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2.6.6 2014-08-31 / Omar Ramos
! The new DOCman 2.0 stable pre-release required some changes within the plugin (please use the older 2.6.5 version if you are using one of the beta/RC versions of DOCman 2.0)

2.6.5 2014-03-01 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed issue with the Category Filtering Feature when "Hide Parent Category" was Turned On.
# Fixed the JavaScript for the regular (non-nested) layouts. Previously the Expand/Collapse functionality was being triggered even on Categories that did not have any files (so a Category would end up hiding the Category immediately beneath it, which wasn't correct)
# Fixed an issue where my DocmanRouterHelper::preloadCategoryPaths() method was being called statically even though it wasn't declared as a static method.
+ Added the ability to show/hide the Details Link (Option Keys: showDetailsLink/hideDetailsLink)
+ Added the ability to show/hide the Category Name (Option Keys: showCategoryName/hideCategoryName)
! Tweaked the way the new "Hide Expand Icons" feature works (now it hides the spacer as well so the Category Name lines up better with the file listing

2.6.4 2014-02-15 / Omar Ramos
+ Added the ability to show/hide the Category Folder icons (Option Keys: showCategoryIcons/hideCategoryIcons)
+ Added the ability to show/hide the Filetype Icons (Option Keys: showFiletypeIcons/hideFiletypeIcons)
+ Added the ability to show/hide the +/- Icons to Expand/Collapse the Categories (Option Keys: showExpandIcons/hideExpandIcons)
+ Added the ability to show direct category links to the right of the Category Title...this would be useful if you have Category Links turned off for regular users, but may want to show them for logged in users that have permission to upload (Option keys: showCategoryLinksToUsersWithPermissions, hideCategoryLinksToUsersWithPermissions)
+ Added the ability to use Forced Download Links at any time (Option Keys: useForcedDownloadLinks/useDefaultLinks)
+ Added a CSS fix to remove the Category block being highlighted if you click on it multiple times quickly to Expand/Collapse the hierarchy
! Modified the render method for the non-nested layouts so that categories with sub-categories would not be treated as "empty" ones (this fixed an issue where if you did not have any files yet, all categories would be hidden when showCollapsed was turned on).
# Fixed a bug in docmanlist.js that was triggered by trying to expand/collapse empty categories
# Fixed a bug in sorttable.js for Joomla 3 (the updated version of Mootools no longer has the $defined function but there's a simple correction that can be made to fix that)
! Added in code that allowed Joomla 2.5/3 code to be triggered (allowing us to go back to a single package for both versions).

2.6.3 2013-11-29 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed an issue detecting the primary DOCman menu item with newer RC versions of DOCman 2.0
# Fixed an issue detecting the proper DOCman storage folder

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Reviews: 13
This plugin really extends DocMan and offers completely new features!

For example companies may want to offer downloads not just in a download-pool, but next to the product. With this extension you can show Docman categories inside articles, modules and so on.

It also offers a lot of customization so you can show all details you want!

This is an amazing enhancement for DocMan and the support is really fast and helpful!
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. It is easy in use. The support is great. Why support if it's so easy in usage? I want things a little bit different then standard. I was surprised how fast and how easy things could be customized.
Reviews: 1
This extension has been the answer to my prayers for a site that has a zillion and one PDF files in a members only area. It is easy to set up. I did have one problem that was not the fault of the extension which was solved quickly with Omar's quick help. I wish all extensions were this easy.
Reviews: 1
Our business unit is part of a large global company. We have an internal Virtual Campus site used by staff around the globe This plugin produces our DOCman listings and it anages the DOCman category hierarchies really well.
Reviews: 28
Perfect product. Using it for several years and have a quick support to solve problems.

Recommended for every one who wants to use Docman.
Reviews: 1
They have done a good job in making this a useful and worthwhile product.
Reviews: 2
Very powerful tool, DOCman works just well and easy. I'm new to Joomla and I got it configured and working it in no time. Great work!
Reviews: 3
This extension makes Docman usable when there are many categories-subcategories to display.
Developer has done a perfect job. Truly; easy to install, understand, what else could I say...transformed a poor repository concept into a very smart one!!
To developer: Thank you very much indeed
Reviews: 2
10 stars for this plugin, the most perfect for fact soon this plugin don't need DOCMAN ;-)
Reviews: 2
I have honestly been looking for a module or plugin that would do exactly this kind of DocMan layout for over a year. It is incredibly easy to use and set up and the developer has been very helpful and fast in updating to the needs of his subscribers.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Easy to use (once you figure it out!), flexible and gives a useful "other" view of your documents, compared with DOCman itself.

I purchased it originally only because I required that the file date and time stamp be displayed rather than the date the document was set up in DOCman (we have customer files uploaded on an hourly basis from our database which overwrite the original file and the timestamp information is critical. This is a function that doesn't appear to be available anywhere else, despite hours of searching for it (why ever not, one wonders?)!

Imagine my dismay when I installed only to find that it did indeed display the file date, but not the time. So, I contacted Omar. He responded within 5 mins and committed to an immediate unsupported fix, or an official one with the next release in a few days.

Well, that next release is here and it works!! That's service excellence! Thanks, Omar.
Reviews: 4
It's not for free, but it's worth that small price - works excellent - easy to use and: A absolut great support from Omar! In 48 hours five answers, where do you get that elsewhere? I had a small error, day after it was corrected. This really make's fun!
Reviews: 1
Fantatsic plugin, does everything as described by the owner. On top of that Orware provides also first class support. On my wishlist: "Update" button. Keep up the good work Omar!!
Reviews: 1
Installed with no problems and extension does what it says. The DOCman File Listing extension is all that I needed to show a user friendly file listing in the content section. I've been able to add a client file menu to the left and clients can click into 2 options - View Your Files, which shows the content layout using the DOCman File Listing format or Upload & Download Your Files, which shows the DOCman default layout. Being a beginner, I did have some issues with me understanding how to configure the layout I wanted. I'm glad Omar was there for support. His response has been prompt and by only a couple of emails I know that he is dedicated to the development of this extension. Very happy to see an updated version with additions issued so quickly. I plan to be using this extension on my website for a long time. The DOCman File Listing extension is a perfect extension for my site and Omar is giving great support. Thank you and Great Work!!!
Reviews: 1
Install out-of-the box - there was one issue that would be nice to have and this request got added within hours! Fast response and effective support.

Great job! Keep up the good work :-)
Reviews: 1
I tried almost all possibilities before recently this plugin was published. Very very good, usefull, all you need, a lot of options, and..... developer is working hard to answer all questions and integrate good suggestions for improval of plugin. In my case he gave a lot of attention to a configuration problem I had. Very good! Go on in this way. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is excellent. I was looking for this one for months. I even though that Docman was not the tool I needed since I could not list docs.

Thanks a lot for this great development.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review ieng!

I myself had wondered about it for a long time and had even suggested something similar be built to the Joomlatools crew some time ago, but I finally decided to sit down and write it a few months ago for my own usage.

The main thing the plugin saves is time, because it finally allows the listing of documents from one or more DOCman categories to be automated with a content item in your page. Now all your users (or you!) need to do is upload the document, make sure it gets published/approved, and your content item will automatically be up to date with the latest files, which to me is the whole reason for having a system like DOCman in place :-).

Additionally, I wasn't aware of this until earlier this week, but the Custom HTML module within Joomla does not allow content plugins to be processed so I've modified an existing Custom HTML module (built by so that this can be done:

You can see an example of the plugin being used within a module on the demo site:

Hopefully that will be helpful for some users visiting this page :-).

Thank you again for your review and if there is anything else you feel the plugin needs, feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to include it in the next release!


Reviews: 10
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This plugin is long overdue, GREAT JOB!

Simple to install, simple to configure and works right out of the box!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much David for your review! I'm glad it does what you were expecting it to (for the most part). I just saw your Wish List on the forums...I'll be looking into implementing those features for you soon :-).

If you feel my response on the forums is slow it is possibly due to Ninjaboard not sending me any notifications when a new post is made, which I apologize for, but I'm usually very quick to respond to emails :-).

Have a good day!