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Maximenu CK for Hikashop Extension Specific Addon

You can create a megamenu dropdown to list your Hikashop eCommerce categories. Use the patch to make Maximenu CK compatible with Hikashop.

Features available in Maximenu with Hikashop :
- Mootools dropdown
- Multi-columns
- Title for columns
- Specific width, html tag, left margin, and top margin for each column
- Description under links
- Specific Icon can be used for each link
- Root category selection
- max level to show
- use the hikashop access level

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Reviews: 10
Perfect to spice-up Hikashop menus!

I'm not really a coder, more a kind of creative person: YES, this plugin is easy to install (I did it several times in 2mn), YES it does work very well, and the one (minor) issue I had has been resolved 'lightspeed' by the developer and will not bother anyone.

I thank JoomlaCK for providing us the chance to improve the great but not so good looking Hikashop on the menu aspect.

We need to support all (good) Hikashop 3rd party developers: Hikashop still lacks quite much of qualitative plugins like this one.

My customers are happy, me too... What else? ;-)
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review :)

Reviews: 3
I am using hikashop for more than a year now and I want to optimize my menu functionality with this plugin together with the ck_maximenu module. I have tried with the attached documentation to bring it up and running. The non-commercial ck:menu comes without any documentation (you have to pay for it). The plugin has a small documentation with it, but this is incomplete and not getting you to an positive end. So - from my side without any improvements I can not recommedn to toake it!
Owner's reply

what you forgot to mention is that I'm actually giving you some FREE support on my forum to find what is the problem you have.
Just 19 min after your post you have received my first answer.
What else ? ;)