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CB Gallery ModuleExtension Specific Addon

This Community Builder Plugin enables CB powered Joomla website administrators to provide their members with a Gallery tab in their CB Profiles. There is no need for integration with other well-known gallery systems (Gallery2, RSGallery, Zoom, etc) because the actual plugin provides self-contained compact-rudimentary gallery functionality. Of course one should not expect or even attempt to compare the features offered by this code with a full-blown gallery. The entire project was meant to provide CB sites with a quick and effecient way to add limited gallery functionality to CB profiles.

Key functionality-features include:

+ Automatic thumbnail generation and image resizing
+ Rudementary item moderation (by CB moderators via frontend profile visits)
+ Item title and description fields
+ Configurable allowable item extensions (e.g., bmp,jpg,pdf,doc,zip, etc)
+ Email notification to CB Moderators
+ Quota system adjustable to end user level
+ lightbox slideshow
+ Language files (see Joomlapolis for extra language support)
+ Module with a ton of parameters (static, scroller, random, etc)
+ Edit title and description of already submitted item

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Reviews: 1
Perfect compliment to the CB engine. Easy install via the CB plugin enviroment.

Great plugin and can't wait to see future (nothing to extreme) development.
Reviews: 4
This one integrates into Community Builder more clumsy gallery hacks and weird interfaces. Great work nick!
Reviews: 5
Great job for your 1st plugin, but missing one thing, a module to show random images or most recent uploads from the galleries so that peoples profiles can get hit easier, based on thier photo gallery.
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