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CB Soundcloud PluginExtension Specific Addon

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This Community Builder only shows if user edits profile and adds his Souncloud username. If so it will show user's latest Soundcloud tracks, comments and description in a CB profile tab.

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Reviews: 2
Loved the idea, installed fine but it failed.

I'm sure it worked on older versions but doesn't work anymore. I know it's using HTML5 but it still doesn't pull through the user playlists from SoundCloud.

They say ask their support before posting a review, which I did, but go no response. Removed the plugin today. :(
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. As you can see on the demo page that uses tha latest CB version, this plugin works fine as it should. Ask for support if you have troubles making it work.

Reviews: 22
Although the plugin 'works', it does lack functionality in certain respects that it does not seem to grab published information on SoundCloud anymore. Perhaps they changed some things, but it's just not working properly.

PROS: great idea for sharing your SoundCloud info.

CONS: it doesn't work fully anymore.
Owner's reply

Hello and thank you for your review. As you can see on the demo page, the plugin now loads the HTML5 Soundcloud player. It has the same functionalities as it always had and works the same. If it doesn't work on your side it could be because of a server restriction. To make sure you don't miss anything before leaving a not so positive review, we encourage you to ask in our support forum.

Reviews: 2
I have been working on a website for my musical pop choir and have been looking around for additional CB plugins when I stumbled upon this SoundCloud plugin.

I installed it and it works like a charm!
Reviews: 18
Very nice man very nice.
Once you add your soundcloud username a nice tab
appears in the menu on your proofile.