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Profile Pro for Community Builder ComponentExtension Specific Addon

With this extension you can:

✔ Customize profile, profile edit and registration pages in Community Builder !visually (using WYSIWYG editor). Get rid of ordinary and boring Community Builder profiles - create beautiful pages with unique design and layout.

✔ Categorize users into profile types: each profile type can have its own profile, profile edit and registration pages with different set of !CB fields and !CB tabs, different design and CB template assigned. You can have unlimited number of Community Builder profile types.

Following features are available on profile, profile edit and registration pages:

★ Insert any PHP/HTML/Javascript code easily.

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) to users with specific access level or usergroup (others will be restricted to view it).

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) conditionally, depending on user's field value. E.g. show "Place of work" and "Job position" fields if user sets "Yes" in "Are you Employed?" select field.

★ Divide a page into several pages.

★ Insert customizable jQuery UI tabs (having several pre-installed themes and options like sortable, collapsible, open on mouseover and remembering last visited tab).

★ Put Joomla! modules, javascript tooltips, modal window links.

★ Use Joomla! content plugins (a great number of plugins for Joomla! articles are now available for CB. E.g. slideshows, maps, comment systems and many more).

Additional features:
- reCAPTCHA for registration.
- Multi-step registration (if you have many fields to fill during registration, you can divide them into several pages, navigating with Previous/Next buttons).
- Compatible with most CB team and 3rd-party CB plugins.

What's New in Version 4.5
Component completely reworked adding many improvements, bug fixes and overall optimization.
Added compatibility with Community Builder 2.0. Tabs and tab positions can now be inserted on profile edit and registration pages.
Profile type edit in backend redesigned. Added new accordion style toolbar replacing Magic Window. Introduced new code insertion and management interface.

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Reviews: 26
Everything from purchasing to installation and getting support was top notch for this plugin.

It massively extends the functionality of Community Builder profiles and lets you escape from the dreaded tab layout!

Much promise when they are able to implement including other content (from plugins, e.g. from forums etc) - actively being developed with helpful responses on their forum.

Had to do a couple of tweaks to get the plugin button working with JCE however these are all documented quite clearly on the forum. Some great video tutorials give you clear ideas on how to get started - I can only assume the negative reviews didn't bother to check out the resources that this developer makes freely available.
Reviews: 3
The only reason I can see that anyone would have any problem installing or using this is that they did not view all the video tutorials and did not read all the written tutorials. If you can't figure out how to make a template, you can even download 3 templates, either use them as is, modify them, or look at the HTML code to make your own.

First, installation:
View the video on installing! You have to unzip the downloaded file on your computer, then upload and install several files separately. Also, you have to make sure they are published. (I missed one at first, so had a problem until I viewed the installation tutorial again, and found the unpublished plugin.) One file is installed through CB Plugins, and the others are installed through the regular Joomla module/plugin installer. If you do exactly what he says, you can install it.

Second, multiple profiles
It substitutes one or more customizable profiles for the CB profile. The profile is customizable because it is an article with CB fields in it. Anything you can do with an article, you can do on the profile page.

In my site, some users want their profiles seen by the public, and others do not. I created one profile with no fields on it, and the words "there is no information available for this person at this time" and saved it as Profile 2 for prople who don't want their informaiton displayed. They just choose this profile when they edit their user info.

Third, templates
If you want to use one of his templates, you copy and paste it into the article. You will have to substitute the names of your CB fields for the placeholders he uses, which aren't hard to figure out (something like your_user_name). But this extension lets you click on a button, pop up a list of CB fields, click on the proper one, and insert it. How hard is that?

Fourth, tabs
Look at the video but ALSO read the information about tabs. There is updated written information, so although the video says something about unpublishing the tabs, the written part of the tutorial tells you to change them to not_on_user_profile instead. This is the only conflicting information I saw.

Fifth, user forum
Note that everything is answered, including a very long answer that involved the difference between tabs and fields in CB for someone who didn't quite get the difference. Also note that there aren't a whole lot of questions. This is because this is easy to use.

I can't wait for a version that does this for the other tabs.
Reviews: 2
CB Profile Pro is going to help us build an incredibly useful website.

Their support has helped me promptly with issues and I highly recommend them.

And now I am off to play with CB Profile Pro to take my website to the next level!
Reviews: 3
I purchased this today. EVERYTHING about it is difficult! We have downloaded and installed multiple Joomla extensions as I am sure you all have as well. This one was difficult to install, and ridiculously difficult to use...I am waiting to hear from the owner of this software, in the meantime I have disabled CB Profile Pro's plugins. So after all this aggravation today I am back to the same old infantile looking profiles from CB, that I started with. VERY disappointing!
Owner's reply

On the contrary, most users find this extension easy-to-use. And it is installed like any other extension with joomla installer. More over, there are two video tutorials showing in detail how to install and use this extension.

Reviews: 4
My biggest hang up with community builder is it’s rigid out-dated layout using tables. I know some prefer to uses nested but it makes for a nightmare if you want to do something simple like remove the spacing around the profile image.

I spent countless hours trying to configure it via hacks and CSS and then I just gave up and considered using jomsocial. The s 150 price tag was a bit steep and given that I was going to make an addon their documentation is very sparse and limited. Then I ran into this very handy extension and it was well worth the 20 USD that I paid for it. I did have some problems at first but that was because I didn’t read the tutorial all the way.

To save people time the future you have to hide your tabs by putting them in the not_on_profile_ postion in the tabs manger. If you follow the instructions on the documentation link you can’t lose. I’m not suppried that community builder hasn’t done soothing like this to being with. If you are creating a new site and considering community builder YOU MUST USE THIS EXTENSION!!!! I know community builder has a my community template but this blows it out of the water and you can create many profile type. I haven’t checked that part out yet because I don’t have a need for it. Keep up the good work!!!!
Reviews: 41
If you have any history using CB, you know that the biggest downside to it is the amateurish look of the profile pages. Go to any CB site, and you'll know it right away by the look of the profile pages. And changing those pages is no easy task. That was until I purchased this extension.

Profile Pro takes a very ingenious approach. Rather than trying to mash-up and edit the core CB templates, they went the route of utilizing a standard Joomla article to allow customization of the profile pages. So, if you're comfortable with creating Joomla articles, you can use this extension quite easily.

They have made the process extremely simple - create an article to be used as your CB profile page. An included plugin gives you a button right in your text editor to select and insert CB fields. Just set up the page the way you want, and use the button to insert the fields. That's it!

The included CB plugin will provide a tab so you can insert your custom template into the profile. This is the best - you can still maintain all of the CB tabs you want! Granted, they still may not look as good as you'd like, but at least they are there (an upcoming release will allow for the insertion of standard CB tabs as well - according to the developers, so keep your eyes peeled).

Oh, and don't forget the fact that you can set up any number of profile views and even allow your users to choose the one they want! I've seen other reviews about allowing end users to customize their own layouts. This does not allow for that functionality. However, I did not want that.

Once I downloaded this extension, it took me literally 10 minutes to get two beautiful templates set up and running on my site. Now my profile pages do not look like every other CB profile page. Many thanks to the development team for a much-needed, well conceived and executed product. If you are at all serious about using CB on your sites, even just one site, then do yourself a favor and purchase Profile Pro.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for this review. We appreciate it greatly.

Reviews: 5
I have purchased this. Only thing that concerns me is that the webmaster have to do all the work. I mean if users could create their own profiles (myspace style), it could save LOT of time for the webmaster. Also, this providing more flexibility to users.

I read something about a v2, but the information is no longer available at the site. Keep up the good job.
Reviews: 4
Must say, the way you organized this is very smart!

Congratulations! and thank you for the great contribution!
Reviews: 2
I run a Real Estate website and needed professional profile pages for all my agents. Watching the tutorial on made this so easy! I was done in less than 10 minutes. Now all my agents can give out their link and have a professional profile page.

Reviews: 1
This extension is awesome was exactly what I needed for my site and my members love it. I highly recommend it to everyone :D
Reviews: 15
Very good support, very clever extension...Once again : BRAVO !

(you can load modules for example into the profile with {module 52} or that kind of funny stuffs...)
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