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Advanced Search for ContentBuilder Module

Supports calendars (from/to), article category filter, keywords filter, self defined ranges (date and numbers), exact matches and drill down.

The drill-down feature is new as of version 1.3 and it requires an update to ContentBuilder to at least build 227 in order to work.

By placing this module into a module position you are able to offer an advanced search for multiple purposes like events, pricing, article categories, product properties and so on.

The definition of the filter is quite simple and straight forward, a complete manual is included after installation in the description of the module.

This extension requires ContentBuilder in order to operate:

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Reviews: 16
After you Get it, its Epic.

1.) This is working out great for creating a ticket system, seems great for grids.
2.) Very clever implementation of Check Box in back-end wysiwyg when configuration of Output's, + giving the ability to Articlize the content gathered via forms, which can be created without BreezyForms, ie just this freebie.

1.) This component is compatible with BreezyForms, later Versions that is to say.(other Crosstec Com), Just check your versions if your planning on using this in conjunction with BreezyForms, because they aren't 100% backwards inter-compatible.
2.) Needs More Documentation, would make these components ALOT more attractive, integration's specifically, Community Builder, Virtue Mart, Ect.

I am still giving this a 5/5 since it is so great :), would have been nice to have this out at the time though when I got Breezy :(

Final Note:
I did notice my 1.5 install seems to have issues with the WYSIWYG, possibly due to Editor I use, but it wouldn't render in the frame, I could "see it" when looking at the HTML though.
Reviews: 106
This is the extension that gives content builder a lot more power to it. This is the only free native content advanced search (required content builder) extension that I know of. But it is a very good one that makes finding specific content easier.