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CB Gallery ModuleExtension Specific Addon

This Community Builder Plugin enables CB powered Joomla website administrators to provide their members with a Gallery tab in their CB Profiles. There is no need for integration with other well-known gallery systems (Gallery2, RSGallery, Zoom, etc) because the actual plugin provides self-contained compact-rudimentary gallery functionality. Of course one should not expect or even attempt to compare the features offered by this code with a full-blown gallery. The entire project was meant to provide CB sites with a quick and effecient way to add limited gallery functionality to CB profiles.

Key functionality-features include:

+ Automatic thumbnail generation and image resizing
+ Rudementary item moderation (by CB moderators via frontend profile visits)
+ Item title and description fields
+ Configurable allowable item extensions (e.g., bmp,jpg,pdf,doc,zip, etc)
+ Email notification to CB Moderators
+ Quota system adjustable to end user level
+ lightbox slideshow
+ Language files (see Joomlapolis for extra language support)
+ Module with a ton of parameters (static, scroller, random, etc)
+ Edit title and description of already submitted item

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Reviews: 1
Very good component for Community builder Gallery
Reviews: 13
Does exactly as it says, it is simple, easy to implement and effective
Reviews: 2
I have the newest version of Community builder and this plugin simply doesn't work. It returns "Direct Access to this location is not allowed." after installing. It appears in the CB plugins list, but displays "quoted" above again when the plugin title is clicked.
Owner's reply

What exactly is the version number you have?
Sorry, the newest version just doesn't say much.

The latest version available is 1.2 RC2 (as stated in the extension description above).

This 1.2 RC2 version is Joomla 1.5 native (no need for legacy enabled).

Reviews: 4
Very simple if you want members adding pictures. But I'm afraid whe I see there is no updrage since may 2006.
Reviews: 1
this is not the version that is supported by cb 1.2.1. is there any version or is going to be that it is supported?
Reviews: 5
If you need a gallery for your users that is just stupid-dumb-easy to use, THIS IS IT! No fuss, no muss, and users have no problems using it. There's no crap-tacualr polls, ratings, comments, etc. just a gallery, that's it. PERFECT!

And super-easy to control from the admin! Perfect for any site that has noob-users, or that have a user base that does not need all those extras found in 99% of other galleries.

Did I mention it was easy? :)
Reviews: 4
I'm using this plugin and it's module on a portfolio site, and it works fantastic! Looking forward to the next update for J1.5 . Being able to comment on each individual photo would be the icing on the cake and I'll shout the Nant's name from the mountain tops...
Reviews: 6
I am using this component as a small feature I give to my users. Really helpful in my case as I run a community site. Although Gallery 2 from Menalto is installed, I decide to keep CB gallery. Just a small add on would be great, remove tis pop up window and add a lightbox instead.

Check a live example here:

Click on the user photo and you've got it...

Owner's reply

Lightbox is available - check the parameters!

Reviews: 2
I was looking for a nice field manager for curriculum vitae on CB profile. I already know CB Gallery Plugin, but i don't really understand how magic it is :)

Thanks you much Nant !!!
Reviews: 3
Its one of the best plug in Im using on my site, it would be perfect if people can add albums, voting and comments

But anyway, excellent plug in!!
Reviews: 4
If you are like me and tremble at the thought of hacking files and dealing with bridges, this is your solution. The only thing that it lacks is the ability to comment on the gallery items. However, if you install profile book, it compensates well as a commenting system in the user's profile.
Reviews: 3
This plugin was easy to install and to configure (once you read the docs for a bit, and realize all the good stuff is in the tab). Combined with the Gallery module, this is an excellent way to allow users to show off their images to the rest of the community. Some of the parameters are a bit odd (like the comma-delimited HTML rendering parms) but easy enough to test via trial and error or by reading the author's forum.

Well done!
Reviews: 1
A great plugin, installed faultlessly, if only all plugins were built this way :-)
Reviews: 1
Wow it does what it is supposed to with a simple install. Make sure you download both the plugin and the mod.

The conveyer scrolling is awesome.

It would really be great if it could get pictures from "marketplace" and you could click on a picture and have it take you to the "marketplace" or a similar classified plugin so you could see the item and buy it. Maybe that is another item.

Great job on a stable plugin that works!

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is awsome! It's the best plugin for CB! Thank you very much for your effort!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what it says, a gallery for your users cb profile.
Installation went without a hitch, good usability features, such as set maximum size for all uploads and/or max number of files that can be uploaded. Users can have the ability to set some viewing parameters such as public/registered etc, and admin can control the whole shooting match. Not only that, but it supports many file types other than images, so documents etc can be uploaded.

Highly recommended for any CB user!!!
Reviews: 1
Just the bast solution IMHO for community builder gallery. You can let the users upload not only pics, but any other files (doc, zip...). I'm perosonally wait for for next step (in progress now) - pleyer for mp3 files. It will great for musicians communitys. Thanks for the good job.
Reviews: 1
Now this is how all CB plugins should be! Easy install and works great. I love this plugin. Totally dig the lightbox display view. Excellent job Nick!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the coolest extensions I've found yet for CB! Very powerful, very customizable! The new lightbox feature rocks my socks off! I'm very impressed at the ease of use and the power of this small extension. No problems at all in using it! Kudos to the designers!
Reviews: 5
This is the most useful cb plugin so far! It is really really simple to install and setup and requires nothing from the user but two clicks and their images/files are in the profile gallery. That one also my granny will be able to use! really great work Nick!

Still, looking forward to some modifications ;) The forge is full of feature requests for the next version. It will be worth ckecking regularly as Nick's baby is probably going to grow up fast!
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