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s4j Random Profiles Module

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s4j Random Profile is a module that randomly displays the profile of a member from your Community Builder database. This invites users to visit different other members profiles.


- Module layout
- Tooltip
- Property settings
- Number of birthdays option
- Optimized for best performance
- Possibility to integrate cb fields gender, age and birthday
- Show/hide options for, -gender, -age, birthday, -online status
- PMS support for all joomla PMS
- Max. / min. age to hide
- Avatar: show/hide and size options
- Number of users to be displayed
- Number of columns to be displayed
- Customizable name format

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Reviews: 3
Easy to edit the layout of the module because you have options for this in the module.

The best feature is you can filter what users to show, you can select to only show community builder profiles that have a profile image. of filter them by cb fields including ones you have added.

Fast and reliable support.
Reviews: 10
This and the other s4j addons for Community Builder are great addons.

Random Profile can be configured and set to filter by custom CB fields and lets you display "Featured Users" based on certain fields containing certain values that you determine.

For example: If you are using CBsubs and want to feature the users who pay in a nifty VIP module...then you create a text field that turns from 0 to 1 upon payment completion. (this is done in cbsubs)

Then you set the RandomProfile module to filter all users who's field contains the 1...then it shows only those users.

You can do this for States, Paid users, user categories..almost anything!

You can adjust how the images are displayed, their size as well as any other custom data like username.

It's really quite useful.