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Auto Group for Community Builder Extension Specific Addon

Auto Group plugin for Community Builder 1.8 / 1.9 allows to assign a Joomla groups to an user depending on the value of a CB field.
The check on the field value is done when the user register on site for the first time, and everytime the user profile is modified from the frontend or backend.
This allows, as example, to enable multiple user profiles, using Joomla groups as profile type, and CB fields to let users choose their profile type.

Version 1.13:
- Fixed an issue with _getTabFieldsDb instantiation;
- Normalized checkbox values to 1 (checked) and 0 (unchecked).

Version 1.12:
- Removed rule ordering dependency. Now add group has always priority over remove group.

Version 1.11:
- Now first add new groups and then remove unwanted (because an user must have at least one group).

Version 1.10:
- Fixed an issue with multiple group changes.

Version 1.9:
- Fixed event management issue on some user activation type settings.

Version 1.8:
- Fixed Clear ACL feature cleaning the user session only when needed;
- Improved event management adding check on user activation type.

Version 1.7:
- Changed event from onAfterUserRegistration to onUserActive for auto approval issue;
- Improved Clear ACL feature adding the cleaning of user session.

Version 1.6:
- Added support for fields with multiple values.

Version 1.5:
- Now is possible to specify multiple matching values for each rule.

Version 1.4:
- Rules are applied in the specified order, and a group will be added (removed) only if not removed (added) from a previous rule.

Version 1.3:
- Added option to clear ACL cache after any changes.

Version 1.2:
- Fixed cache issue.

Version 1.1:
- Improved performances adding cache support at group lookups;
- Added support for assign multiple groups for each field value;
- Removed dependency from rule ordering with trace of assigned groups.

Version 1.0:
- Initial release.

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Reviews: 16
I rarely buy extensions - But I couldn't find anything similar! I was extremely relieved to see this plugin was just €5.... Without doubt, WELL WORTH THE MONEY, GREAT LITTLE PLUGIN, TOTALLY BUG FREE, Thanks very much to the developer for being such a reasonable guy : )
Reviews: 2
This little plugin does exactly what it says. I had a small issue initially, and the support was just outstanding. Only 5€ is almost too cheap. :)
This is great value for the money.
Reviews: 2
This plugin works exactly as described. I had a slight challenge understanding how to set it up for my purpose but the author was extremely quick to help me through that. Definitely recommend if you are looking for this functionality for your site. Can't beat the price either.
Reviews: 2
I purchased this small extension this morning and I had a problem of installation. I opened a thread on the forum of the developer and in a short time he solved my problem. Now the plug-in works as I hoped.
It's very usefull and its cost, 5€, ridicolous, less than a beer. Thanks to the developer.