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Profile Pro for Community Builder ComponentExtension Specific Addon

With this extension you can:

✔ Customize profile, profile edit and registration pages in Community Builder !visually (using WYSIWYG editor). Get rid of ordinary and boring Community Builder profiles - create beautiful pages with unique design and layout.

✔ Categorize users into profile types: each profile type can have its own profile, profile edit and registration pages with different set of !CB fields and !CB tabs, different design and CB template assigned. You can have unlimited number of Community Builder profile types.

Following features are available on profile, profile edit and registration pages:

★ Insert any PHP/HTML/Javascript code easily.

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) to users with specific access level or usergroup (others will be restricted to view it).

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) conditionally, depending on user's field value. E.g. show "Place of work" and "Job position" fields if user sets "Yes" in "Are you Employed?" select field.

★ Divide a page into several pages.

★ Insert customizable jQuery UI tabs (having several pre-installed themes and options like sortable, collapsible, open on mouseover and remembering last visited tab).

★ Put Joomla! modules, javascript tooltips, modal window links.

★ Use Joomla! content plugins (a great number of plugins for Joomla! articles are now available for CB. E.g. slideshows, maps, comment systems and many more).

Additional features:
- reCAPTCHA for registration.
- Multi-step registration (if you have many fields to fill during registration, you can divide them into several pages, navigating with Previous/Next buttons).
- Compatible with most CB team and 3rd-party CB plugins.

What's New in Version 4.5
Component completely reworked adding many improvements, bug fixes and overall optimization.
Added compatibility with Community Builder 2.0. Tabs and tab positions can now be inserted on profile edit and registration pages.
Profile type edit in backend redesigned. Added new accordion style toolbar replacing Magic Window. Introduced new code insertion and management interface.

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Reviews: 1
This is an excellent product, with excellent support.
Reviews: 2
Excellent Tool for building custom CB Profiles. Support is great.
Reviews: 2
This extension uses the power of joomla and Community Builder and makes the creation of unique profile layouts, custom registration pages and custom profile edit pages easy. You can use your own HTML code in the layouts and simply insert the special magic tags into the places that you want the CB data to display. This is an easy to use and very powerful addition to any Community Builder site by allowing you to make your front end CB pages look the way you want them to. I think it is a fantastic idea and it has been done very well!
Owner's reply

Thank you. We'll keep updating Profile Pro to make it even better.

Reviews: 1
I think CB Profile Pro is an excellent and unique product. With it you can customize registration page, profile page... and decide who can see and don't see items or fields...

Magic Windows is incredible: you can do with it all you want: insert php code, modal windows, etc

Else, if you use Auto Assign Acl with CB Comprofile Pro you'll have acces control and user control (which user is registered in which user group)


PS sorry may poor English, but I'm from Palestine.
Reviews: 3
This is a component that looks promising, unfortunately it does not work with the latest versions. The most damaging is that there is no support, the author's site with eternal problems. So, do not like me, do not buy this component.
Owner's reply

Customer purchased extension thinking that it is compatible with Joomla! 3, though it is clearly stated that it works with Joomla! 1.5/2.5 only.
After that support request from the customer about this issue was answered with 24 hours, a refund was offered.
Still received this negative review.

Reviews: 8
The extension does not work. I get a Collation error when trying to use it after it was installed (with a fresh install of Joomla 2.5.7 and CB 1.8.1).
Repeated emails to the author were ignored as well as multiple forum posts. One post requesting help was actually deleted without explanation.
Documentation is virtually non-existent. Screenshots on author's website are useless as lightbox plugin is broken an only a small portion of the images are displayed. I even tried viewing them on two different PCs, on two networks and 4 different browsers but no luck.
Owner's reply

Customer sent his request by email and submitted several forum topics on the same issue, so duplicating threads have been deleted.
The original request in forum was answered on the next day Also the exact issue had been discussed earlier on forum with a solution given.
The error itself was caused by some incorrect action with a 3rd party extension: customer used Akeeba Admin Tools to set different collation to database tables before installing CB Profile Pro. During CB Profile Pro installation, newly created db tables were assigned to a default db collation, which naturally caused "Illegal mix of collations" error.

Reviews: 2
Overall, the extension is a great extension that provides functionality in creating custom registration forms I couldn't find elsewhere. It is fairly easy to use, but you do need to know basic HTML to create your custom layouts.

I didn't give this five stars due to the initial experience in getting the module. Not only do you have to register, but the registration has required fields asking for address detials and even phone number (required). Then after paying through paypal there was no immediate access to software. I posted messages through the website contact form, in their forum, and on thier twitter page with no response. Then after 3 days, I did get a response and access. Searching the web, it seems that a 3 day delay has also happened to other people. So be aware of this.

I did find the module did what it was supposed to do without any problem. When I ran into an integration issue, I found their support very responsive in solving the issue. But this required giving them access to the my website. I then had to examine the website to see how they did the implementation. (I did subsequently post an explaination of the solution in their forum for others to see if needed.)

The only other thing to be aware of is that for custom registration forms to work, you do need to change a core CB file. They provide the replacement file making this easy, but since a core file is changed, you need to be careful with CB release updates as there is a CB file hack involved for custom registration forms.
Reviews: 2
I got this extension from my webdesigner, and lost contact to him.
Although Jomduck staff did not have to - they sent me update file working with the new Community Builder version.
Not mentioning, that they are very supportive on forum.
I must say, that possibilities of this extensions are amazing and worth buying :).
Good work fellows - keep it like this all the time!
Reviews: 9
This product was the ONLY thing we could use to achieve our desired registration method. We needed to determine which type of user was registering and give multiple options based on this (end user, doctor, clinic etc). Each one needed a different form, for obvious reasons. CB Profile Pro executed this perfectly, and the Joomduck team were with us every step of the way.

>1 year later and we switched the site to forced SSL. I hit a small problem with reCaptcha (no doubt down to Google buying them out and moving the goalposts), but once again the Joomduck admins were on the case in the forum with a very clear and concise solution - within 24hrs!

I thought I was going to be on my own seeking support for something I bought over a year ago. Not the case I'm astounded to say, hence my writing this. Top notch product, works brilliantly, and simply outstanding support. Better than I could have wished for.

Thanks guys! 11/10
Reviews: 10
CB ProfilePro is a very powerful and useful tool for creating CB profile presentations in any layout you can think of.

When I first got it, I was confused by the instructions which are not as intuitive or clear as they could be (and I am not a newbie). HOWEVER, stick with it, read any and all instructions you can find, look over the forums, and send in questions thru the forums. They will be answered.

Once you get it, it will allow you to easily build CB profile presentations in any style and tab/field layout you want.

Well worth the time and money it will cost you.
Reviews: 6
I rearly write a review for an extension but for CB Profile Pro, I do this to say thank you to the developer and also for his supports. Profile Pro not only help me to customise the CB profile and have multi profile but also helped me in setting up a full customisable privacy solution for CB (CB privacy in current format has many issues) which is the most important part of any social networking site. Thanks again to the Profile Pro developer for dedicated support.
Reviews: 8
I have used this extension for a few years now. This extension has given me so much flexibility for the registration page, profile page, and editing area that it is really a "must have" for any Community Builder site. I am pleased to see that the developers continue to work on the project and update the code to correspond with new versions of Community Builder and the support has been fantastic !
Reviews: 16
This does exactly what I expected, ... gives me the drop down / radio field to have end user select profile type .... which the types are the ones I built via the back end.... Didn't even realize this also allows end users to create their own profile type if you enable that in the parameters/configuration of the component and build a menu item link.
This has given me the much needed control over how my cb profiles are presented.
Reviews: 5
For all those CB users who complain CB layouts are dull and boring, there is an answer! It took a while to get my head around how it works, but once I worked it out, it was simplicity itself. If your site has different types of users or you are creating a basic intranet, this your answer. Not sure where to start, install a free template and watch it all take shape. Worth every cent...
Reviews: 6
The ability to offer users customizations to their profile pages via Profile Pro is exceptional.
The client was pleased with the HTML capabilities, multiple tabs and pages and the versatility this product offers.

We had a problem with CB's template, Coolness, in which a div name conflict resulted in a magically vanishing page. The vendor chased down the problem, which probably was not even his problem, and solved it in a timely fashion.

For the $30.00 they charge, this product and level of support are a great value.
Reviews: 4
This extension has brought our site to a whole new level, we are getting a good 30% more participation since changing to Community Builder and Adding this addon, it's worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
It does, what it says. powerful component. works in 5 mins. Good support - got answer in 1 hour.
Reviews: 3
In a nutshell this product is an absolute godsend ! It is an absolute must if you want to use community builder for a website that doesn't look like its from 1999 ! Community builder is an excellent product but the profiles look so out of date, with cb profile pro, you can easily transform your user profiles to look amazing. Its very simple to use yet very powerful and allows for logic to be applied to tabs, content/cb plugins to be placed anywhere, easy wysiwyg editing. Without this product, community builder for me would be unusable... Support is also outstanding, truly second to none - fast response time and always supremely helpful. All in all, a top class outfit and product, with a great value price to match !
Reviews: 1
Excellent, flexible component, providing great control over User registration forms, and profile views and edit capability..... and for the purchase price it is great value.
Reviews: 2
Great and stable plugin.
My questions were answered and keep getting answered quickly on the forums.
Documentation is not great, but if you have some knowledge and common sense, you'll get it running in no time.
It's the only plugin which exists for this purpose, so it's not like you have much of a choice.
Super flexible! Good work.
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