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Geocode Factory Map Search for Community Builder PluginExtension Specific Addon

This Community Builder search plugin for Geocode Factory allows you to show the Community Builder search results in a Geocode Factory map.

This plugin work together with the Geocode Factory component (to create the maps and the markerset), and the Geocode Factory module (to display the map on the Community Builder pages). This plugin is a gateway between the Geocode Factory and Community Builder search result.

The search results are show on the map, when the module is shown on the Community Builder search page.

All features of Geocode Factory maps are usable, and you can display any markersets (Sobi markers, Events markers ...) at same time, only the Community Builder markers will be filtered.
Geocode Factory component is requiered.

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for a map extension that would allow me to display Jomsocial members on a map.

This provided me with exactly what I needed. I also required something specific from this extension and the support given was first class in helping me achieve this.
Reviews: 3
This simply just does what it says, and in a very nice way. Connect the user list search results of Community Builder to the map on the page out of the box. No tweaking or difficult settings. Just set up a user list search and add a map to a module position on the page. Easy! Great result!

Great support!
Reviews: 7
I just needed the search results of CB and display the results on a map. The module is perfect to show a filtered map!

Support and Documenation where great! I can just recommend to use it.

I tried another component and module before but then I switched to Geocode and I wasn't disappointed at all! Everything worked out as promised!
Reviews: 11
As usual with Rick, the Tools are very handy and ergonomic, and, if however a support is needed, the answers are fast and fully efficient! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 2
To be honest the CB search is a little orthodox compared with other applications searcher, but CB map search has the ability to read the results of your search and mapped with a lot of useful parameters, it's a must have if you really want to impress your clients and users when using Community Builder.
Reviews: 7
This plugin is a great bridge between CB Search and Geocode Factory maps. It works seamlessly and is easy to set up. The customer support is wonderful! Thanks for a terrific suite of programs - well worth the money!