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Geommunity Geocoder for CB PluginExtension Specific Addon

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Provides geocode lookup for users addresses. This uses the Google geocode API and if not successfull , the Yahoo geocode API. This plugin updates user latitude and longitude coordinates from User address to be used with or without the Geommunity map module (from showing every user on the same map. Fill in these fields with your CB user address fields. Fields are not mandatory but the more are filled in, the more accurate the result. In this latest version, a profile map has been added with profile owner Geo QRcode map custom styling and max and min zoom settings among many other options. This plugin's main goal is to translate the user address into coordinates but it also displays the location. If you want a even more complete profile map with friends locations, polylines, routes and directions, consider using the Geommunity Locator with this Geommunity Geocoder.

CB2.0+ Ready

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Reviews: 14
I have a Community Builder based website, and this plugin simply "Reads" the user address from their CB address fields, and sets it AUTOMATICALLY on the map on the Module...

No need for the user to LOOK FOR HIS ADDRESS on the map.

Simple and cool!
Reviews: 3
This plugin is a great addition to any site using Community Builder. Easy to install, easy to use and works every time. I use it with the Google Maps plugin to create a member map.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Yes you are right. The best way to create a member map is to use the Geommunity module map, it even works for Groupjive groups!