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CB Advanced Search ComponentModuleExtension Specific Addon

Introducing Community Builder Advanced Search V2.5

************ UPDATED ON 17 November 2014 Joomla 3.x support, CB 2.0 Support

Improvements Included:
1. Ability to add introductory text and field descriptions, also predefined text into the textfields.
2. Ability to select what is returned in search results you can add any field now, also CSS classes to any field in the search results (in order to customize the results as you want).
3. Multiple independent search setup an additional module comes now with your purcashe: one module that keeps the search form and the results list on the same page, other 2 modules that shows the search form on one page of the site and the results list on other page of the site (the form can point to this second page).
4. Shows the number of results frontend.
5. Joomla 1.5,1.6,1.7,2.5 and 3.x native.
6. Common user bugfixes
7. Better frontend
8. Better search results
9. Support for multi checkboxes
10. Search Result links to profile
11. Works with Community Builder CB 1.9, 2.0
12. You can edit every button and text within component and module. (We had many foreign customers who requested this feature to make translation easier)
13. You have to define the Joomla usergroups you want to search (you can select them from the list Joomla offers)
14. The administrator can keep the original keyword (from the previous versions) or to search only by the defined CB fields.
15. You have option to search inside CB lists.
16. A CB user logged in have can save and manage his search forms (fields and their values) in order to user later or set as default (the form will be field with desired values when the user access the form the first time).
17. A CB user logged in can save and manage the results lists.
18. A CB user logged in can ignore undesired users found in the search in order to select the results he wants. He can also manage the ignored list results to make visible again.

Trust the oldest Community Builder Search Component. We hope you'll love the 2.4 version. This component is how it is because of the plenty user requests and suggestions, let me know if you need any other feature on this component.


This is a Joomla Native component + modules that enables you to search any field defined in CB (Community Builder) and CB lists. Using this component and
the modules you can show a CB Search form in the frontend and control the available fields or the CB lists (you can use either the fields either the lists) for search and the sequence of these fields in the search results. There can be configured an unlimited number of different searches (with there own fields and description) in the backend, but in the frontend the component is preset to the first search. You can access the other defined searches using the modules (they can be set to the search you want).

We tested it with all Joomla versions.

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Reviews: 1
Okay I may have been missing something ( I am quite a newbie to Joomla & CB ) but I could not find a search facility within, or written for, Community Builder.

To be honest this was a last resort - until now I had never bought a component without trying it first but I was desperate.

*** It worked 1st time ***

I suggested a tweek and within days it was done - and the next update is due in a few weeks.

If like me you have been struggling with searching CB then this is best solution and well worth the 25 euros
Reviews: 1
Very good component. I recommend it a lot.
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