. We agreed to a very modest fee.

Then what happened two days later?? I just got the most awesome cb plugin you could ever ask for. It does exactly the things I wanted it to do, but with a lot of room to expand on my needs later on, should the need arise.

There was only little additional work to be done in the SQL database, but since I am not to good with SQL databases, I asked for some help. Franz sent back a email, not only with easy and exact instructions, but also with the needed sql codes for me to copy and paste!!

So a great plugin just became greater. Great service, great support. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 7
Wow - this worked great. A terrific way to limit user registration to only those who first receive a passphrase.
This makes user management so much easier.
Installed on a 1&1 linux business shared host with Joomla 1.57 and CB 1.2RC3 . Thank You Franz!
Owner's reply

Hi Roger,
thanks a lot for your review.
Just realized you have posted a Redirect Fail Plugin.
Guess I will test it one of the next days.

Reviews: 16
Thanks for making my initial idea come to reality. I'm glad you finished what I only started.
Owner's reply

Wonder what your initial idea was?
Mine is to include a user access-right management into the plugin, thus depending on the entered passphrase different access-levels are granted.

Reviews: 3
You need to market this as a sophisticated spam trap for community builder. I changed the field info text in the php file to ask a simple question with the passphrase being the answer. An excellent plugin. Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for your reply!
I guess you got my intention.
Just use that plugin in the way you like it.