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RSMonials Module for RSMonials ModuleExtension Specific Addon

*** Now RSMonials is available for Joomla 3! ***
NOTE: As we recently launched our new version 2.2, if you find any bug/error please report it in our website forum ( ). We will surely fix it as soon as possible.

RS-Monials Module is developed for Joomla! and for RS-Monilals Component.

If you do not have the "RSMonials" component please download it from This will only work if you are using our Rs-Monials Component.

Using this module you can able to display testimonials randomly or serially. The features are:

- You can manage width of the module.
- You can able to add one CSS class prefix for this module.
- If you want to display some specific testimonials, you only need to add the testimonial id(s) separated by comma. Then only your specified testimonials will display in the front end.
- You can choose the display type either "Randomly" or "Serially".
- You can easily choose the alignment of the text.
- You can limit how many characters to display.
- You can display one "View More..." link. You can also able to edit the text, URL and the alignment of the link.

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Reviews: 3
A found a client which used this extension. After a first look at the source code, I instantly made him aware of the TERRIBLE quality of code.
It even messed up our server configuration by overriding our PHP configuration (it sets PHP error_reporting to it's own reporting level and never reverts). This last one is enough to make a Joomla developer go mad, let alone a poor Joomla user which has no idea why his site breaks down randomly.
The person who wrote this, apparently doesn't know much about HTML either. It's a terrible mess.
This error_reporting is probably part of the component (mentioning from memory), not the module, but it's the same company.
Let's mention templating. Nope, there isn't any support. Joomla coding standards, not present.

The WORST part though is that they insert a link back to their site, trying to use your site as a search engine ranking boost for themselves.

Avoid at all costs.
We're already lamenting our lost time/costs because of this selection.
I'd say avoid the RSMonials component aswell, which strangely is not listed on JED (they got the extension removed and these parts of it were mistakenly left here?)
Owner's reply

RSMonials is listed in JED. Here is the link:

Reviews: 18
Added this as a client wanted feedback. Virtually installs itself and is ready to roll. The developer has added editing features to customize the extension which makes it a perfect extension to use.