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s4j Profile Status Indicator Module

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s4j Profile Status Indicator is a module that displays the profile update percentage from the Community Builder users. This will allow you to keep the required registration fields to a minimal. After login, users can see the percentage of the profile completeness. Profile Status Indicator automatically looks at how many fields there are created in your CB builder database and shows with a progress bar how much of the profile update has been completed. A link "Update" below the progress bar will take the user directly to their profile which allows them conveniently to update the missing fields.

-Module layout
- Property settings
- Number of birthdays option
- Optimized for best performance
- Possibility to integrate cb fields gender, age and birthday
- Show/hide options for, -gender, -age, birthday, -online status
- PMS support for all joomla PMS
- Max. / min. age to hide
- Avatar: show/hide and size options
- Number of users to be displayed
- Number of columns to be displayed
- Customizable name format

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Reviews: 8
Not bad for what it does however it shows a profile as complete even when the user has not set an avatar which to me is a fundamental error in the functionality. I also wanted to use some of my CB fields (namely a DOB) and it does not pick this up. I have looked for documentation but find none (even the product description for this is actually the description of another product!) and have posted two question on their message boards yet four days later no one has put any answer. (I also wondered why my version of the status bar looks quite basic compared to the one on their demo site!)

A shame as there only seems to be two products now that allow give CB status on j2.5 sites, and the other one did not work for me (and I see on their message board other say the same) so this one tempts you in that at least it partly works, shame just not properly!
Reviews: 10
This module is very useful because it encourages users to fill out their profiles.

We run a makeshift contest that tells users that if they get their profile to 100% completeness they get a discount code or some other special offer.

then the module will just disappear on its own after all the fields are satisfied.

Once a user fills out out all of their data we capture it for our main company database and use it to update all of their listings in our magazines, and other databases.

The module can be configured to show only on the profile edit page for privacy and can include almost every CB field that you want a user to fill out.

You can even customize the color and bar increment size to match your site.