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CB For Buddies Only Tabs & Fields PluginExtension Specific Addon

Settability to show / hide Community Builder tabs / fields when profile-visitor is a 'buddy' ( connected member ) !

This Community Builder plugin adds a new, applicable condition ' isBuddy? ' on fields and tabs, which allows to show/hide tabs/fields on the condition, that the profile-viewer is a connected member ( aka 'buddy' ) to that respective profile.

Installation is easy via the CB Plugin Installer, just like every other Community Builder plugin.

Enjoy!... Don't forget to rate it ! ;-)

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Reviews: 5
Easy to install and even easier to use... well done!!!!
Reviews: 4
The plugin seems to do exactly what it was supposed to do, easy to install, easy to understand. Awesome work. Thanks!
Reviews: 15
Took five minutes to set up. (Forgot to turn on the plugin. Forgot to read the simple instructions. Forgot to go to bed at a decent hour.) This is a CB plugin from the CB plugin manager.

I am deeply deeply grateful for this plugin. We have a support site for people with prostate cancer. Therefore, having this option ensures that only the people they choose (their Buddies) get their personal information. It's nice.

Not detracting one bit from the 5-star rating, it would be nice to have this sort of option for the user to decide specifically which fields they want public (well, for registered users only is our default), and which can go with the site default. But that is another topic for another day!
Owner's reply

Thenks, it's really nice and motivating to hear that.

A tip: right what you search can be fout at Joomlapolis'. I'n not 100% sure about the name of he plugin, where useres can set fields and tabs themselves, but i think it's the one called "CB Privacy" ( check here: ):