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CMDealAggregator ComponentModulePlugin

CMDealAggregator is a deal aggregator component for Joomla!. CMDealAggregator can help you collect deals from coupon selling websites like Groupon, LivingSocial... and earn referral credits if you have an affiliate program with those social buying sites.

There are many successful deal aggregators out there, like 8coupons, Yipit... With CMDealAggregator you can add this deal collection feature to your Joomla! website and earn credit, increase your web traffic. CMDealAggregator can also be a good basic start for a stand alone deal aggregator on Joomla!.

- GPL 3.0

- Joomla! 2.5.x or 3.x.x.
- PHP 5.2 or newer. cURL and SimpleXML are enabled.

Additional extensions:
- CMDealAggregator Search: module for searching deals.
- tagcmdealaggregator: plug-in for ACYMailing's tag system.
- CMDealAggregator More Deals: module for displaying deals.
- CMDealAggregator Category List: list all categories as a menu module.

Main features:

- Front-end:
+ Deal listing page and deal detail page.
+ Menu item for category.
+ Search for deal by city, category and social buying site.
+ Share deal via Facebook, Twitter and email.
+ Browse deal via Google Maps.
+ Modules to display deals and categories.

- Back-end:
+ Manage categories, locations, sites and deals.
+ Import deals from group buying sites just with a single click or import automatically with cron task from hosting provider. Import deals for each site is also supported.
+ Deals are imported by parsers. Supported parsers for
+ Ability to edit deal information after they are imported.
+ Ability to create deal manually.
+ Count how many people have clicked to view deals.

- API and parser support:
+ We will help you with getting deal information via API from social buying sites or building new parser if you don't know programming.

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Reviews: 1
A month ago I bought this extension without doubt been the best purchase I've ever made. Of the few times you get much more than you pay for it. Easy to use and with the required options but the highlight for me is the technical support and they have been working hard to solve the problems and also to make all necessary Parsers so smoothly. You definitely have to say that is the best I've ever purchased. And it certainly can be recommended with the certainty that everyone opine the same.
Reviews: 2
About 1 month ago I bought the Dealsaggregator and was supprised how easy it was to manage this component. I had some small issues to fit my design and contacted the support. After about 10 minutes i got respons and solved my issue. The component itself are really amazing and I have now with help of the support got my design exactly where I want it. I strongly recommend this component and thank the support and developers for one of the best extensions I have ever bought.