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CB plug MyPlayer PluginExtension Specific Addon

This CB plugin integrates a great flash mp3 player on user profiles. Each member can manage, and edit his own playlist, uploading mp3 files or linkin distant ones or streams and removing them. Members can also fully customize the player such as any color (background, playlist, buttons, controls, slides, over, etc....) but also size, loop, autoplay, shuffle, volume etc... The upload form can guess ID3 tags or user can use their own title or artist name.


1. Podcast rss xml file updated for each member each time his playlist is updated
2. Popup window to keep on listening while browsing the site
3. Embed feature allowing visitors to add members players to their site or myspace etc...
4. Notifications to shoutbox and service to announce new playlist entries on users social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace etc...

Finally, administrator users can browse every members playlists in front end and remove inapropriate files...

This plugin uses mootools slide, fade and accordion effects.

Changelog v1.3:
Added: User privilege option,
Google Adsense support on profile player and on Popup,
player customization now optional:
colorpicker on every browser except IE
now manual color entry live updates the color sample,
Podcast feed now fully w3c validate

A must have for any Community Builder driven site (the Jomsocial version is also available)!

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Reviews: 14
I use this mp3 cb tab for a Community Builder MUSICIANS website, so I have a lot of MP3's on my website, for each and every user...

The installation is easy and I even translated it to Hebrew (RTL, utf-8) without problems.

The "Accordion" style of the player helps my users to manage their files easily.

The Support I got from the developer was immediate and he help me solve a problem caused by a DIFFERENT extension...

A 5 stars and worth every penny.

Reviews: 1
Purchased the plugin for CB. Installed it under the CB Plugins page. Everythning installed but when trying to add a song it would not upload. Tried repeatedly to get a song to post to the test profile page. No luck.

I then went to the software site's support page and browsed through the forum for this software. It was mentioned to read the installation instructions, but none were included, and another user pointed out this fact. Yet the author still did not post a link to the instructions, nor did he post them on the forum, or a link to them. It was mentioned to set the root permissions of the site to 777 until the first song was uploaded. Doing this caused my site to crash. Was able to restore the No luck. I also tried responding to the email address that came back to me from my contact form reply that I had sent to my address when I submitted my issue. This email came back unaccepted.

So its either wait it out for an answer to the issue or my request for a refund. Thus the reason I scored low for this software, as installation and instructions fail it.
Owner's reply

Hello, I feel sorry for your disappointment, but what you say is not exact, the installation instructions are included in the Jomsocial package, CB's do not need it but to avoid disappointment like your's , I'll add one. Also in the forum, the instruction post you might have missed is a sticky post and has over 1300 views. Feel free if you still need /want some help.

Reviews: 18
It's really cool
I haven't published my site yet but im sure they will love this, im gone nuts adding plugins to cb as you do, this is the first mod i've paid for.

Thanks great job
Reviews: 9
Very good for the price. Seamless installation. Very easy to use, and well worth the 15 US dollars.

Fifteen bucks is not a lot to spend to experiment, but there really ought to be a demo of it on their site, not just screen captures, so we can actually SEE it in action before we buy it.

Also, I would have paid significantly more, if only the following features were included:

1: Better back end control over default settings. Autoplay default is a real pain to a lot of users. Looping automatically on is also not desirable for users with only one song. Admin should have the ability to shut these off for all users by default.

2: Only one play list. Would like to see ability to use multiple lists (e.g. for artists with albums).

3: Really need the ability to change where and how it appears in profiles on CB. Would be nice if it could show up in a tab even.

4: Put the user's controls in a hidden slide panel. It's a pain that all lower CB tabs are forced way down the page. Some sites use a lot of tabs so all can't be put on top.

Overall this is a very good plugin, but I have to be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to use it yet.

I do think it deserves the three stars I gave it.

For my purposes, it is average, and doesn't quite cut the mustard.

On the bright side, it looks to me like they are headed in the right direction!
Owner's reply

Hi, Thank you for your review, let me clarify things you maybe missed.
1. We have a demo, actually 2 on profiles and on for CB and Jomsocial profiles
2. we 're thinking about adding multiple playlists
3. As most CB plugins, you can publish it in evrey tab position available in CB profile page, tabbed or not, on top, middle or bottom of the page etc...
4. Users like it in the accordion, parameters are available fast and it has so many of them that having them in the backend user edition would be a pain (especially color parameters etc...)
Have fun and feel free to use our support forum if you need points to be clarified

Reviews: 5
I've used this plugin for months, it has been a very nice experience with all the features and fast support through the forum.

Very simple to install and use, the player can be customized, it has many other options like autoplay, shuffle, etc. It can also send announcements to social networks and to a shoutbox each time a user uploads a file, very nice feature! I use it in my site were musicians upload their demos, so a shoutbox announces each time a new demo is posted, and this announcement goes to their Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It also supports both file upload and http links to remote mp3s. Upload/link limits can also be set or modified at the backend.

Highly recommended!!
Reviews: 1
Very neat little player that has plenty of options. Very useful for anyone using CB and needing Podcast, audio player and user upload ability. Also support is great. Big ups to ya!
Reviews: 1
Really easy to install and use. Perfect basic mp3 player. If you want to add a player for your site, then i would choose this one. No problems with it at all. Thanks alot for your good work. Deffinatly worth 11 euros!!!
Reviews: 1
This player is very easy to install and use, and for the price you even get an excellent support.

I wanted to optimize this player for the particular structure of my webpage, and I received a dedicated support which helped me solve everything in a matter of hours!

Congrats for the wonderful product and thanks for the support!
Reviews: 1
I had been searching desperately for a mp3 player for cb as i have a whole community of music makers. This plugin installed pretty easy and so far so good. I even purchased their twitter plugin as well. Tracks upload quick and easy and when they delete they actually delete with no problem whatsoever! I'll be announcing it to our community tomorrow and feel confident that they will enjoy the player as much as I do!!! Now I'm hoping to convince the developer to do some custom development for additional features that would really put this player OVER THE TOP! But until then, if you need a player...this is definitely your best bet!
Reviews: 4
It costs 11 euros... It is worth of it...
Really simple and with a lot of options...

I disabled download feature, so all my 6000 users can just set links to their mp3... :-)