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CB Player Extension Specific Addon

This is a Player plugin used to show User audio and video playlist, each members can have his personal playlist.
The flashplayer is based on JW Player 6.2 who was created by
JoomlaRuleZ is an official Reseller of JW.
We propose solution for Commercial website (License and unbranded Player) and Uncommercial website (No License and Branded Player)!.

User Tab Parameters :

* RSS Playlist (RSS - Media, SMIL, Youtube SD - HD)
* Support Video/Audio Files (FLV, MP3, MP4, WEBM, AAC, OGG)

Admin Tab Parameters :

* Global : Display or Not Link to Adobe Flash Installer
* Layout : Listbar (Playlist) Position (None, Bottom, Right).
* Layout : Size Of the Listbar (Playlist) Configurable.
* Layout : Height of the player Configurable.
* Layout : Width of the player Configurable.
* Behaviour : Auto Start (Choose Automatically start the player on load).
* Behaviour : Mute.
* Behaviour : Repeat.
* Behaviour : Controls. Whether to display the video controls (controlbar, icons and dock).
* Behaviour : Stretching (Defines how to resize images in the display)

Doc :

* PDF Documentation of 41 pages.

Changelog 3.0.0 :
+ Add Joomla 3.0 support.
+ Add CB 1.9 support.
+ Add JW Flash Player 6.2.3115.
+ Add jwplayer.js 6.2.3115.
+ Add jwplayer.html5.js 6.2.3115.
+ All common files (as swf, js, png, jpg, css, zip, xml...) are moving in /media/jwadvanced, this for sharing media ressources.
+ Load embedder as framework.
+ Add listbar.position and listbar.size flashvars for jw 6.x.
+ Add controls flashvar for jw 6.x.

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Reviews: 1
I'm pretty new in the joomla world. I needed a good player within CB. The CB player from longtail just offered this possibility. As far as I figured out it playes on each browser without further problems. There is a good documentation and if you still struggle as I did there is a great and very quick support.
Thank for your great work and support keep on going.
Reviews: 13
unfortunately does not work in their free version is not fulfilled promises and could not be used to encourage me to buy so that my punctuation is a 1
Reviews: 1
We added this to our Joomla 1.5-CB 1.2 site, and are VERY pleased! Not only does it allow for our community to share thier own video playlists from external sites (Which saves us server space and bandwidth) and is nicely configurable, but also the Authors' website was quick with response, and thorough as well. (He made a FAQ complete with screenshots in answer to our question). Color-Skinable, Full-Screen works well, Volume-Preset, etcetera make for some nice configurables.

Though a seeming newborn extension for CB 1.2, it's well worth the install and has a potential. We recommend it to other Joomla 1.5/CB 1.2 admins quite highly!