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MySQL Field for CB Extension Specific Addon

The MySQL field type plugin adds a "MySQL Field" to the available list of CB fields. It does not actually add a new field to the database and cannot be edited by the user. It simply queries the database and displays the result of a MySQL statement. Another Community Builder field can be defined for saving the result of the query if required.

You can choose whether the query will return a single result or multiple and define up to 5 parts of the MySQL query including the SELECT, the FROM, the WHERE, the ORDER BY and the LIMIT clause. You can use {USERID} and {VIEWERID} in the MySQL statement which get substituted for the user’s ID and viewer’s ID of the currently viewed profile. You can restrict the query to only execute for the user and/or viewer as well as add a prefix, delimiter and suffix to the output. You can also choose to use CB field substitutions of the user or viewer with the field name in square brackets like [id] and [cb_fieldname].

Installation Instructions

- Install the plugin through the CB Plugin Management page
- Publish the plugin on the CB Plugin Management page
- Add a new “MySQL Field” type from the CB Field Management page
- Define a MySQL query and set the other parameters as desired

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Reviews: 2
Being familiar with MySQL helps a lot. You can have fields of absolutely anything you want. Great plug-in!
Reviews: 2
Excellent plugin for CB that was much needed and does exactly what it says! No issues for the installation (I use J1.7 and CB 1.7). You'll need to be familiar with MySQL to get it to do what you want, but this is a very good feature for CB.

I knew nothing about MySQL, but the Softforge team was very responsive and answered my queries ver quickly in both Joomlapolis forums and by email.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
A flexible tool to display statistical data in user profiles.

The builder-style form to retreive data from database is a very good idea.

I found it quite easy to use provided that you have some knowledge of MySQL and Joomla! database model.

Thanks for a good extension!
Reviews: 1
It's a great plugin and gives access to a lot although it took me some time getting it to work. The comments on the support site helped me allot.
The instructions on the documentation site could use some extra notes and examples to help getting started. #___comprofiler must be edited to you're own db prefix usually jos_comprofiler or jos_users and without the #
I am still figuring out how to get it to show multiple results. All these are positive comments on a great plugin offcourse.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best addon for Community Builder. It really opens up the component to add whatever you need whenever you need it! Anything SQL can be crafted into a field. You've helped me make a good site simply amazing and a few of my clients are ecstatic. Bloody brilliant, thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
It seemed to be rather simple and difficult to understand extension for Community Builder but it actually came out as one of the best extensions for our website!
Simple means that it displays any value from a CB database which is actually great! The additional customization (code) makes it a real jewel! In our case we needed to read out a number of bird species saved in the database - the extension allowed to access the database, count the number of species by using the customizable code processing the database query and retrieving and displaying the wanted number!
The new version of the plugin that Joe has written swiftly on demand is even able to save the value into the database so this value can then be used in other CB plugins as an entry value.
Together with the other Joe´s extension for CB (CB Rank Field Plugin) this has made our website work the way we needed.
I have got great support and response from Joe even though the extension is for free!
This must be the extension for those who need to customize their CB website more than the default package allows!