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Profile Pro for Community Builder ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

With this extension you can:

✔ Customize profile, profile edit and registration pages in Community Builder !visually (using WYSIWYG editor). Get rid of ordinary and boring Community Builder profiles - create beautiful pages with unique design and layout.

✔ Categorize users into profile types: each profile type can have its own profile, profile edit and registration pages with different set of !CB fields and !CB tabs, different design and CB template assigned. You can have unlimited number of Community Builder profile types.

Following features are available on profile, profile edit and registration pages:

★ Insert any PHP/HTML/Javascript code easily.

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) to users with specific access level or usergroup (others will be restricted to view it).

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) conditionally, depending on user's field value. E.g. show "Place of work" and "Job position" fields if user sets "Yes" in "Are you Employed?" select field.

★ Divide a page into several pages.

★ Insert customizable jQuery UI tabs (having several pre-installed themes and options like sortable, collapsible, open on mouseover and remembering last visited tab).

★ Put Joomla! modules, javascript tooltips, modal window links.

★ Use Joomla! content plugins (a great number of plugins for Joomla! articles are now available for CB. E.g. slideshows, maps, comment systems and many more).

Additional features:
- reCAPTCHA for registration.
- Multi-step registration (if you have many fields to fill during registration, you can divide them into several pages, navigating with Previous/Next buttons).
- Compatible with most CB team and 3rd-party CB plugins.

You won't believe how powerful and easy-to-use at the same time CB Profile Pro is.

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Reviews: 2
This component sounds really good and it looks really good in their Demo site. They were really good and prompt to answer my emails before purchasing the module but after I purchased it they never replied to my emails.
I have not been able to configure the Edit Profile page and there is not documentation on how to do this. Their videos lack that information and they never show you how to do that.
I have sent many emails and have not received a reply. If you don't want to go through a hard time setting this up I will highly suggest looking into other options there are many other out there with better support.
Owner's reply

E-mails were not received from you. Once you've posted your issue in the support forum, reply was given within 3 hours.

Reviews: 36
this component allows to customize the design of user profiles, making your web site more and more beautiful; to use all its power, choose your editor with care
Reviews: 11
I decided to get CB Profile PRO due to the fact that CBProfies don't really have that much flexibility when it comes to not only the profile page but the registration page as well. After purchasing, I had several questions regarding registration pages and integrating them with CBSubs and I have to tell you, all of my questions were answered EVERY TIME and no matter what I needed the programming team was there to help. I'm very excited about what this program can do and will be using it on every single one of my client's community sites moving forward! Thanks Guys...YOU ROCK!
Reviews: 2
CB default profile is so simple and namby. This is what you need to make your users trustful and satisfied that your site is professional. They will be happy with own professional profile page. I should have appreciated Joomduc team .
Reviews: 1
This is a very slick component. It really adds a layer of customization that Community Builder should include and I would love to make it part of every Community Builder site that I build.

Unfortunately, the support is really lacking. Some months ago users identified an issue with one aspect of the extension and Internet Explorer. To my knowledge the problem has yet to be resolved.

Similarly, we were told over two weeks ago that support of the new version of Community Builder was a week away. Still waiting.

What we get are instructions on how to fix the various issues ourselves or we are told to use limited functionality.

I can understand that kind of support for a non-commercial (free) application. But if someone is going to charge for a product they should be able to support that product.

Until such time as this product is supported in a professional manner, or it is released as a non-commercial component, I can't recommend it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your notice. You are right, there were some delays in product development. Though the unsolved issues were not critical and regarded to additional, but not main functionality of the component.
I am glad to announce that recently a new version has been released fixing all known issues and adding even more features.

Reviews: 6
Don't be afraid to try Community Builder Profile Pro, but don't go in expecting it to magically give you the profile you want without addressing some funny quirks as well as requiring some design work and and a bit of HTML.

So here's how it basically works.

install all parts (very simple), create a new profile, and then...

well it is the design that took me the most time, as seems to be the same for many users.

There is a WYSISYG editor and you can create up to 7 pages of profile in each, but only a single registration and profile edit page per profile. For the most part, the process is straight forward, but there are some funny things that will catch you up like the fact that on profile edit pages you can not just insert an entire CB tab, you need to work only with individual CB fields and design your own tab content using the Java script tabs offered; this raises alignment issues with labels and fields unless you use DIV or Tables to make it pretty.

Also, the included js tabs feature as currently designed is not compatible with IE8. The rounded corners of the tabs create a bunch of Internet Explorer pop-up errors. There are a few simple workarounds like removing curycorners from the js library or removing the corners data from the css file.

In the end, this product basically does what it says and I did recieve a quick response to my forum post on their site to address issues raised.

However, here is a quote from the developer in the thread regarding the IE issue:

"This javascript tabs feature is not main purpose of CB Profile Pro, that is rather an additional feature. Also this bug is a IE bug, but not a CB Profile Pro reason (in all other browsers there is no such a problem). Thus this bug is not critical and it will be fixed in usual order with the next release.
The ETA is not exact and be delayed."

Ok, fine, but I think everyone should be aware that this is not perfect out of the box and to just point the finger at IE is pretty disheartening. Everyone knows it is a problematic browser, but for a commercial extension developer to say: not my problem, even though I offer a feature, because it is not the primary feature, it is not important to address something that affects a huge base of most sites users.

Ok, that's what I have to say, so go in with your eyes open because the necessary design work for great profiles is definitely a time eater and it does not work out of the box in IE.

Currently costs 19.90 Euros.
Reviews: 2
I just love this component, there seems to be quite a bit of negative feedback from other reviews and the users probably had good cause, my experience is only positive.

The component is easy to use and lets you place cb fields tabs and menus all over the place, the support has been good up to now and i'm sure if they can help they will. The answers they give are short but to the point.

There is a starter tutorial to get the ball rolling which is great but there could be more documentation to help make the custom profile look and feel how the user imagined.

Thanks for a great component
Reviews: 9
I'd give this extension 7 stars if I could. It allows you to create really nice-looking profiles and profile edit pages with EASE. Each new version comes with huge advancements. YOU MUST GET THIS EXTENSION IF YOU USE COMMUNITY BUILDER!!! Awesome.
Reviews: 5
Looks like a neat little extension.

Would this tool allow me to show/hide a text area on a tab based on a value selected on a selection list field on the same tab? Would the user be able to edit this shown text area as well?
Reviews: 3
OK here's the deal. I'm giving Profile Pro 5 stars even though everything isn't perfect... yet. The reason is it's letting me create profiles that would otherwise be impossible. If you want/need to do things that CB just can't do - You Can do them with Profile Pro. If you're good at CSS and have some programming skills, Profile Pro will allow you to create amazing things. Just keep in mind that with great power and flexibility comes the ability to break things in new and exciting ways. Personally I LOVE this extension!!! It makes the impossible relatively easy.
Reviews: 3
Joomduck developers made a little miracle.
Crisicisms are largely unjustified: once you follow the tutorials, the new version works fine!
Profie Pro helps you making the best of the CB profiles (that otherwise are quite poorly customizable). It is definitely worth the price ($20).
The only limit is that it is meant to fill a gap which is too big for a single component: it should be part of the CB project development!!
Well done!
Reviews: 4
I bought this over 2 months ago and i still havent gotten it work properly. it installed fine. I followed all the instructions and watched the video like 20 times. Easy they say lol i posted my issues in the forum they have and i never got a reply go see for yourself i am maddp the last post. Now they have a update but i cant download it unless i pay for it because my account doesnt show that i bought the software even though i have a copy of the invoice where i paid. to be honest i feel as if i got ripped off. And I think Joomla should pull this extension until they get these issues fixed that buyers are all talking about now. I rate it fair because it did load and could be great if fixed
Reviews: 2
This is the first time I have ever taken the time to review a joomla extension here...and I have been thru plenty!

I just wanted to thank you for creating an awesome product...providing excellent support and instruction...You are a great programmer and I appreciate your contribution to helping me build a great site!

Reviews: 4
Very good product and very good support, i give it as excellent 5 star,
but if they give some more templates with it then it would too good.
A Must component for Community Builder.
Thanks for such a good product with little price.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension, very powerful, a real must for me, and im sure eventually it will be the same for others. Support are helpful and speedy, hopefully more updates will follow !!! Keep up the good work !
Reviews: 5
This extension was almost abandoned after release 1.1 However developer relased version 2.0 (upgrade to 2.01) some weeks ago. Yes support have been somehow poor.

The extension itself is among the best for CB if you want to customize your site. To use it you must read carefully and understand Joomla and CB. The developer have prepared video tutorials to help the understanding of the extension.

Keep the good job and maybe better support at the forum will help.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very poorly developed and has absolutely no support from the developers.
From 1.0 - 2.0 there has been very faulty coding and support.

I have been using Joomla! for years and consider myself a very experienced user/developer.
After much frustration and confusion I still have a non working extension, and still getting errors,
even after what was suggested by a NEW user.
Reviews: 1
If you own CB and want to change the look and the field of CB default profile this extension does the job quite well. However, the developer is less than honest about continuing development and doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with misleading paying customers about release dates/times and availability. It's too bad because the product is really solid but after several months of deceptive practices...the best advice I can give you is to save yourself the frustration and find a supported add-on for CB
Owner's reply

There was a period when the project was frozen for some reasons. Glad to inform you that now it is resumed: we continue the development of the extension (the new version was released) and provide support for users as it was earlier.

Reviews: 3
It simply doesn't work. Bad feeling from the beginning when you buy the module: immediate payment via Paypal, no confirmation, no download link, the file is deliver by e-mail 2 days later.
Won't install properly, no response from the developer after 3 e-mails...
Owner's reply

We were experiencing some problems with the delivery system at that time. Now it is fixed and extension is delivered immediately after payment.

Reviews: 10
The plugin does what it says. Instead of your users having the generic CB look, this allows you to design and replace the user's default profile.

With the payment you get a year of updates. The problem is I've yet to see the developer go through with any promises. Last word on the forum from the developer was that 2.0 was 2 months, 2 weeks ago. Their was allegedly a bug needing to be fixed.

Two weeks later people asked for an update and the admin said "Within a week." Since then the forum has gone dead. According to the profile of the admin, the admin has not logged on for two months.

Personally I consdier this project abandoned. Purchase if you want to design your own CB profile, however, do not purchase thinking there will be any updates or responses from the developer as he has gone MIA 2 months ago.
Owner's reply

There was a period when the project was frozen for some reasons. Glad to inform you that now it is resumed: we continue the development of the extension (the new version was released) and provide support for users as it was earlier.

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