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PayPal IPN for DOCman ComponentModulePlugin

Joomla 3.3 and DOCman 2.0 is now supported!

This plugin works on the fly, it doesn't conflict with DOCman upgrades, you do not need to add files again or change anything!


The one and only extension that works with DOCman itself (no need to loose your indexations and do site changes), to turn it into a powerfull and yet easy to manage system for selling files/content online!

Video Presentation Online Version 3.2.6:

Works with the latest 2.0 RC 3

We have released this component and we're happy to share it with the Joomla! Community. This component will help you sell downloads / have Pay Per Download on your site.

We have invested a lot of time, to make it as intuitive as possible for both the buyer and site administrator!


What are the benefits of using this software?
1. Streamlined order process and user experience.
2. You don't loose google indexations as our product works straight away with DOCman.
3. 24/7 support via e-mail or Skype.
4. You can use it on as many domains you want!
5. Free updates!
6. The only solution with SEO friendly urls (Google will index your order pages)
7. JavaScript free order buttons in case your clients have browser problems / disabled javascript / use mobile devices without JavaScript.

Just 3 simple steps:
1. Click Download
2. Pay with PayPal or Moneybookers
3. Download the file on your custom "Thank you" page

Simple, easy to use and reliable solution for selling downloads on your site with DOCman and this plugin.

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Reviews: 1
He supported me not only about my problems related to this great tools but also help me how to use and control joomla basically. Great tools and wonderful supporting!
Reviews: 1
I purchased the component that works great as required , this extension solves efficently my selling situation. I submitted to Deian some problems that are happened for my setup errors on Paypal. The email responses were quick and accurate. Strongly reccomended !!
Reviews: 1
We got this component and set it up but had some problems getting it to work in our paypal configuration.

Had several back and forth emails with Deian the developer of this product and he was so helpful getting our paypal settings right.

I can't believe the level of support he is willing to provide. If you get this component don't worry about your skill level. What ever level of support you need will be there.

Thanks To Deian for a great product.

Chinook Multimedia
Reviews: 2
I wanted to use the component to sell some PDF documents on my business's website, I needed some help getting the translation I created to work, the component creator responded well at first but failed to help with the translation issue, I ended up editing the English files to be in my language.

Later I had a problem with missing currency, and currency symbol, the creator of this component quite happily and quickly created a version with the needed currency but not the symbol, I ended up figuring out the symbol myself and having to fix a mistake in the added currency PHP code myself (wrong value).

Although I think that in General this component is good, the support is lacking, I am currently still having problems getting the component to work correctly and so far although sending 2 emails about my latest problem to the support email of the component creator I have gotten no answer, to be honest the supporter have stopped answering me a while back during the previous issues I had with the component to which I found a workaround myself for now.

The component is easy to install, configuration doesn't seem to be hard but things are still not working as they should.

I have found no better component to integrate Paypal with Docman but again, the support is very lacking.
Reviews: 1
Compontente great, easy to use and integrates well with all versions of joomla.

Also good care if you have any problems or concerns.

Bravo good job
Reviews: 2
This is my first review of the programs in Until now they did not write, but ... Use this page for several years and this program for DOCman PayPal IPN is perfectly done without a single error and works exactly as I wanted. If you want to make money quickly and without a lot of arguments with unnecessary complications, registration and other such things then it is a program for you. In addition, those who use virtuemart or other such programs can use this as a great program. In addition, all praise for the support, because I quickly got the answers to all questions that I was with it enabled and the part that is not standard. In my desire to have made a plugin that allows anyone to put Buttons BUY NOW, ADD CART, DETAILS and more wherever you want. So, no need to be located only in DOCman documents but also anywhere in your article. Plugin provides simple syntax and you can have these buttons wherever you want. Congratulations to all the praise for the work and support. Recommendation to everyone ...
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension months ago but never got around to using it. When I did setup was easy and straight forward. When I ran into problems (my error) I contacted support and received a response within minutes that had me running in a few more minutes.

Reviews: 3
Just purchased the component, installed it and get a little problem. Deian, the master himself, was kind to ask me - via email - if the installation was OK. I reported the problem and within a time of about 2 hours I get a new written program and it was installed onto my server. Working smooth now ;-) What a service! Also he gave me interesting tips regarding my server. Strongly recommended !!!!
Reviews: 4
Good component, very convenient and easy to handle.

If you need help or few customisations, Deian offers a good and efficient support.
Reviews: 3
This could be a great extension, unfortunately in my case this required an update on Docman, they requested access to my site to make the changes but the new version conflicted with my template. You also need to make changes in Paypal to allow IPN to work and that is not part of the instructions. Support is slow, requiring constant emails to remind him that you need help. After many emails back and forth I decided to request my money back, well good luck if you have to do that. The sign on their site should read no money back.

If you plan to purchase this extension, make sure you have the correct version of DocMan, your PayPal account is setup for IPN and that you have the patience to wait for support. And don't try to argue with him.

The extension worked with the PayPal transaction process but failed to send the download link/attachment via email to the buyer. After many request to get the one single piece of information on how to setup the IPN in PayPal I just gave up. I went and purchased Documents Seller which worked right out of the "box" and their support is superb.
Owner's reply


I can not agree with that. I have provided you the needed support promptly and I have also provided you 7 screenshots of the whole order process working on your site, flawlessly.

The problem with your site was that you have disabled PayPal IPN, and I told you about it.

Also, the moneyback guarantee exists as stated in the license.

Since the moment of your purchase, the script was fully working, I showed that to you using my PayPal account.

I can not be held responsible for misconfiguration of your PayPal account, I told you how to fix.

PayPal decided your dispure in my favor, I hope whoever reads this thinks the same.

P.S. Good luck with "Download Seller", it does not actually check if transactions are completed, and who the money are sent to which chan be spoofed.


Reviews: 3
Paid and installed as a joomla "newbee" I was in need of help by the mastermind himself. A fantastic response and fast service got this great extension to be implemented on my webpage in no time. I can only recomend this extension warmly.
Reviews: 2
This extension worked great for my client's page, it is actually the only one solution that managed the orders flawlessly. Other commercial extensions do not relaly know if the order is complete or not, they allow download. This one actually checked the orders with PayPal!


P.S. I would love to see deposits functionality!
Reviews: 3
I still need to figure out how to optimize the layout a bit, but the comoponent was easy to set up, intuitive to configure and use, and it has the features I need (per-user authorization for example).
Payment and delivery was efficient as well - got the download account right away.
Reviews: 1
After a week of messing about with the subject of paid downloads I bit the bullet and purchased this component.

This component does exactly what my client wanted.
A simple effective paid download tool.

I had some issues and the guy that made the component and he responded within ten minutes of my email

After a week of headaches and pressure from my client to deliver a logical and simple download site, I was able in a couple of hours to do what what was wanted.
Reviews: 10
I'm not an expert and first I hired someone to install a paid download section in my website. The person hired made a mess with 5 different components installed and nothing worked as expected. I decided to do it myself with this component and I had it up and running in 15 minutes! and it does exactly what it should do.

In addition, great service, Deian was very quick and helpful adding an extra currency to the component.
Recommended component!
Reviews: 1
I use this component for a quite challenging project that i am running and i needed some extra features.Deian , the developer, was immediate to his response giving me straight forward solutions and providing demo's for me to see the progress.Honestly i believe there are not many developers like him neither such good products.
If you want to sell documents via docman , this is the extension for you.
Thanx again Deian!
Reviews: 1
Nice component which works great !!!
I have had several issues to install this applic, hopefully Deian give a great support !!! You can trust this guy , I recommand !
Owner's reply

Hello Olivier,

Just to make it clear, the problem was with your Joomla configuration and the plugin Sentinel that stopped PayPal from sending IPN requests to your page (which actually finishes the order). This problem wasn't caused by my extension. I worked hard on it and thanks for appreciating it.


Reviews: 1
Deian is a very nice guy. I had a big issue with Sh404Sef and with a security plugin. During a couple of weeks, he tried and tried to find a solution to my problem and finally, it works. I'm at last able to sell my docs within DocMan.

The product could be improved by increase the ability to manage languages (confirmation purchase messages, and so on).
I'm happy now!
Go ahead closed eyes!
Reviews: 2
Hello team! I'm using this product for a year now, and I'm very pleased with the 3.27 update, with the shopping cart added an so on. This is a great product with a great team/guy behind it. Keep it up!
Reviews: 1
I'm using this component on two client's sites and it is a perfect way for them to sell PDFs and other digital downloads stored in DOCMan. The developer, Deian, was extremely helpful in troubleshooting and helping us get things working. It turned out that one of the files we were making available was too large for email and there wasn't even a problem with the component. Deian spent quite a bit of time with me making certain that it was working correctly. The new version that adds a shopping cart option is on our list for implementation as soon as we get a chance. Thanks Deian for a great component and keep up the great work!
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